Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween was a TOTAL success!!!!!!!

We met my sister Jennifer's family at their neighborhood pool and ran around and fought off mosquitoes played! We were dressed as an Aggie football player because I was too lazy to come up with anything creative and I knew Jay would be more comfortable in these clothes over anything else. Not to mention he HATES anything on his head- so anything like that was out of the question! Jay had a blast on the playground and playing with the big kids. We met them there last year and it's AMAZING how much things have changed in a year!

Hanging out with Grandeb

My awesome Halloween shirt!
I was so proud of this find! 

Last year! So teeny!

The constable came and started the "parade" and we were off!

Getting in the wagon with Jill!

Sweet Minnie Mouse

 Heading off!

 We came up to a few people on the street for our first candy-getting experience. Jay didn't even have to get out of the wagon for the first one. He wasn't sure what was going on, but was THRILLED when someone put things in his PUNKEE (although he had no clue what candy was!).

Then we came to our first house where we had to walk up the sidewalk to the door. The people were actually outside which was great. Jay had NO FEAR. He just walked right up like he had done it before! So sweet! We even recorded the whole event in video- except Daddy someone forgot to make sure it was recording and took still shots instead!!! You think I would have learned after this same guy messed up the recording of our ring dunking... ahhhh... Some people just aren't good with technology! :)

Meanwhile he stopped for a wagon ride during the long stretch of no-houses. He had his "punkee" with some candy, his football, a pap-pap in each hand, and one in his mouth... He quickly was OVER riding and wanted to walk the rest of the way! He was a trooper!

Checking out his loot!

Silly pap pap 1

Silly pap pap 2

It took him ONE house to get the hang of the whole "walk up, knock, wait, get something, walk away" thing.... He followed his VERY good leader/teacher Jill and learned quickly... Sidenote (this will help understand the following story)- when anyone walks out of a room Jay yells "come-uh" after you and follows meaning, "I'm coming!" When Jay wants you to follow or come with him when HE walks out of a room he yells, "Come Ahn" (sounds like come on). It's one of my favorite things ever! ....

Anyway, the first house he watched Jill knock, then he knocked. Then we told him to wait patiently because the people inside were coming. Well, at the next house he walked up to the door, knocked, and then SCREAMED, "COME AHN!!!!" Oh my gosh, I seriously almost wet my pants from laughing so hard. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen- totally unprompted! I LOVE that kid!!! He continued to do it at each house after that one... Thank GOODNESS no one actually heard him from behind the door! But we all did!

Jill was tired of wearing shoes and tired of riding... I love it!

This picture is so dark, but Jay is actually knocking! So cute!!!

Walking with Grandeb!

Seriously, the night was a HUGE success! I'm so impressed that Jay did so well, picked it up so quickly, and wasn't shy at all! What a gem!

Happy Halloween to all!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness!

I cannot tell you how much I love random acts of kindness. I love doing them- I love surprising people and making them happy. I love how something little can make someone's day just a little brighter- I just love everything about it!

Imagine my surprise when I went to get my mail today and realized I was on the receiving end of an act of kindness!

My friend from college, Emily, posted this on her blog a few days ago. I was reading her post, saw the picture and literally said out loud, "Oh my gosh! That's so cute!" Then I remember making a mental note to buy cute things for our little girl.

Enter today. I got my mail and there was a PACKAGE for Baby Girl Squillante with THIS inside!!!!!

How adorable is this onesie?!? Emily made it!!! I have been so impressed with her latest sewing endeavour and secretly pine for everything she makes for her precious boy, Carson! Carson and Jay are about a month apart and she is SUCH a good mommy! He is so lucky that she can make him such adorable things- poor Jay!

Anyway, back to the cute onesie- I am in love! Everything about it is so cute- from the pink and the ruffles on the sleeves/collar, to that PRECIOUS owl! We were Chi Os together at A&M and I just love the thoughtfulness of this gift.

It seriously made my day/week/month... Thank you Emily!!! I am beyond grateful!

Now go out, all of you, and do an act of kindness- you never know how appreciative that person will be!

Monday, October 24, 2011

24 Weeks!

Wow... I'm 24 weeks pregnant- crazy!

This precious girl is starting to show some of her sweet personality!

Anthony finally felt her kick towards the end of last week. The funny thing is it's almost three weeks later than he felt Jay! She's already showing a little bit more of the calm/less strong side... I like that :)

HOWEVER, this little party animal has been having dance parties in the middle of the night that wake me up! Jay never did that- he played hard during the day and slept at night... makes me a little nervous about how she'll sleep once she's here!

I am NO closer to getting her nursery ready- so frustrating for me!!! I just can't find bedding that I love- and I'm about to just settle so I don't have to deal with the hassle! Hate that!

We are debating the spelling of her little name and will announce it soon. I just love it so much and can't wait to share! :)

I think that's all on the prego update front. Still feeling great- but starting to feel really big (which I know I have a LONG way to go!). Sleeping is just so-so... but that might have more to do with the fact that Jay is working on his bottom molars and he's not sleeping either!

