Sunday, January 29, 2012

All Boy!

No doubt that Jay is all boy!

There is a hike/bike trail near our new house that we love to walk to. It seriously takes us 4-5 minutes to walk there (remember I'm waddling at this point), and then it's a HUGE open area that Jay and Tex can just run around. There are always people on the hike/bike trail, always dogs in the open park area- it's just perfect and such a bonus with the new house (we didn't even know it existed when we bought the house!).

So last week it rained a ton here. The park was mostly dry, but there were definitely some wet spots around. I managed to corral Jay away from them by just having him throw sticks and rocks in the big puddles. Tex, on the other hand, got in and was romping around. I got him out and thought I had it all in control. Then, Tex spotted another dog and started to take off. As I was yelling at him to get back, I turned around and found this.... Of course...

Fantastic! He was having a blast, so I couldn't bear to stop him! So I let him play and run around in the puddles. All boy, right??

Again, things were relatively in control. Jay was having a great day, it was GORGEOUS outside, we were playing, it was perfect.... Until some older guy started chatting us up. He was asking about Tex and when I am due, etc... Then, I turned around and saw this...

Awesome. He thought this was HILARIOUS! Now he was having even more fun than before. In fact, another older man stopped and asked if he could take a picture. His words were something like, "My wife would NEVER believe this!" Great... judged in the new hood already...

So again, we played for a LONG time jumping up and down in the water and throwing sticks and rocks, and playing with mud. All boy. No doubt.

And then the grand finale... Tex was thirsty... And apparently Jay was, too...

Sick me out.

All boy.


I am big.

38 Weeks with Charley

36 Weeks with Jay

Friday, January 27, 2012

Santa Claus!

This Christmas season Jay was totally obsessed with Santa Claus!

My mom got some little fisher price characters and he still carries that Santa Claus all over with him (yes, still as in yesterday!). He can say it pretty clearly "SacaCaus". It's pretty cute.

So this morning we got his Bible out to read like we always do (don't get too excited- we mainly look at the pictures). We always look at the same few pages and talk about what's going on on each page. Jay has his favorites and can tell you about the page in very simple language (Jesus, Adam, snake, etc...).

This morning my sister was over and he took the Bible to her. He opened it and flipped through a few pages. He got to his FAVORITE page- Noah's Ark. He pointed out the elphy (elephant), sheppy (sheep), and the bird. Then I pointed to Noah and said, " Tell JJ who this is!"

Without missing a beat he yelled, "Saca Caus!" ha! He usually answers "Nonah"! All our hard work- gone! Just kidding!

It was hysterical though and when you look at the page it's not hard to see where he's coming from....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

37 Weeks... And waiting!

So I had my 37 weeks appointment today. I am 37 weeks 4 days. I am only 1 cm dilated. Wha??? I feel like EVERYone else I know at this point was/is either 3 cm dilated or has already delivered. But I wait...

I vaguely remember this type of progress with Jay. So I went and looked back at old blog posts and found this info...

At 36 wks 6 days I was 1/2 cm dilated

At 37 wks 6 days I was 1 1/2 cm dilated

By 38 wks 6 days I was 2 1/2 cm

I delivered at 39 wks 4 days.

So far with Charley

36 wks 4 days 1/2 cm

37 wks 4 days 1 cm

.... What's going to happen?!?

Your guess is as good as mine!

But in the meantime, it just means I get to spend more time with THIS cutie!!! Ps- the Something About Mary hair he is sporting is actually SNOT he rubbed in his hair after a sneeze. Gross. But I still love him! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012


I got my first stretch mark...

I have made it through 77 weeks of being pregnant without one. Why now?!?!?!?!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

36 Weeks!

I have had this post written for five days with hopes of taking a belly pic. Alas, no belly pic so I will post this and hope to take one later...

Holy mother- I am 36 weeks pregnant!

I am so so so ready to meet this little chickadee!

