Saturday, July 30, 2011


I just finished reading an incredibly interesting book called Outliers by Malcom Gladwell.

This book is all about successful people and how they became successful. It talks about athletes, computer guys, rock bands, lawyers, and even math students from China. It goes into everything that can contribute to success- age, size, birth year, family legacy, upbringing, culture, hard work, and of course- being in the right place at the right time.

I am NOT a non-fiction reader. I love me a good cheesy beach read with a happy ending. Nothing too heavy- just a book that makes me feel good at the end. This book defies everything I've ever "liked" about reading. But I LOVE THIS BOOK.

It makes some incredibly interesting points and truly makes you think. Do I necessarily agree with everything? Absolutely not. But it's neat to see the statistics that back up his points and really think about where these people might be otherwise.

It also looks at the US Education system as a whole and goes RIGHT ALONG with what I believe when it comes to teaching. It talks about lower vs upper classes and how the education system can best reach all kids. It also describes how Bill Gates became so successful and why there were more plane crashes that came from Korean Air than other airlines.

It is truly so interesting and I highly recommend it. It's actually an EASY read- and I think it's one you will like. And if not, sorry... but I'll be happy to debate with you...  :)


So when I was pregnant with Jay, insomnia didn't hit until the third trimester. I was blessed, I know...

Why oh why can I not sleep now?!?!

The last week or so I have been awake from 4-6 and then on/off until Jay wakes up. I have tried to nap during the day (like just now!) and can only get about 10 minutes- no matter how tired I am!

I need the sleep... I'm beat from chasing Jay around all day and not to mention this growing-a-baby stuff is hard work! My body needs the rest, my eyes are heavy, but I just can't sleep!

Ok, that is my complaining for the day. Otherwise things are great in the Squillante house! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Look Back Part 1

I wanted to document each step of this pregnancy just as I did with Jay's. While we weren't announcing our pregnancy yet, I still wanted to remember the feelings and emotions I had during the "silent" period. So there will be a few posts of looking back... I wrote these posts as they happened and then saved them to publish later... Here goes...

June 7

Yesterday I found out I was pregnant with Baby S #2 (from now on will be referred to lovingly as S2! Holla!).

I can't even describe the flood of emotions I felt!!! As you can imagine with a 9 month old- this was NOT planned!! Still, I had a feeling that I was pregnant... Without revealing too many uncomfortable details, here is why I just knew... I was not able to be on the pill because it GREATLY reduced my milk supply. Anthony and I had been very careful and knew that a baby at this point was not in our best interests (ha! little did we know!). Actually, Anthony has been asking to have another baby for about 8 months now (yes, Jay is only 9 months... do the math. Ugh). I, however, was NOT ready! Please refer to this post.... Anyway, back to the point. Let's just say that we were less than careful ONE TIME. And I just knew. I even called my little sister in SPAIN to tell her that I was probably pregnant. I figured if I told someone it wouldn't REALLY happen... Well, fast forward a few weeks...

Monday, June 6, I woke up like normal. I was supposed to have my monthly visitor that day. I knew I would be thinking about it all day, so I decided to load Jay up and go get a test before Baby Boot Camp to ease my mind. Once I saw the negative I could move on with my day. NBD. So I take it.... Positive. I might have cried. Like, a lot. Tex was concerned.

The Proof

I called Michelle. I cried to her. I panicked. She was wonderful and reassured me that this was indeed FANTASTIC and that she was happy for me. I knew I couldn't wait until dinner to tell Anthony. So we skipped bootcamp. :)

Jay and I loaded up again and ran to Carter's to get a Big Brother T-Shirt. The smallest size they had was a 2T. It swallowed Jay. I kindly asked the store clerk if they sold them any smaller to which she replied, "Uh, no." I then said, "Yeah, I didn't figure you would. I'm sure there aren't many people as crazy as us." She just nodded and looked away. Awesome.

I put that big ol' shirt on Jay and headed towards Anthony's office. I called him and told him some lie about being in the area and wanted to stop by and see him, blah blah blah. I was afraid he would say, "Come on up to the office and say hi to everyone!", so I quickly added that I looked terrible and just wanted him to meet us downstairs OUTSIDE. Jay and I were waiting for him. As he walked up he started smiling at Jay. I turned Jay's chest to face him so he could see the shirt.. It took him a while (seriously, he NEVER notices this stuff!). Finally, he saw.