Here are some pics (on time this round!!) of this pregnancy and last...

This time around... 24 Weeks

Pregnancy with Jay... 24 Weeks

Thursday, October 20, 2011


One of Jay's new favorite things to do is to "scare" us! He likes to hide behind things and say boo! Here is a video from recently- I think it's sooo cute how proud he is of himself!!

If you listen you can hear him say "boo" when he comes out (from behind his pacifier). You can also hear him say "Go?" when he goes to hide. When someone or something is out of sight we always say, "Where did it/they go?" Cute!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Oh my goodness- we seriously had the BEST time ever in the tropical paradise of Hawaii! It was better than I could have expected- even WITH a 13 (almost 14!!) month old! I tried really hard to just sum up the main/high points of the trip. I could go ON AND ON about each and every detail of the trip... So here goes (oh, and there are an insane amount of pictures... I narrowed A LOT!)...

The premise of the trip was celebrating Kiki (my second sister) and Aaron's tenth anniversary. A chunk of the family went- but sadly, not everyone. Kiki, Aaron, and Owen, my mom, the three of us, and Michelle and Scott went. It was a great group and next time we are hoping for the whole gang! :)

The flights there were great. Jay stayed awake the entire first leg (3 hours and 45 min) to LA. We watched some DVDs and did a LOT of playing in our seat. Luckily the flight wasn't full and we asked the ticketing people ahead of time if we could have a row to ourselves. This was awesome because Jay sat between us and we had much more space! Phew!

The second flight was great- not even half full and it was the night flight. We left at what would have been around 8:45 for us and got there around what would have been 2:30 am for us. Jay slept the WHOLE time. And since this flight was so empty we each got a full row to ourselves (and extra blankets!). YES!

We got there and Jay was up for the drive to the hotel and a teeny bit of playtime- about 2 hours total. Then he went down for the night and woke up around 5 am-ish... Which was great considering it was the first night of a five hour time change.

I am just going to warn you (and you are all free to judge- but it doesn't really matter!)... I definitely rocked a bikini this trip. I know that some people think it's weird- and that's totally your opinion, but I like seeing pregnant girls who are somewhat fit in a bikini- I love seeing how proud they are of their bumps! So, while it's not for everyone, it was for me this trip and I'm glad I did it! :)

Anyway, we stayed at Kapalua Bay in some villas- two right next to each other on the beach- which was awesome. The location was GREAT and close to a lot of things we wanted to see.

View from our Kapalua Villa

We spent the first day on the beach, we went to church (even stayed for their potluck!), and more beach time after that. I'm telling you- if you ever have the chance to hear The Lord's Prayer, or any well-known church song in Hawaaian- I HIGHLY recommend it. It was the most beautiful thing I have EVER heard! We went to Lahaina for dinner that night. Jay fell asleep before we left dinner (around 730) and slept through the night until about 545 am (he started acclimating REALLY well- REALLY fast!).

First Morning of Sand- he had it EVERYWHERE!

Building sand castles with Daddy... 
This was the first day of our trip- don't mind the white back ;)

Mommy and Jay Footprints... Love those sweet baby feet!

Church in Lahaina

Monday the boys woke up and did the sunrise bike ride down Haleakala. Good for them- not my cup of tea! :)   We met them for breakfast at a FABULOUS place (more on that later) and then took off for the road to Hana. PS- this was my LEAST favorite part of the trip. We saw absolutely stunning things, but I swore to myself I would never do this again. Jay was a super trooper- seriously, he spent a total of 13 hours in the car and was perfect! Much better than his mom and dad :) The rest of the group loved it- just not me...
Boys before bike ride

Boys during bike ride

Daddy and Jay at one of the waterfalls.
I was SCARED to death- they were literally on the edge!

One of the pretty stops on the Road to Hana  

Family on the rocky beach

Black Rock/Sand Beach with Grandeb

The pretty black sand beach

 The smoothie hut we stopped at on the side of the road!

Tuesday we beached it up! We went to Kaanapali and it did not disappoint. We played in the sand, ventured into the water (Jay wasn't much of a fan of the water on this trip- the waves and movement of the water scared him), did some stand up paddle boarding (!!), and snorkeled. It was SO MUCH FUN. I have been to a lot of beaches all over the world, and there is just something about Hawaii that is unmatched. The water and beaches are truly breathtaking!

Ant stand-up paddling

Me paddleboarding! SOOOOO fun!

Building on the beach...
A shot of my prego belly (from afar of course!) :)

Cute little sandy crack :)

We took a nap and then hit up the pool of the villas we were staying at before dinner. The kids had a great time even though the water was FREEZING. Jay was a maniac! He is definitely a concrete-loving city boy like his momma! He had a blast in the pool and loved entertaining the grownups!

Wednesday we transitioned from Kapalua to Wailea. We went to Kapalua Bay beach in the morning and it was truly incredible. While we had more beach time, the Fountains and Michelle and Scott went ziplining. They said it was wonderful- I can't imagine it being better than our gorgeous beach :)

Nap time on the beach!

