Sunday, August 28, 2011

16 Weeks!

It's so hard to believe I am already 16 weeks pregnant! The time has just FLOWN! I think it goes by so much faster when you have a baby to take care of- there is no time to think about yourself or your pregnancy!

My bump has definitely popped out more this week! I am feeling pretty great and have a lot of my energy back. I still try to snag a nap when I can- the tiredness certainly hasn't gone away!

Last week I went to Baby Bootcamp and laid on my stomach (like always) to do a particular exercise. Well, I could actually feel my bump and figured it was time to not lay on it on hard surfaces anymore! I can still sleep on my stomach in bed since it's soft, but I can't lay on my tummy on the ground while I'm playing with Jay anymore.

As I posted earlier, I felt sweet little S2 move this week! It was such a fun, wonderful feeling! I can't wait to feel him/her more and more. I like these little flutters every once in a while, but I LOOOOVE those stretches, kicks, flips, etc.. that you feel when the baby gets better. I am SO looking forward to that!

I have my 16 week appointment tomorrow. I know a lot of doctors will let you find out the sex at that appointment, but Dr. M usually has you wait until 20 weeks. She says there is no reason to rush it and that way we are all CERTAIN- which you definitely can't fault her for!

Other big news this week- Jay is officially weaned. And he truly did this on his own- with a little help from my body. For the past couple of weeks he slept through his early morning feeding (for the first time in history of his little life!). I never thought that day would come! It showed me that he didn't need it anymore for food/nutrition, but that it was just for comfort. I still wasn't in a huge hurry to drop it, though, since he recently dropped his before bed feeding. Anyway, he only nursed for a few seconds on each side on Monday (like he did right before we dropped the night feeding). Then on Tuesday he tried to nurse and got NOTHING. I seriously produced nothing! So we tried again Wednesday morning and again, nothing. Both days he was over it really quickly- didn't fuss or pull at my shirt or anything. So Thursday we just skipped it altogether, and he didn't notice. Same thing ever since! And I haven't been engorged at all! Guess my body was finished! I'm just SOOOOOOO glad we made it a year! That was my goal and we did it! Yay us! :)

I had Ant and Jay take a belly picture of me today so we could compare. Forgive the funky shadows and my bed head... This is as good as it's gonna get... :)

16 Weeks with S2

16 Weeks with Jay

I would say I'm pretty much the same size with both babies. And my pregnancy has been virtually the exact same... Maybe that means Jay will have a cutie little brother?! :)


Jules said...

1- I love that family pic of y'all in your header.. so sweet!
2- I'm so impressed that you bf that long. I really wanted to as well but just couldn't keep up. You should be so very proud of yourself :)
3- You look great in your baby bump pic! I feel like I still look 16 weeks prego :)
Lets get together soon!

J & J said...

ok you look adorable!!! and i love the new photo on your blog- definitely frame worthy! and congratulations on making it a year bfing Jay...I am really super duper impressed- that's such a big accomplishment! That is my ultimate goal, as well!

Kelly said...

I love the new family pic and yay for being weaned!

Ashley said...

You do look fabulous and just the same as the first pregnancy! And congrats on BFing for the first year. BIG accomplishment!!!