He was SO EXCITED!!!! "No way!!! Really?! Oh my gosh! Babe this is so great! I love you! I love you! I love you!!!" It was sweet. I cried again. He then reassured me that we would get through it and it was great and happy and so wonderful. He said this was such a blessing and things were going to be perfect. Between his reassurances and Michelle's, I knew they were right. We were having a baby!!!!!!!!!

We laughed and kissed and said several, "Oh my goodness!"'s..... It was fun. It really was.

I headed home and put Jay down for a nap. I took another test just for good measure. Still positive. :)

I took the quiet time to pray. I knew that this baby was a gift from God. Another special gift that He has entrusted to us. What a big responsibility! I thanked Him for His perfect timing. He knows best. We thought we weren't ready, but God knew better. I also said MANY prayers of thanksgiving for the fact that we were even able to get pregnant. I just feel like each week I hear a new story of someone struggling with fertility. It breaks my heart for them and I know that we are TRULY blessed. My heart was so happy!

I quickly downloaded all of the silly pregnancy apps and read over them. This was all so new again! Then I read that at four weeks the baby (size of a POPPY SEED) has already developed 2 tubes that are forming the heart. These tubes are already pumping and working hard. And I cried. Happy happy happy tears. I had another precious life in me. And this sweet life was already fighting and working hard. What a miracle!

When Jay woke up I told my mom. That evening and today we told the rest of our families. They were all SO excited and yes, SUPER SHOCKED! We celebrated, we prayed, we laughed, we dreamed. It was wonderful.

My sweet baby Jay is going to be a big brother. I am going to have another baby! We will be a family of FOUR. My kids will be 18 months apart! ONE GRADE LEVEL!!!!!!

It's all so surreal.

I'm pregnant!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Say What??

I wanted to take a moment to show you a NEW(ish) picture of Jay... I LOVE this picture of him for several reasons!  :)

Yup... You read his shirt correctly and surely noticed the ultrasound in the picture!!!!!!!!! SURPRISE!!!!!!!!

We are expecting Sweet Baby Squillante #2 in February!!! While it was a SHOCKER to us, we are undoubtedly so happy and excited and can't wait to have a new baby in the house!

Jay and his new baby bro/sis will be 18 months apart- YIKES! I slightly freaked out for a while about still having a baby (Jay) and introducing a new baby to our family, but now I'm so excited and know that God has an incredible plan for this family! Don't get me wrong- it's going to be TOUGH- I know that much! But I also know as these two grow they will be best friends and love having a buddy around!

More details to come but we wanted to share our excitement with the blogging world! I started blogging as soon as I found out I was pregnant (very beginning of June!) and have a series of posts titled, "A Look Back." I will post them in the coming weeks so look forward to those! They include some very REAL, raw emotions and the story of our pregnancy up until this point!

And finally, I leave you with one more picture.... Obviously, some of us aren't as excited as others about this news.... :) 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We Made It!

We all survived our first weekend away! Woohoo!!

Grandma and Grandpa might be the worst off, but everyone was still standing at the end of it!

Anthony and I had a FABULOUS time in Vegas!! We stayed at Aria and LOVED the hotel! We didn't really appreciate how nice our hotel was until we walked the Vegas strip one night- and then realized how great we had it! I mean, seriously, we felt like we had to rush back to the hotel to scrub the DIRTY off... People/places in Vegas are FILTHY!  :)   I had been before and remember thinking the same thing then, but it just hit me again. You actually start to feel bad for a lot of the people there- trying to look "sexy" in clothes they shouldn't be wearing, guys sporting their head-to-toe Ed Hardy gear (sorry if you are an Ed Hardy fan- I'm sure you are not the type of person I am describing), and most of them there for ONE reason- and it's not a reason their mommas would be proud of!  :)

Anyway, Aria was great- our dinners were yummy each night, the pool was fantastic (how great it felt to lay out without chasing a kid around!!), and shopping was wonderful! The only downside was that our gambling was NOT so great... Oh well  :)   I also enjoyed sleeping through the night... Pure bliss...  :)

Here is some photographic evidence of our fun time... I only took a few pictures (and only on the first day)... Bummer!