I had my 36 week appointment on Thursday (even though I was 36 wks 4 days). Dr. M said everything is looking great. I even got an ultrasound of my precious little girl and she looked fantastic. I saw her sweet face looking RIGHT at me, confirmed she is indeed still a girl (phew!), saw a little bit of hair, and got some measurements! They estimate her to be 6 lbs, 9 oz, but I'm not holding my breath on anything. They guessed Jay was about the same size and thought he would be around 9 lbs at 40 weeks but he was only SEVEN lbs at 40 weeks, so clearly they often overestimate!

Anyway, I had my check and there is basically NO PROGRESS! Agh- saddest news I've ever heard. I was secretly hoping they would say I was 5 cm and needed to go be admitted now, but no such luck. I'm 1/2 cm dilated (aka nothing really dilated at all- doc just told me that to make me feel better) and 50% effaced... I was just about the same place with Jay at this point, so I shouldn't be too surprised...

I gained a fair amount of weight over the past 2 1/2 weeks because I'm all of a sudden totally retaining water. I stayed unswollen (is that a word? No?) for much longer in this pregnancy (thank you cold weather!), but all of a sudden I woke up Saturday morning with a swollen face and hands and feet... Thanks body!

BP was still great, everything else looked great...

On to week 37!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friends Forever... Always Will Be There

Who can name the show that song is on?!?!

Have I mentioned how much I truly love my college friends? Like, a lot. I met these girls on bid day and they proved to be the absolute most incredible girls I have ever known. We met as 18 year olds and grew up together. We had so much fun in college, made even more memories after college, and are now getting to raise our babies together! Who would have thought???

Some of the group (there were 13 of us in college) were in town for Mary's wedding! It was a fun little reunion! We had the girls that were in town and not in the wedding over for lunch/playdate Saturday morning. It was so fun to see everyone's cute kids and catch up with them and their husbands.

Here are some of the kids...
Courtney Devine Robertson's boys- Jack (3 1/2) and Wyatt (15 mos)
MINE! Jay (16 months)
Erin Eubanks Crowell's kids- Cullen (2) and Claire (4)
Cara Clemson Jagger's little boy- Grayson (6 mos)
Christina Francese Thompson's little boy- Davis (2 1/2)

Notice all the boys???

It was so fun to see all these wonderful girls and their sweet sweet kids. We don't get to see each other nearly enough! Our group lives all over- Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, London, Bellville, and Boston. Needless to say the group visits are few and far between!

 We had such a good time celebrating Parker and Mary (and maybe being a little star struck over the Bush twins that were there!). The wedding was gorgeous, Mary was a beautiful bride, and the reception was a blast!

Some of the group!

Jill is due in April and me in Feb! 

There is so much I could write about these girls! I have the best memories with them and my heart just fills up every time we get together. I can't write anything sappier than this because I'm 9 months pregnant and emotional... :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bed and Love

Jay slept in his big boy bed for the first time ALL night last night!

Not sure how I'm feeling about this!!!!  :)

He's been going to sleep in his big bed (I lay down next to him and we say our prayers and I either sing or tell him stories as he falls asleep). Then I transfer him to his crib (in the same room). Well, we went to a wedding last night and my mom and sister put him down. Mom put him in his bed. When I got home I was going to go up and transfer him, but I figured I would just wait it out to see what happened...

Well, he slept the WHOLE night (no wake-ups- for the first time in about 4 or 5 days since his cold came back!) and woke up at 6:30 this morning! He sat up in bed and I saw him on the monitor. He just sat there and called, "Mommy." It was perfect! No getting down, no falling off the bed- NOTHING!

Super super exciting- we are trying it again tonight! I'll keep you posted...

On another quick note- he has started calling me mommy- not just mama anymore. MELTS. MY. HEART. I don't think I've heard anything sweeter in my life. Sigh...

He's also started becoming a little clingy when we see people we don't know very well. I will be holding him and he will start playing with my hair (another LOOOVE of mine!) and pat me and tell the person "Mommy." Like he's letting them know I'm his mom. I love it. What a sweet sweet boy. I can't get enough of him!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Wrap Up

So I know I'm late- like a week and a half late- but we've been a little busy... For my own personal enjoyment, I wanted to document 2011... How much things have changed in just a year!!

