Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just an Ordinary Day

I absolutely LOVE the idea of this post!

Not only do I LOVE their blog on a daily basis (great resources for moms for activities to do with your kids while you are at home!), but I also love this specific post.

They challenge you to remember not only the big, exciting, important days in your life with your kids (or without kids!), but to remember EVERY single ordinary day. Those are the days we will miss the most!

We document the big events- the first steps, the first day of school, riding a bike, etc... But do we remember to just document the regular, mundane days? I know that when Jay is in school full time, I will SO miss trying to figure out how I would fill the time in the afternoons before Daddy got home from work. I know I will be sad when I no longer get to sit and enjoy breakfast with my baby boy because he's "too old for that." I will miss rocking him to sleep every day for nap time, even though some days I just want to go to sleep myself. I will miss the regular, plain ol' days...

This is my challenge to myself and to YOU- don't take those days for granted! There are so many out there who don't get to experience the ordinary days with kids. Those of us who do are extremely blessed! So don't take them for granted...

As posted in the blog A Teacher at Heart, they took pictures every hour throughout a plain ol' ordinary day. I vowed to do the same, and I just LOVED it!

So, here we go....

7:15 am...

Watching morning cartoons and eating a breakfast snack
 before our usual Monday morning breakfast together!

8:00 am...
Bagels with Mom
(our Monday morning ritual)

Another shot from breakfast

9:30 am...
Our morning walk/jog after breakfast!

10:30 am...
Playing in the kitchen... our favorite thing to do!

11:30 am...
Lunch at Freebirds with Mommy!

3:00 pm...
Waking up after our three hour nap! (not ordinary!)

4:00 pm...
Playing at Gymboree!

Taking it all in at Gymboree!

5:30 pm...
Little Drummer Boy in the Bath

Love that sweet smile!

6:30 pm...
Laying on Tex taking a break to watch some cartoons while Mommy makes dinner!

7:45 pm...
Playing after dinner before bedtime! 

I know there isn't anything super special about these pictures, but I absolutely love looking back over our day! This is a pretty normal day for us (minus the three hour nap and eating out twice!)... I love love love my time with Jay. This is one of the things I will miss the most when our new baby girl comes. Jay is my little buddy and I love just picking up and doing whatever we want. HOWEVER, I can't WAIT to add another precious face to all these pictures throughout our day!

This was a fun assignment and I hope you will join me! If you do, comment or email me- I want to see how YOUR day is!  :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Land of Corn

We just got back from our first family "vacation" to Iowa this weekend! It was so much packed into a fast and furious weekend that I use vacation loosely (plus, I like to think of vacays as sand and ocean...).

It was a FUN FUN weekend spent with family that Jay has never met in the land of the corn- Iowa!

It began EARLY Friday morning with Jay's first airplane ride! He is OBSESSED with airplanes right now, so walking through the parking lot and airport was just about the coolest thing in the world! He was a TROOPER and very well behaved on the plane! No crying or kicking seats- just antsy. With about 40 minutes left in the flight he fell asleep on me- and stayed that way through the touching down, the de-planing, walking through the airport, getting our luggage, getting our rental car, and walking outside. He only woke up when I put him in his carseat in the car for the two hour ride! Of course....   :)  

Sadly, I took no photos of his big moment on the plane... I honestly thought about it but was so tired by this point that I just decided oh well... bad mommy!

We got to Anthony's grandmother's house and it was quite possibly the most beautiful day I have had in a LOOOONG time. It was 62 degrees (CHILLY!!), blue blue blue skies and so sunny! It was a perfect day to let Jay run around outside and work off some of the pent up energy.

Jay rolled in the grass, picked flowers, played in corn stalks (yes, in Anthony's grandma's backyard...), and played with a (BLECH) cricket with his grandpa! It was the perfect time for a 13 month old boy!

Friday afternoon we went and visited Anthony's aunt in the hospital. Then Anthony and I headed to his cousin's rehearsal dinner and Grandma and Grandpa (and Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike) took Jay back to grandma's. He played and met the family while Anthony and I had a little time out. Unfortunately, we were so exhausted it was short lived. Such is the life... Grandma put Jay down and we got home to visit with everyone else!

Saturday we woke up and it was Jay's (or any other little boy's!) dream day! We went to Anthony's aunt's house and rode on the tractors, combine, train, and mower. Jay was in heaven! Anytime the machine he was riding on would stop he would sign and say more. It was funny!

