Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's All Ours!!

It's ALL OURS!!!! We closed on Tuesday and got the keys and the house is officially ours!

We were set to close last week and after being postponed a few times (thank you dumb mortgage company), we FINALLY closed Tuesday afternoon!

The next morning the workers went STRAIGHT to work- ripping up floors, taking off cabinets, redoing lights, etc... Luckily we don't have a TON we wanted to do- it's pretty move-in ready. However, there were a couple things we wanted to put our personal touch on before we moved in. When you come visit, know that the upstairs bathroom hasn't been touched- and will eventually! Think 80's jets in the tub, blue/green floor, brass fixtures- oh yes, it's a gem. :)

Anyway, tomorrow is MOVING DAY for us, so LOTS of prayers would be appreciated! We have some fantastic movers coming for us, but it will be a busy day and the start of a LOT of changes for Jay, Tex, and Ella! Hopefully they will all acclimate quickly!

Come see us! :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Video Update

I decided I would upload a couple videos for those family and friends that like to watch them yet don't live close... None of them are super exciting/crazy, but it just kind of showcases our days and what goes on...

Plus, when I post these that AWFUL 32 week picture post will be moved down one more slot. What was I thinking posting that?! UGH...

Happy Christmas Eve eve eve....  :)

I LOOOOOVE this one!!!! Jay is putting his pappies (pacifiers) on the chair and saying bye to them. I am OBSESSED with his little voice and his southern twang (pappay)! Eeeek, I could eat this kid up! Oh, and excuse his bare butt :)

Jay LOVES his cousin's dollhouse! He loves to put people and animals in and out and walk them up and down the stairs. He also likes to make the daddy slide down the roof and says, "Weee!" This particular day of playing he liked putting the people/animals inside the door and saying bye to them. Love that sweet voice!

This video of playing with the dollhouse (yes, I'm aware it's typically for girls, but he's doing a LOT of creative play here so I will NOT object!) shows Jay knocking on the door and telling the people to "Come on!" just like trick-or-treating on Halloween!

And the last one for today... Benefits of having an older cousin with fast toys- they can tow you!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

32 Weeks!

Oh goodness- I'm in the single digits! 32 weeks sounds REALLY far along! Eek!

Nothing major has changed- my lower back is KILLING me now. I have never had such terrible back pain (other than back labor- WORST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD EVER).

Anyway, as usual, it's been hard to think about being pregnant with so much going on... We are packing and getting things situated for the move! Jay is on the go even more so than before. Christmas is LESS than a week away (do I have everything!?). And we are staying busy!

My doctor's appointment went well today. I am growing right on track! Hard to believe there are only 8 weeks to go!

 32 Weeks with Charley Kate!

32 Weeks with Jay!

I definitely could have picked a more flattering shirt for my shot with Charley... Unfortunately, we were in a hurry and I was afraid if I didn't snap one today with my sweater off, I would never get one... Anyway, there she is... Now if she'll just hold on until after we're settled...  :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dirty Thirty!

This past weekend we celebrated Anthony and Mike (Andrea's husband)'s 30th birthdays! The boys' birthdays are less than a week apart and it was so fun to throw a joint party!

We had the party in Dallas and it was SO fun! My parents kept Jay (for their first time overnight!) and it was a WONDERFUL treat! We flew up to Dallas- I love that short flight by the way!- Saturday and came back Sunday.

It was a great turnout and a super fun party! Here are some pics of the night...

Getting ready for the party and showing the spread

Stinkin' delicious cakes! We had chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet- a prego's delight!

The Iveys

The Squills

The Parents

The Fam!

Embarrassing Pics... 

Football Boys from A&M

...and the Football Wives 
(but the girls and boys placement in the pics don't correlate) 

I LOVE my Cara! It was so great to see her! xoxo

The pregnant wives!
Natalie-18 wks (girl!), Jordan-20 wks (girl!), Laura-22 wks (boy!), Me-31 wks (girl!)

High school friends...

The Squillante girls!

Singing Happy Birthday!

College Friends!

 High school friends' wives!

The party was so so fun! We are so blessed with such great friends and family! Thanks to all who came to celebrate! :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Cards!

I think one of my absolute favorite things about this time of year is getting Christmas cards in the mail! Seriously people- I LOVE them!!

In case you are on our Christmas card mailing list, just a heads up that with the pending move our cards are going to come out quite a bit later than we thought... So just bear with us and know that yours is coming!

Keep sending them!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

House Update!

Whew! What a whirlwind of a few weeks!

As you know (or maybe not if you didn't read the post a few weeks ago!), we put a contract on a house and quickly put ours on the market!

Backstory- we have been looking on and off at houses ever since we found out we were pregnant. We always had in our minds that we would stay in this house between 3-5 years. Well, it's been 3 1/2 now, so we knew the time would be coming. Fast forward to us getting pregnant- picturing TWO kids in this house, and LOTS of toys/things, we knew we could use some more space!

We also knew we didn't HAVE to move! A lot of people raise kids in a house our size (it's 4 bedrooms/2 baths) and it's no big deal. Anyway, we have been keeping our eyes out in case that "perfect" house went on the market. After looking at several houses over several months, we just hadn't found anything we LOVED. Again, no big deal, we knew we could totally survive in this house. It is zoned to a great elementary school, so that wouldn't be a problem (one day...).

However, the market in our zip code is SO HOT right now! Seriously, people are paying UNGODLY amounts of money to get in over here, and houses for sale are on the market on average FOURTEEN days! So if you see one you like, you better be ready to move on it! It was tempting to think about putting our house on the market in such a hot time. But with nowhere to go and a baby on the way, the prospect of moving in somewhere temporarily sounded insane even to us.