January- We started a month of Jay being sick. Seriously- great way to start the new year. That was a hard month. I got little sleep and Jay didn't feel good on and off for the next month and a half! Jay started sitting up and we started feeding him solids. January was a little slow for us... Sorry...

February- Jay was still sick most of the month. He started really showing his personality. First trip to the zoo (!!!), first trail ride (!!), and lots of fun memories made. Again, kind of a slow month on excitement. Such is the life as a stay at home (nursing) mom (whose baby refuses a bottle) I guess... :)

March- Jay went to his first Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! Andrea and Mike came to visit and hang out, Jay started crawling and feeding himself... Mommy is able to be out for a little longer stretches of time due to the HUGE amounts of solids Jay consumes now! Yay!

April- We started Gymboree, Jay got his first tooth and started pulling up on EVERYTHING! The Moriartys from Wisconsin came to visit and we had a TON of fun with them, Jay's first Easter, and Mommy turned 29. Did I mention that birthdays aren't quite as much fun when you have a child to take care of all day (and the day after your birthday)? I'm not gonna lie- I was too tired to do anything- we just went to dinner at Chuy's with the fam. Lame-o.

May-Michelle came back from Spain!!!! First beach trip, Jay says his first word other than mama or dada (it was BA for ball), first Mother's Day for me... annnnnd we got pregnant. Little did we know...

June- Found out we were pregnant (Mommy had a slight heart attack and only cried for a few months), visited Anthony's parents in Texarkana at their new home, Jay just took off talking (his word count exploded!), first Father's Day

July- We took our first weekend trip AWAY from Jay (eeeek!!), celebrated our four year anniversary, told everyone we were pregnant!, Jay's first haircut and boat ride, Michelle got engaged and I was able to be there for it!, Jay became a one-nap-a-day kid!

August- Jay's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!! (so much fun!), felt Charley Kate move for the first time!, tried to stay out of the INSANE heat and drought that was all of Texas, Jay officially weans himself a few days after his first birthday, Jay starts walking!

September- Jay's first plane ride and first trip to Iowa!,  find out we are having a GIRL!!!, Jay started school one day a week

October- Family trip to Hawaii- most amazing vacation!!!, Jay's first REAL Halloween- total success by the way!

November- Anthony turns 30!!!, We put a contract on a house!, We put our house on the market, have two Thanksgivings, and start to get REEEEALLY busy!

December- Sell our house, celebrate Anthony's 30th party in Dallas with friends, Jay spends the night with Grandeb and PawPaw for first time, celebrate Christmas, MOVE, ring in the new year with friends that just moved back to Houston!

WHAT A YEAR it was for us!!!!!

I can't imagine there being anything different. What a perfect year! The hard times, the fun times, the crazy times- it made 2011 one of the best yet (though I say that every year!). Thank you LORD for our blessings!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ella Kitty

I was anxious to see how everyone was going to do with our move. Let me tell you what I was dealing with...
-a 16 month old
-a husband who is VERY OCD and likes his routines, stuff in place, and likes to be all settled (read- unpacked) the first day
-a dog who is used to having a doggy door and now won't
-a cat who is also used to having a doggy door and now won't

Needless to say, I knew I was going to handle this big move the best of anyone (I LOVE changes like this!!!).

Well, the first few days this is how those family members were doing:
-Jay woke up the first two nights without knowing where he was- therefore called out for me in the middle of the night. I quickly waddled up the stairs, grabbed him from his crib, and snuggled him in the big bed in his room. He promptly fell asleep and slept later than normal. Not bad! Other than that, he had a BLAST during the day playing in all the spots! Success if you ask me...
-Anthony proceeded to unpack like a madman. Thankfully, I have a husband who helped a TON (even though I had to move lots of things because it just didn't make sense where he was putting stuff- oh men...). After the third or fourth day when we had almost every box unpacked, he was pretty good to go. Success.
-Tex. Poor baby. He panted and paced for about five days. The doggy door thing was no big deal. He would just wait by the back door if he wanted to go out. Otherwise he was just nervous. You could tell. Poor guy. About the fifth or sixth day he finally settled into his new routine. He's doing AWESOME now. The food on the counter during those five days- not so much. Argh!
-Ella. Oh boy. She took it equally as hard as Tex. She meowed NONSTOP the first night. All night. I kind of wanted to kick her. Kidding (kind of). Anyway, we also had workers in and out of the house for the first week. The loud noises (think nail guns, sanders, saws, hammers, etc..) scared her, so she would go into hiding until everyone left for the day around 6. She would slowly wander down the stairs and then sleep snuggled with us at night.