Saturday afternoon/evening we had Rob's wedding. It was beautiful and we are so happy for the new couple! Of course, I took no pictures AGAIN... ugh...

I was EXHAUSTED Saturday. Ant left at 11 for the ceremony, so I played with Jay and put him down, got ready, woke him up, kept him quiet during the ceremony, tried to keep him calm in the restaurant, chased him around the mall, played on the playground, played with the ducks, kept him from going in the pond, chased him around the grass, then took him the to reception where we waited to meet up with Daddy... Needless to say, I was ready for a BREAK! Good thing Anthony is such a good daddy! As soon as we saw him, he scooped Jay up and let me sit for a while. Phew! I know, I am complaining, but that's a lot for a 5 month prego mommy in one day- and all while dressed in a LBD and heels... Yikes!

We left the wedding right after the speeches and first dance. We were both beat. Nothing like going to bed at 9:30 on a Saturday night...  :)  

Sunday morning we said our goodbyes and started the hour and a half drive to Omaha. Jay slept for an hour of it- thank you Lord! Then we had to wait for three hours in the airport which stunk for us but was great for Jay. He just played and played. He played so much that as soon as we got on the plane, he passed out- and didn't wake up until we landed. WOW! God knew we needed some rest!

It was a wonderful weekend seeing family in Iowa- and we are so glad to know Jay does great on a plane...  :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

How It Went Down...

Here is the story of our unbelievable day!

Yesterday I started gathering all the things for our appointment today to tell people afterwards! Stickers, hershey's bars, markers... Last night I spent time getting things together to announce that we were having a BOY. I just felt so sure that it was a boy- I seriously got ZERO girl things!

I dropped Jay off at school today (no tears- phew!). I met Anthony at the doctor's office. They called us back QUICKLY. We went in to the ultrasound room. It was our favorite lady- she is sooo sweet!

On a sidenote- I have two friends that lost babies at 19 weeks. One of the sweet mothers lost her baby a few weeks ago, and one lost her twins a year ago. My heart is still heavy for these amazing women, and I literally pray for them daily. Going into our appointment being 19 weeks I was nervous to say the least. When people asked what sex I WANTED, I honestly can say I didn't care. I wanted a heartbeat. I wanted to hear my baby and watch them move. And beyond that- I truly didn't care what it was.

I saw that precious heartbeat. I got tears in my eyes when I saw it beating. We were in the clear!

The rest of our time in there was fun and relaxing! We saw our sweet baby's profile, we saw it moving, we saw the spine, the femurs... we saw it all!

And finally- we saw IT (or lack thereof!)!!!!!!!!!! 
that's an arrow pointing- not something else...

I IMMEDIATELY burst into tears! I had NO IDEA! I was sooooo excited! I mean, the tears just kept streaming down my face. I looked at Anthony and he was a little misty eyed. We kissed and I cried some more! :)

We got our pictures and went into the hallway. We saw our favorite nurse (my neighbor!) and Dr. McCloskey and I excitedly told them through the tears! Then I ran to the bathroom and we headed to our room. We saw Dr. M and were in and out in the shortest amount of time ever! It was just perfect!

Anthony and I went to lunch together at our favorite place (Lupes!) to celebrate! We talked names and saving for a wedding and the future fun we will have... OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! We talked mean girls in junior high and protecting our sweet girl and we talked about NO BOYS ever... :)

Ant had to go back to work and I ran to Hobby Lobby to get some things to announce it was a GIRL! It was so hard not to call everyone and tell them! I got my supplies and headed to my sister Jennifer's house. I met my mom and Jenn there and showed them my gear!

My mom cried and we all screamed! We need another little girl in this family!! After we celebrated we started calling family and friends... I LOVED the reactions! By now it was time to pick my precious little guy up from school.

Then we did Jay's favorite thing- went shopping! (ha! He HATES shopping!) I bought a ridiculous amount of girl clothes. I mean, are you kidding me?! Girl clothes are 1,000 times cuter than boy clothes! This is going to be dangerous! I bought her first bows, Jay picked out some things- it was so much fun!

Then we headed back to Jenn's to tell the nephews. They are old enough to where they totally understand what is going on- and they were both into it! They each had a different idea of what it was. I gave them these... And they loved it!