Then the week before Thanksgiving I found a house online that I thought looked great, in a fantastic neighborhood, and for a great price. It was above what we had in mind to pay, but as the previous months had shown us, we weren't going to be finding our "perfect" house in our "perfect" area for anything less than that. So I went and looked (I am always the first to look. If it's worth it then Anthony will come back with me the next day). I LOVED it. A lot. Jennifer came with me that day because she had the morning free, and it was great to have her around. I immediately called Anthony and told him he had to come look. He wanted to put it off for a few days, but then I reminded him that if we loved something we had to snatch it up!

We went back the next day and I fell in love even more and Anthony loved it too!

We thought about it over the weekend and put an offer on it Sunday night/Monday morning. YIKES! They countered, we countered back... We had a contract!

Now we had to get ours ready! So we spent the first part of Thanksgiving week getting our house ready (shout out to my mom and Michelle for helping to watch Jay while I got stuff done!). We had pictures taken, teeny things touched up, and we put it on the market on Friday after Thanksgiving! That first day we had a showing (woohoo!) and proceeded to have EIGHTEEN more showings over the course of the week!

After 9 days of being on the market, we got FOUR offers! Then, the potential buyers got into a little bidding war, and we accepted one of them!

We are happy to say our current house is now under option for the next ten days! Not only do we have a contract, but a backup contract signed as well! WHAT A BLESSING!!!!

Right now we are set to close on our new house in a few weeks, then on our house, then MOVE on December 30!!! What a BUSY Christmas this will be!

On one hand, I am SOOOOO excited about our new home and our new adventure.

On the other hand, I will miss our current home SO much. This place is so full of memories! It was our first home together. It's where we brought our new puppy home, then our new kitten, and eventually our first child. It's where we shared LOTS of laughs with each other and friends. We decorated and redecorated a few times. We made improvements. We loved this home. It will absolutely always hold a special place in our hearts. (tear)

So now we pack! We focus on the upcoming move and all that it entails (which is A LOT by the way!). I feel like I have been on the phone non-stop with inspectors, repairmen, contractors, the realtor, moving companies, insurance agency, all of our vendors to switch over to the new house... it's just a never ending list.

But what a blessing to have this option! We are moving from one loving home to the next- something that most of us take totally for granted!

Here is a picture of the outside of our NEW home- we can't wait to have you come visit! :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

28 Weeks!

PS- I typed this out over a week ago but never took a 28 week prego pic... Bad mama! So, I finally took one last night (at 29 weeks, 5 days) to add... Better late than never, right?

So I know I just recently had a pregnancy post when I started the third trimester, but I can't give up my "monthly" (aka every four weeks) post.

So here I am at 28 weeks! And it feels like I'm 34 weeks! I feel BIG and uncomfortable already!

I am definitely experiencing things earlier than I did with Jay, and I am WAY more complain-y than I was with him!

I feel BIG- my stomach is big and I have heartburn. Yuck.

I have a ridiculous amount of pressure from my belly button down. It feels like she's trying to jump out!

My back is on fire- all over, all the time.

There are other fun unmentionable things that I am getting to experience that I either a)didn't experience at all with Jay, or b)am experiencing them WAY earlier than before!

All of that complaining aside, I still LOVE being pregnant and can't WAIT to meet this little girl (though not yet!)! I still love watching my stomach move, feeling her all the time, and knowing that this little princess will make her debut and be totally and completely loved!

I think it's going to be a LOOOONG 12 weeks left (hopefully not that long!), but thankfully I have a JILLION things going on to keep me occupied and make the time fly!

Here are two comparison pics from 28 weeks!

28 Weeks (slash 29 weeks 5 days) with Charley!
Please excuse the cell phone in my back pocket... My butt is not really square. 

28 Weeks with Jay

I actually had my 30 week appointment a few days ago. Doctor said everything is looking great- right on track (a little big of course), weight gain is good (how in the WORLD did I not gain over the Thanksgiving break!?), and Charley is head down (thank you LORD). Hopefully she will stay that way and things will continue to progress well! 

I was also supposed to pre-register at the hospital (already!?) and have my every-two-week appointments (again, already??). I can't pre-register though because we are changing insurance Jan 1 AND we will be moving then so I will have to write my NEW address! EEK! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Not Enough Time!

Y'all, I have wanted to blog so much lately- but have had seriously ZERO extra time to do so! There is so much to talk about (like how Jay has started to say CHEESE when you take a picture of him and the fact that when he sees his reflection in my car he blows kisses to himself- vain much?).

But with having a contract on a house, putting ours on the market, scheduling inspections, bids, and showings, plus helping to organize a marriage retreat for our church and getting together other things, life is just BUSY!!

But it's a GREAT kind of busy. It's just busy!

Not to mention I'm almost 30 weeks now (are you SERIOUS?!) and getting exhausted again. I haven't stayed up past 10:00 in over a week now. My nights consist of putting Jay down, showering/changing, brushing my teeth, and passing out on the couch. For real.

Anyway, some blogs to come soon... Until then, enjoy my little man! :)

Napping with Ella

Again... Reading as always!

I LOVE this picture for so many reasons... 
I love that they think they are so big by sitting on the couch watching TV
and I LOVE Jill's face in this one!

 This box is a LITTLE too small to sit in methinks...

Here he is saying CHEESE and actually smiling on cue! 

Running Man nap pose... I love this! 
I also LOVE his little gold toe ankle socks! I HEART my little athlete!