Dinner the first night

 In the limo on the way to downtown...
MUCH cheaper than taking a cab!

College friends! 
Plus Tim's Dad, John!

Visiting the Bellagio

Love the Philbecks!

In the meantime, Jay had a GREAT time playing with Grandma and Grandpa! He had LOTS of activities! They went to Gymboree a couple times, ran errands, swung, played outside, went for walks... He kept them busy and they kept him busy! A match made in Heaven! And because they were so busy, we got a lot of these types of pictures...

Everyone had a great time, but I think EVERYONE was exhausted!

It was so good to home and see that precious boy! He was swinging when we first drove up so was just ok when he saw us- he didn't really believe it was us and that we were home! I scooped him out of the swing and took him inside and he would just hug my neck and then push me away and look at me, then hug my neck again. It was the sweetest thing ever! I LOOOOVE that precious boy!!

It was a much needed getaway, but I have never been so excited to come home! Home is where the heart is for sure :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

11 Months!

Holy Moly!!

My sweet baby boy is ONE MONTH away from turning 1! Yikes!!!

As always, it just keeps getting better and better and better... I can't imagine having any more fun or loving this kid any more than I already do!

11 Months has brought....

-Size 3 diapers... -One nap a day (at least they are long!!)
-Goes to bed around 8-8:30 and wakes up 7-7:30
-Sleeping has been pretty awful the past month... I blame this on the FOUR teeth coming in at once. I have figured out that when Jay gets teeth, they poke through, go back in for a week or two, then slowly come back out... it takes FOREVER! This has been the longest process and this poor baby wakes up EVERY night in pain... and this poor momma hasn't slept through the night in a LOOOONG time! :/-Sporting mostly 12 month clothes. He's now moved on to 9 month shorts (his bottoms have always been smaller than the top- narrow hips?)
-Breastfeeding twice a day (first thing in the morning and last thing at night)
-Likes ICE COLD water out of any straw cup. Does NOT like any type of milk (soy, almond, whole, chocolate) or much juice... Will share a little bit of my morning OJ and loves his Daddy's Sierra Mist!
-Eats all solids really well- but is definitely getting picky. Does NOT like noodles (so sad!) or mac and cheese (whose kid is this?!?). LOVES any kind of meat. Seriously. Such a guy.
-Crawls like crazy with that one leg up. He takes about 4-5 steps every other day, then realizes he is faster (and it's easier) crawling. He seriously has NO interest in walking!
-Stands for long periods of time (like over 10 minutes). He squats up and down a jillion times over and over- this kid can walk- he just doesn't want to!
-He still snuggles me all of the time. I love it. He will wrap his arms around my neck and just HUG. I will never get enough of it!
-Pretty sure takes after his Daddy with his OCD. He will rearrange EVERYTHING. He takes things out of every cabinet and puts them back where he wants them. Same with the fridge. Can I survive with two of those?!
-Still gets rocked to sleep every night. This is by far my favorite time of day. I love nursing him and having that time to be at peace with him. Then I love just watching him nod off. What a special time of day. It relaxes me, gives me a chance to pray, and just watch over my precious baby...
-Still talking up a storm... And is learning new things every day. I know people don't really believe me at how much he talks. But lately we have had several friends over that don't see him regularly and they have commented on how much he speaks. It's truly amazing to me. His new favorite thing is playing with this app on my iPhone (Tapping Zoo- it's awesome!). Each picture of an animal is shown and you can tap on it and it makes the sound. On about 8-9 animals he will say the sound they make without any prompting or pressing the sound. His newest pig- it's hysterical! He tries to do the nose "oink" but it comes from the back of his throat... Sweetest thing!!!
-Still doesn't like to read very much  :(   Only likes flipping through touch and feel books... 
-Does great in the church nursery, Sunday school, gym nursery, and with babysitters now! Woohoo!
-Loves his animals. Says Tex (Kes) first thing when he wakes up- and Tex comes bounding in! 
-Has 6 teeth- four on top (see above!) and those precious two on the bottom!-Obsessive about putting lids on things. Seriously, OCD...

I know I'm forgetting a ton, but this is all I can think of now... He's about to have another big first... His first weekend away from Mom AND Dad! Wish us all luck!!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Big Goodbye!

So the weekend I've been stressing about is near! THIS weekend we leave for Vegas (you stalkers/weirdos need not come to our house- my inlaws will be there!)!

I am SERIOUSLY getting nervous! I have typed out lists/suggestions for EVERYTHING. Meals, snacks, activities, play time... The grandparents can use them as much or as little as they want, but I figure too much info is better than none!

I hope Jay does well. I hope he's not too much trouble for them! I hope I'm ok... I'm nervous! But we can do it... I will just be stressed until we get a good phone call Friday morning. The first night away is Thursday night. If they can make it through that day and that night, I will feel MUCH better...

Ack! Wish us luck... And say LOTS of prayers for everyone involved ;)

Monday, July 18, 2011


Apparently July is Cord Blood Banking Awareness Month!

We banked Jay's cord blood... While I know this is a hot topic and a personal choice, I felt compelled just to put it out there that it's an option (since it's my blog I figured I was allowed! :))... If you are interested in knowing more, shoot me an email or google it.

We chose to use CBR (Cord Blood Registry). For those of you preggers- you can get a $250 discount if you sign up in July and decide to use CBR (and tell them we sent you!). We get a $50 gift card or something towards our next child (who knows when that will be), but besides that we truly believe in this and wanted to share the discount with YOU... Our friends shared with us when we were pregnant and we were grateful for that money off!

So, check it out! :)

Friday, July 15, 2011


So I'm a bad wife and didn't post ANYTHING about our anniversary yesterday. Oops... :)

Happy four years to my sweet, loving, wonderful husband! My life is so much richer with him in it. We have grown so much over the past 8 years- we have morphed and changed into two MUCH better people. I am so lucky to have him in my life. God DEFINITELY knew what He was doing when He brought us together!

Not only has Anthony proven to be a great husband, but he is an amazing Christian, a leader of our home, the most incredible father, and the best friend I could ever imagine.

When I went to San Diego last week, I missed Jay terribly. But I was so excited to realize that I missed Anthony even more! My heart longed for him to be there with me- to share in that exciting time together. He is my other and better half and I'm truly so grateful for him.

Here's to many, MANY more years together! Cheers! :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Perspective

In case you didn't get enough engagement story, my sister Michelle just blogged about the engagement from her perspective! She also included more pictures and videos from the proposal!!

Check it out!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Michelle's Engagement

I LOVE engagements! I love when two people begin a new life together... It makes me SO happy!

I got a call last November from Scott (Michelle's now fiance!). He just chit-chatted and made small talk with me for about 25 minutes. Jay was little and was starting to fuss, so I told him I had to go. Just then, he dropped the bomb- "I'm ready to propose to Michelle. And I need your help figuring out what kind of ring to get her. Oh, and don't tell ANYONE. Not your parents, anyone. I want to surprise them all!" Oh geez- how could I keep this huge news to myself?!?!!?

I told Anthony of course and then kept everything bottled up. I was so proud of myself!

I did some excellent recon work over Christmas break while Michelle was in town and relayed all the info to Scott. He would get ring ideas and send me pictures, and I would give him a "Yes, that's the right direction" or a "Hmmm... let's think of something else" (and believe me, some of those needed a brand new direction :))! Finally, he told me in April that he was fying in (he lives in San Diego) to talk to my parents. Well, my parents were blindsided by the phone call and FREAKED out. My mom cried for days (not abnormal when it comes to her girls getting married).

Unfortunately, Anthony and I were out of town that weekend. Scott did a great job and of course my parents gave him their blessing. He then told us HOW he was going to do it! I told him right then that I would love to be there for it and I was only a three hour plane ride away (don't worry, he needed people to be there- I wasn't creeping in on their special moment or anything!).

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Scott emailed us and told us he locked down all the details and was ready to go! He invited us out and we had about a week to book our flights and make arrangements.

My big question was- to take Jay or not. While on one hand it would have been fun to have him and make a long weekend out of it, on the other it would have been a LOT of work to wrestle him and deal with him on the plane, and figure naps into the mix... In the end I left him- but I was ready to leave him for the first time? I mean, I've gotten up with him every night since he was born. Don't get me wrong, Anthony has helped many nights- but I've always been the one to hear him, to tend to him in the morning- ACK! I was panicked!!!!!

Not to mention I was having a TOUGH time finding a babysitter for Thursday afternoon. All my options were out of town, at student council camp, working... Oh great! Thursday MORNING (yes, I had to leave for the airport at 345 Thursday aft), I finally found someone! I had never met her- Jay had never met her. Yikes! Not to mention she is only 14. But that was my only choice. And her mom is a friend of mine from teaching so I knew she'd be close if she needed her!

I left Jay asleep, met Emmy, explained in five minutes what the heck to do with Jay, and took off. Anthony was getting home in a few hours and would take Jay the rest of the night- which also stressed me out. I wasn't sure he would hear him. I wasn't sure how Jay would be if he woke up in the middle of the night and I wasn't there (he's been waking a lot lately due to teeth). FREAKING out. Then, Friday the plan was for my oldest sister Jennifer to watch him. She couldn't come because it was too hard to find someone to watch all three of her kids- so she offered to take Jay- how WONDERFUL of her!!!!!! I had NO WORRIES about this part- Jay is obsessed with Auntie JJ and she can put him down as well as I can (better than his own daddy!).

Anyway, we arrived in San Diego, met up with Scott, went over details, wished him luck and grabbed dinner. It was yummy and afterwards I was exhausted. It was 1230 our time and I was in desperate need for a bed. I passed out and woke up at 8 the next morning- and just relaxed! It was fantastic! :)

We all got a yummy breakfast in the beautiful San Diego weather and took off for the big hoorah!

Scott's plan....

He was taking her skydiving. They went together a few times and it's something they both enjoy (ugh- not me). He was jumping first. We were all at the landing site holding a GINORMOUS sign that read "Will You Marry Me?" He was going to be on one knee waiting for her with the ring. They both had videos of the jump so we would see Michelle's reaction once she saw the HUGE sign way up high in the air....

It went off flawlessly!!! Scott landed and waited and as Michelle got closer she yelled, "YES!" from the air. It totally made me cry!!!!!! As she landed on the ground she yelled yes again and ran over to Scott! They hugged and kissed and spun around. It was SOOO sweet!!!!

He has always joked with her that when he proposed he was only going to be able to afford a ring pop, so he actually had a ring pop in the ring box. She laughed and then he gave her the real ring- BLING BLING. The ring was GORGEOUS!

It was a very touching, wonderful day! What a phenomenal way to start a new life together! We all went to lunch to celebrate. It was fun hearing each side of the story and everything that led up to it. The two of them took off for the weekend to Catalina (and island off the coast of Malibu) and we headed straight to the airport. It was a short trip, but well worth it. I am so thankful we were able to be part of it!

On another note...

Anthony did GREAT with Jay, Emmy did fantastic, and Jennifer was perfect! God had everything just right and I'm so thankful!

Scott on one knee waiting! He sees Michelle!!

She said yes!!!!

With her BLING!

In front of their sign at the jump place!

Toasting the celebration!!

Congrats to the happy couple!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Nap Update

So remember a few weeks ago when I posted this? If you don't want to go back and read it was all about Jay only taking one nap a day for several days in a row. I was stressed that he might be moving towards that but then was also wondering if it had to do with his teeth (he was working on three!)...

Well, here is an update....

He is OFFICIALLY a once-a-day napper!! He has gone down around 1230 for the past two weeks and taken anywhere from a 1 1/2 hour nap to a 3 hour nap! I have figured out that once he wakes after and hour or hour and a half, he will usually go back down if I lay down with him (bonus!) or rock him back to sleep. This is GREAT! I'm not gonna lie- I do miss those two breaks a day, but it really has given us a ton of freedom to do things in the mornings and afternoons in longer chunks (like so many of you told me it would!).

It's still just crazy to me to think my 10 month old is down to one nap! Wild!

Another update- we are actually working on FOUR teeth right now- all four of his top ones! Poor baby. It's been a LONG few weeks from him- but other than not sleeping well at night he's done amazing! He doesn't fuss or anything during the day- I've been so impressed!