All in all it was SUCH a fun day! It was so emotional, but we could not be more excited about this precious baby girl! Jay is going to be such a great big brother. He will love this baby girl and she will adore him! We can't wait for this new journey...

To answer some questions...

-We are working on names. I'm pretty sure we have it, but Anthony isn't totally sold yet. He will be... wink wink  :)

-We are NOT finished having kids just because we have one of each. I know some people are finished, but Lord willing, we will be blessed with one or two more. YES, that's right... we want a lot of kids!

-My pregnancies have been virtually the exact same. Probably why I thought it was a boy. Minor differences, but I think that's common. My cravings have been different though... mmmm chocolate  :)  

-The most important issue was the band of scar tissue. And guess what? The ultrasound tech couldn't find it! That's right!! She searched and searched and it wasn't there! PRAISE JESUS!

-Baby is right on track. About 4 days ahead of schedule which is just like Jay! My BP was good even though I was excited- 120/78 which is high for me. I got a flu shot (boo). I've gained only 6 pounds total- which the doc was a little concerned about. HOWEVER, I did this with Jay and then caught up. Also, baby girl's growth is right on track, so there is nothing to say that it's not just what my body does! Her heartrate was 144 (it's been consistently lower than Jay's was)... Everyone is healthy and the appointment was great!

It's going to be SO HARD not to see this sweet baby girl on a sonogram for another SIXTEEN weeks! Ack! But knowing it's a girl makes it so much more real. I love her so much already and am daydreaming of the fun we will have!

Thanks for the well wishes- we can't wait to meet her!

I think that's it!

It's a.....


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Perfect Timing!

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Sweet little Jay has been SICK- and teething!

He is getting at least one molar that I can feel- and I think that another is coming in on the bottom! So when he had a cold, was fussy, and started a running a fever I chalked it up to those mean ol' molars I have heard so much about!

Well, when his fever spiked to 102.6 (which is crazy because this kid is NOT a fever kid) and he fell asleep on my lap sitting up in the middle of music class (think kids screaming, bells shaking, mass chaos), I figured this was not just teething.

So I took him into the doc where they confirmed it was an ear infection with a blister on his drum, and a red speckled throat. Poor poor baby.

The great thing is- he is going on his first plane ride on Friday!!!!!! Perfect!!

Anyway, they loaded me up with antibiotics and pain meds. Hopefully this trip won't be a total disaster!

Oh, and all of a sudden he is refusing to take medicine! He used to be a champ! Now he just refuses, clamps his mouth shut, and then throws up after!!! What?!?! Who's kid is this??

Anyway, I should be back to normal blogging soon... Especially because we have a VERY exciting doctor's appointment tomorrow!!!!!! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Look Back Part 10- Final Chapter!!!

Part of the "This is my first trimester and no one knows I'm pregnant but I still want to blog about it" series.

July 26

Ok, we have our 12 week appointment TOMORROW (a few days early!)!!!

Not only do we get to see our precious little PLUM tomorrow, but we will tell everyone that we are PREGNANT!!!

I wanted ONE MORE healthy ultrasound and appointment before we made the big reveal to the world! We are sooo excited to tell everyone, and so excited to see how S2 has grown!

YIPPEEEEE!!!! No more secrets- I have almost let the cat out of the bag a jillion times already!

Oh, and one funny story...

I have always LOVED pickles! Seriously, they are delicious!!! Anyway, I helped host a baby shower for a friend at church last weekend. There were some pickles set out to snack on. I might have had 4 or 5 (look, I know they have a lot of sodium and I know they aren't good for you- leave me alone!). Anyway, I would have eaten a few anyway, but add the pregnancy thing and I just went to town. One of the older women who was also hosting noticed apparently and said, "Courtney! Do you need to tell us something!?" HA! I wanted to shout- Well yes I do!!!!! But I didn't! I just smiled and said, "I swear I just love pickles! Ask Courtney!" Thank goodness Courtney was standing right there and could vouch for me (she knows I'm prego!).... Anyway, I thought that was amusing... Typical pregnant chick!  :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Some Things to Remember...

It's been a while since I posted some of the fun things that Jay has been up to!

Here are some of my recent faves...