WELL.... Monday night I went upstairs to put Jay to sleep. She was downstairs earlier and was in the middle of us as usual. Once I came back down Anthony and I hung out on the couch, then headed to bed. The next morning we both noticed she didn't sleep with us, but we didn't have time to look for her because the workers were there and we knew she would be hiding. By that night, though, we realized she never came out. I don't know if she slipped out the door when Anthony was taking stuff to the garage (yes, this is exactly what happened but I don't want to blame Anthony), but she was gone. All week. We drove by the old house, we looked on the streets just in case she had been hit, we drove through both neighborhoods calling for her, we asked neighbors, workers, etc... She was gone.

We were sad. Anthony was actually the saddest of us all. He took it VERY hard. Thursday night Anthony set her food outside of the back door. The next morning the food was almost all gone. I explained to him that even though we are in the city, there are still possums, raccoons, other cats that might eat the food and not to get his hopes up.

Fast forward to Friday night. Around 11 he went outside to take the trash out and call her again (he did this every night and morning- poor thing). Guess who was ON TOP OF HIS CAR JUST HANGING OUT?!?!?! Ella!!!! After FIVE days of being gone, she just appeared!!!!! We brought her in and I thought Tex was going to have a heart attack! He whined and whined and ran around the house! Anthony was so excited! Ella, on the other hand, just meowed to get back outside. Little turd... :)

Anyway, we are SO happy to have our kitty back. Apparently she is NOT a fan of the move and showed us her true feelings...

PS- I'm really tired and in desperate need of my bed. So I'm not going to reread this. Sorry if it doesn't make sense or flow or if I've used etc... too many times (I know that is the truth!). I'm over it :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

So Much to Say...

I have so much to post about but I'm truly so exhausted by the end of the day that I have no energy! Between moving and staying busy with Jay, there is just not much left to give at the end of the day!

I also haven't uploaded ONE picture from Christmas- which I'm so bummed about... I will get there, I promise!

The house is looking GREAT! Anthony and I made a TON of progress over the weekend! We moved Friday and unpacked Saturday, Sunday, and today. We only have a few boxes left to go, and most are decoration-type boxes. We are still having some work done on the house (new floors, painting cabinets, etc..) so we can't get everything out just yet. But we can live in the house which is wonderful!

Two things before I pack up for the night...

1) Jay has done FANTASTIC with the move. The first two nights he woke up around 3ish and I trekked it all the way upstairs to the opposite side of the house (whose bright idea was it to buy a two story house?! ha!) to comfort him. He just wasn't sure where he was. Since he has a GINORMOUS room, he has his crib and bed (and a lot of toys and furniture!) in there. So I grabbed him from his crib and snuggled him in the big bed. He slept great of course and so did I. There is just nothing like snuggling your baby to make you sleep well :)   Anyway, last night he slept the whole night through and did great! So proud of him!

Everyone has been doing a great job with the change EXCEPT for Tex! Poor dog has been a WRECK! He just paces all over and pants. When we leave he gets into the food or things that he normally doesn't. Ugh! Hopefully he will get it together soon! Ella hid the entire first day and meowed the entire first night. She is perfectly happy now and has already found her new "spots" to sleep!

2) We went to our old house today to drop off some keys and do one more walk through to make sure everything was in order for the new guy. I SOBBED! Ha! I walked around our sweet little house and thought of all the great memories we made there. I was doing ok (note, just a FEW tears) until I walked into Jay's room and just started sobbing! Oh my gosh- I couldn't get control of myself! It was RIDICULOUS!!! Apparently moving while you are pregnant is harder than you think emotionally! hahaha  Glad I can laugh about it now....

Anyway, we are in and loving our new house. I love all the extra space and trying to remember where we put everything. I do love our sweet little starter house- it will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart!