Monday, August 29, 2011

12 Month

So I am pretty sure I never posted about his doctor's appointment...

Poor boy got 4 shots and blood drawn :(

He is 32 inches tall (99%)
22 lbs 15 oz (75%)
18 inch head (39%)

Our doctor said not to let the percentile of his weight fool us- he's only that heavy because he's so tall. He said he's actually thin (and then I panicked and asked if he was too thin!!) and he told me that no, he's just long and lean. Phew!

I love this boy... sigh....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

16 Weeks!

It's so hard to believe I am already 16 weeks pregnant! The time has just FLOWN! I think it goes by so much faster when you have a baby to take care of- there is no time to think about yourself or your pregnancy!

My bump has definitely popped out more this week! I am feeling pretty great and have a lot of my energy back. I still try to snag a nap when I can- the tiredness certainly hasn't gone away!

Last week I went to Baby Bootcamp and laid on my stomach (like always) to do a particular exercise. Well, I could actually feel my bump and figured it was time to not lay on it on hard surfaces anymore! I can still sleep on my stomach in bed since it's soft, but I can't lay on my tummy on the ground while I'm playing with Jay anymore.

As I posted earlier, I felt sweet little S2 move this week! It was such a fun, wonderful feeling! I can't wait to feel him/her more and more. I like these little flutters every once in a while, but I LOOOOVE those stretches, kicks, flips, etc.. that you feel when the baby gets better. I am SO looking forward to that!

I have my 16 week appointment tomorrow. I know a lot of doctors will let you find out the sex at that appointment, but Dr. M usually has you wait until 20 weeks. She says there is no reason to rush it and that way we are all CERTAIN- which you definitely can't fault her for!

Other big news this week- Jay is officially weaned. And he truly did this on his own- with a little help from my body. For the past couple of weeks he slept through his early morning feeding (for the first time in history of his little life!). I never thought that day would come! It showed me that he didn't need it anymore for food/nutrition, but that it was just for comfort. I still wasn't in a huge hurry to drop it, though, since he recently dropped his before bed feeding. Anyway, he only nursed for a few seconds on each side on Monday (like he did right before we dropped the night feeding). Then on Tuesday he tried to nurse and got NOTHING. I seriously produced nothing! So we tried again Wednesday morning and again, nothing. Both days he was over it really quickly- didn't fuss or pull at my shirt or anything. So Thursday we just skipped it altogether, and he didn't notice. Same thing ever since! And I haven't been engorged at all! Guess my body was finished! I'm just SOOOOOOO glad we made it a year! That was my goal and we did it! Yay us! :)

I had Ant and Jay take a belly picture of me today so we could compare. Forgive the funky shadows and my bed head... This is as good as it's gonna get... :)

16 Weeks with S2

16 Weeks with Jay

I would say I'm pretty much the same size with both babies. And my pregnancy has been virtually the exact same... Maybe that means Jay will have a cutie little brother?! :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday Post #2!

Monday was Jay's third and final birthday party!

It was the friend birthday party! The theme was Backyard Splash Party! The invites turned out precious, but I can't figure out how to get a good digital image of them, so I took a picture with my phone... Not great quality, but you get the idea...
PS- these seriously were WAY cuter in person and without the blurring for our home address and phone # :)

Here are pics of the set-up.... You can't do much else for an outside August birthday! :)

Kiki baked them and Michelle and I iced/decorated them!

Thanks Grandeb and PawPaw for my new water table!!!!

Birthday banner and ride on toys!

The backyard setup! 


Another view of the set up... 
Sorry for the ghetto hose...

Party Favor Buckets

I didn't get a picture of the food table... sad...

And now what you have all been waiting for... pictures of the actual party!!!  :)   We had SUCH a great group there- the moms and kids were all so sweet! Everyone had a great time and we couldn't have asked for a better party for our big boy!! :)

 I LOOOVE Wyatt! What a sweetheart!

 This picture is amazing- Jack is launching into the pool!

Jay loved his new pool!

So did the other kids! :)

 Jack thought it would be hilarious to put rings on Wyatt's head...
Ohhhh the life of having boys...  :)

More playing

Sweet Norah!

Jill was so sweet!

Sweet William!


Jay and Mommy

Cayden was having fun splashing!

A view of the food table (kind of...)

Grabbing for that cupcake!

 Mom- quit taking pictures and let me eat the cupcake!


 He legitimately BLEW OUT the candle all by himself!!
I was SO proud!!!!!


As Jill would say, "DEWICIOUS!"

 Who doesn't love cream cheese icing?

Some of the mommies and babies

A group shot!

Fun to see Amber and Jonah!
Amber is due 6 days before me!

Love me some Board boys! 

More chaos  :)

Bubble machine was a hit!

Auntie Michelle was a trooper!

Grandeb was, too! What a help!

Meanwhile my kid was eating someone else's Cheetos's off the ground...

It was a FUN FUN weekend and this momma is BEAT!!!!!  :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh How I've Missed This!

I officially felt S2 move today!! I've been thinking that I've felt him/her for the past few days, and today I was sure!

I have missed this- and I had forgotten how different the first movements are than the end-of-pregnancy movements!

I can't wait for many more of these feelings! Love!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birthday Fun Part 1!

Jay's birthday was a BLAST! It was a long time coming with planning/thinking about everything, but it went off perfectly! I wanted a casual, laid back party where people could put up their hair and not stress! :)

We actually had THREE parties!!!!

This post is about the FIRST two parties! Jay's first birthday party was the family party. Auntie Karen and Uncle Steve let us use their backyard for the party. We had all of my family there (except Michelle!), plus Auntie Karen and Uncle Steve and MeeMaw! Anthony's parents and sister and brother-in-law came in, too! It was SUCH a fun time! We swam, grilled out, opened presents, ate cupcakes, ran around, fed the fish, played on toys.... It was so fun! It literally turned out perfectly- I couldn't have asked for anything better (well, except for the weather to be about 15 degrees cooler!).

We SO appreciate everyone coming in town for this milestone! A lot of people traveled for this and we can't say thank you enough! And my mom and sisters were SO helpful- from babysitting Jay while I ran errands all week to helping set up for the actual party, they were AMAZING!

Here are some (A LOT) of pictures of the first party....

Gazebo set up

Mommy and Jay

Our only family photo... Not a great one!

Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike!

Trying the hat...

No hat it is!

Yummy cupcake

Jay pointing to the icing he got on his leg

Jill was a HUGE fan of the cupcakes!

 Some of our group in the pool

 Yummmm watermelon!

 My FAVORITE picture!!!!! Look at the excitement on his face!!!

I have MORE pictures from the pool party part of it, but I left the cd with pics at my parents' house, so I will post those at a later date  :)

The second party was on his actual birthday (Sunday!). We woke up and went to church. We stopped and got the birthday boy a birthday kolache that he SCARFED down during church! He then went to his BIG BOY class for the first time (1-2 year olds). It was SO sweet! He was super happy in his new class, but I know he will miss his old teachers and friends. After church we came home and Anthony's parents gave Jay his Cozy Coupe! He LOVED it!

Then we went to my parents' house because Michelle came in town for the big event! We had lunch and visited and then went swimming with all the cousins! We had some ice cream cake, opened more presents, and headed home! What a day!!!

That night Michelle and my mom brought dinner over and we got everything ready for Party #3... We worked all evening and finished up around 1230... What love from my sweet family!

Next blog... Party #3!!!!