The GORGEOUS beach! And the palm tree shadow in the sand is awesome!

Jay and Mommy kissing on beach :)
I dug a hole for my tummy!

We stopped for some lunch and shopping in Lahaina that afternoon. We took obligatory pictures at the Banyan tree, got MORE Shave Ice (yes, they call it Shave- not Shaved- weird), and got some souvenirs.

We drove up to our resort for the second half of the trip and I felt like I was home. MY CUP OF TEA. We stayed at the Grand Wailea. Seriously, click on that link and just check out the pictures on the homepage. Unreal. This was my third stay at this hotel and it's a place I will ALWAYS stay when we hit up Maui. It is like no other! We actually rented a villa across the street and it was seriously AMAZING.

Family at the Wailea Fountains!

Group shot at the fountains

 Mom and Sisters at Fountains

One of the views at the Grand Wailea. Yes, that amazing!

Earlier when I mentioned we stayed in the villas at Kapalua, they were more like condos. Super nice, convenient, but not so much "resort" feel. The Grand Wailea villas are straight up HEAVEN. It was three bedroom, 3 1/2 bath, two stories with an elevator. State of the art kitchen (that took us a while to learn how to use) and grill, fabulous patio, an infinity bath tub with a waterfall spout to fill it, and SO MUCH MORE. Luxury for sure!

Catching the sunset on Grand Wailea beach. 
I LOOOVE the silhouette of the little boys!

We had an amazing time and splitting it between all of us was such a better idea than getting separate rooms at the hotel. Plus, we had a close place for Jay to nap, and we could eat in (or out!) as much as we wanted!

Wednesday night we grilled steaks and had a great time with each other. Perfect!

Thursday we lounged at the Wailea pools and beach all day. The pools are a perfect place for kids- something for everyone! We spent the most time at the wade in "beach" connected to the rest of the pool. Jay loved this kind of beach because there were no waves but had lots of sand to dig in. It was perfect! We took the water elevator, played in the lazy river, and just fully chilled out! Amazing!

Thursday was also Kiki and Aaron's anniversary, so they had a little vow renewal ceremony at the property's chapel. They wanted to get married here, but so many family members wouldn't have been able to come (it was about a month after 9/11 and peeps were still nervous- totally understandable!), so they chose to renew their vows here. It was simple and very pretty!

The view of the chapel from the front

Our little family by the chapel

Kiki and Aaron in the chapel!

Then we headed to the LUAU! Anthony had never been to one, and it was so fun to watch! Jay didn't stop watching the dancers the whole time- his favorite was the fire dancer! It was so cute how entertained he was! He fell asleep at the very end... Perfect timing!

Our group at the luau!

We were originally supposed to leave Friday, but after being at the Grand Wailea for a day, we extended our trip one more day. Seriously, it was that amazing!

Friday morning we all went on the Trilogy snorkeling tour (except for my mom- she stayed and watched Jay for us so we could get out alone for a while! THANK YOU!!!). It was a blast and another slice of luxury- the crew feeds you throughout the trip, they totally take care of you, and you get some amazing snorkeling in! We saw lots of pretty fish about 4-5 sea turtles. They were seriously less than 10 feet from us- incredible!

Ant and me under water!

Front of the boat

Napping on the boat!

That afternoon we hung out more at the pool and beach. Friday night everyone but our little family of three went to dinner. We chose to stay in and grill out again. It was just too hard wrestling with Jay at nice restaurants. Plus, this gave us some good family time- and it was SO FUN! Probably one of my favorite nights of the whole trip! On a sidenote- Jay loved the infinity bathtub so much. When we bathed him that night he seriously started falling asleep at the end of his bath. Anthony and I noticed how still he was being, and we looked and his eyes were closed. Hilarious! Don't worry- we grabbed him right away so he wouldn't drown... :)

Saturday was our last day :(

We woke up (after Jay slept 12 1/2 hours!!!!) and went to the Grand Wailea's FABULOUS breakfast buffet. I might have taken the "eating for two" thing a little too seriously on this morning. Luckily, I didn't have to suck in my stomach at the pool and beach the rest of the day, so I was all good! :)

Yummy breakfast- beautiful view!

We hung out at the beach and pool the rest of the day, the Aggies won (yay!), and we just relaxed for a few more hours. It was seriously HEAVEN!

We headed out that night and Jay slept the entire time on both legs of the FULL flights. We got in Sunday around noon, and spent the rest of the day unpacking and napping. And then Jay slept another 12 hours (9-9) Sunday night.

Can our sweet boy be a more perfect world traveler?!!? I think not!

On a sidenote- he seriously did SO well. This was a perfect time to take him somewhere like this because he adjusted so well. We also didn't force him to get on a schedule or do anything out of the ordinary. The first day we just let him nap when he needed. It worked out perfectly and it's definitely something we will remember next time we travel! He was the BEST traveling companion!

Oh, and one more thing... we decided on our name for baby girl... Can't wait to tell! :)