-Obsessed with finding airplanes in the sky. My mom started this at his first birthday party and he hasn't stopped. ANYtime we are outside he looks up in the sky, points, and says, "Ahpay." If he actually sees one he starts SCREAMING "Ahpay" over and over. If not, he puts his hands out and says, "Happa?" That's his "what happened" question. So cute!

-He LOVES giving high fives and rocks! With high fives he will usually give you four or five at a time and say "hi pie" over and over. When he gives you a rocks he likes to make the "boom" sound (thanks Uncle Aaron!) and says "boof"! This is the way I can get him to not be shy when meeting new people... It's a good trick!

-Jay is all of a sudden completely in love with Elmo! He has never seen an episode, but he LOVES that creature! Whenever he sees one he says, "Alma".... Which coincidentally is also my parents' cleaning lady's name so maybe I should get him to say that when she is around to make her feel good!! :)

-We sing this song called Slippery Fish. It goes in verses from a slippery fish, to an octopus eating the slippery fish, then a great white shark eating the octopus, then a humongous whale eating the great white shark. At the end the whale burps. Between each verse you say, "Oh no! It got eaten by a ___"  Jay ONLY likes to sing the octopus part. I sing and he does he arms all crazy like an octopus. For the first time TODAY he did the "oh no" part. He put one hand on his head and one on his chin (instead of one on each cheek), and said, "Ahna". It was so cute to watch! I have sung this with him FOREVER and finally he said that part! So fun!

-In the past two days he started saying "ah gah" for all gone. When I turned the bath water off last night he said it- just the sweetest thing!

On ONE MORE NOTE- we find out a week from TODAY if we are having a boy or girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a little excited- can't you tell?!?!?!?

PS- Did I mention that there are SIX girls in our Sunday school class that are pregnant? FIVE of them (everyone but me) has already found out what they are having- and they are ALL having girls!!!!!  I can't wait to find out if we will join the club or have a little ladies man... Eeeek!  :)

And just because I thought these were cute...

 A New Talent- Cup Stacking!

Finishing up his nap on Auntie Kiki!

First Ride on the Carousel! 
He was squealing- hence the silly face!

FINALLY got him to wear shoes! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Look Back Part 9

Part of the "This is my first trimester and no one knows I'm pregnant but I still want to blog about it" series.

July 24

My belly officially POPPED out this weekend while we were in Vegas. And no, this was not due to the fact that I ate a lot while on vacation  :)    It really did come out though and I LOVE it!! I remember when my belly popped out with Jay- I woke up one morning and it was just there! And the same thing this weekend! I was getting ready for dinner Thursday night and looked in the mirror and there it was! Just out there! I called Anthony in the bathroom and made him look- and he could actually see it!

I love my little belly... I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I will try to soon!

PS- We made it through Vegas- our first weekend away from Jay! He did great and mommy did great! Plus, the pool wasn't NEARLY as bad as I thought it would be... Being pregnant and being at the pool wasn't bad- I made a MUCH bigger deal of it! Shocker...  :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Trick!

Oh my gosh- I am obsessed with Jay's new trick!

Every night before dinner Daddy pours himself a Sprite while holding Jay. Jay watches Daddy sip on his drink and then (of course) gets a few sips for himself. After Anthony drinks it, he exaggerates and goes, "Ahhhh" like it's the most refreshing thing in the world. Well, guess who picked that up?! ADORABLE!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


The obligatory first day of school post....   :)

Jay began school last week! He goes ONE day a week from 930-2 at our church's preschool. This is the best possibly setup and I was so excited for him to start. I knew I would miss him like crazy, but this was a great chance for him to get some social interaction and for me to have a day for doctor's appointments!

Ready with all his gear!

Trying to get a looking picture!

First Day Outfit... Typical no shoes...

About to go in!

By the door (and sign!)

Saying hi to his Sunday School teachers! 

In the classroom!

Ready to play!

"Oh, you're leaving mom? Ok. Bye."
No tears. No cares. Love it!

Classroom Door!

And the report was...

He did GREAT the first day!!!! I dropped him off with no tears from either of us (I got a little choked up, my mom definitely shed some!). I went to pick him up and he was still napping. The report was a great one- he played, he loved going in the cart to see the "animals" (fake ones painted on a wall), ate his lunch, went down ON A NAPMAT and fell asleep that way (he's NEVER done that for me! So glad he was easy for them!!!!), slept for an hour and 45 minutes before I came to get him. All in all- a PERFECT day!