Another BIG deal... I left Jay overnight for the FIRST time!!! My little sister got engaged (post to come on that!!) in San Diego and my mom, Kiki, and I flew out. Jay stayed with a babysitter the first afternoon, then Daddy took care of him overnight, then Jennifer took care of him all day Friday. He did GREAT! I actually did well too and totally reveled in the first night of sleep in TEN months that I have not been woken up in the middle of the night (or just worried about tending to a baby first thing in the morning). It was amazing and a definite necessity for this momma! :) The only thing that was hard was that I am still breastfeeding and Jay is still not taking a bottle. No big deal for him- he didn't miss a beat- he ate normal foods and was fine. I, on the other hand, was NOT. I didn't bring a pump (I was literally gone 28 hours). I have probably only gotten truly engorged two times during these ten months (and not even when my milk first came in- I know some of you hate me. But for some reason, I've just never produced a ton of milk). So I thought it would be NO BIG DEAL. And I was WRONG!!!! I have never felt such worse pain in my life. Well, I have. I mean, c'mon, contractions?! But it was pretty terrible. Add to the fact that we were celebrating an engagement and that meant LOTS of hugs all day long- YIKES!

I have never been so happy to walk in my backdoor that Friday night and meet up with my pump. It was the most incredible feeling in the world!  :)

So I think that's it for now... Just another few days in the life of a stay at home mommy.... :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Grandkid Pics

So while everyone was in town last week, we decided to snap some pictures of all the grandkids together.

Anyone who has worked around children or has them in their lives knows what a ridiculous trial this is... Especially with FIVE kids. Ages are 9, 7, 5, 2, and 10 months... Good times. We had some meltdowns and lots of laughs, but more importantly, we got a couple...

My sweet friend Michelle offered to take them for us, but our schedule was crazy and we just couldn't make it work... I'm kind of glad now she didn't- the chaos that was that day is insane!

Here are a few (and I use that term LOOSELY)...

And an outake to end on...   :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hate is Not a Strong Enough Word

Over the weekend I discovered two thing my child absolutely DETESTS/HATES/LOATHES...

1) Life Jackets.... His first boat ride was MISERABLE because all he wanted was to RIP that life jacket off... Sorry buddy... Safety first!

He was MUCH better after some snuggling with Mommy  :)

2) Getting his haircut! Little dude was starting to sprout a mullet so we had my cousin Lauren (who has her own salon!) chop some of that hair off while we were up visiting...  Jay HATED it. Until I busted out my iPhone with animal sounds... Then it was ALL good  :)

She's not so bad after all!

Thank goodness for iPhones!

Our Fourth of July weekend was so fun- lots of time spent with family out on the lake and at the pool! And Jay honestly only cried those two times... But they were definitely worth getting pictures of!  :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011


So for the past five days (yes FIVE IN A ROW), Jay has only taken ONE nap!!! What??

I thought that wasn't supposed to happen until well after the first year! Has this happened to any of you other mommies? When did your kids start going down to one nap?

The thing is, he usually can't make it from when he wakes up from his nap until bedtime. So he's either a little cranky, or dozes off for a catnap later... Ugh...

This SAHM is NOT ready for that! I cherish my time with Jay, but it's tough to get stuff done with him all over the place (and with so much stuff that we cram in during the day). So I NEED my breaks to get things done around the house, shower, etc...

Three explanations for this phenomenon...
1) We had a CRAZY week. Michelle was in town, Kiki and Owen were in town, and we spent LOTS of time with the ENTIRE family! Maybe we were just off schedule/on the go and that is why...  ??
2) He is getting THREE new teeth at once! Poor kid! His top left is fully in, the one to the left of that (what is that one called? Anyone??), and the top right is just poking through. Poor baby. This teething process hasn't been as bad as the last, but his appetite is down and his sleeping is definitely off at night. Maybe this explains the one nap?
3) He's just ready for one nap.

Obviously, I'm hoping for options 1 or 2... I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and my toes!).

Michelle and Jay... He just ADORED her!

I have LOTS of posts to catch up on! It's been an insanely busy two weeks and we have done so much fun stuff... More to come later...  :)