Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It amazes me how much Jay learns every day! I swear he is always busting out with something new!

This past weekend was a big one for him... He took FOUR steps on his own (not the "I'm falling over and just moving my feet" kind. But legitimate steps!), he learned the sign for milk and will actually use it to ask for milk (don't get all excited though- he probably drinks a total of 1-2 oz of milk a day... but we're getting better!), he used his sign to tell me he was hungry and ask for food (and clapped when I brought him food! He was probably like- finally, this lady is listening to me!), and learned how to say another word!

In addition to our sweet dog Tex, we have a kitty named Ella. Ella is so sweet and Jay just LOVES her. She frequently bathes his head with her tongue, and he LOVES to try to pat pat pat her (she usually gets angry and runs off). We have called her kitty cat and he will copy me and say "ki-ka."  BUT this weekend we just repeated her name every time we saw her. Over the course of the weekend he went from mimicking us and saying things like "Eh", "Weh", and "Wewwa" to actually saying "Ewwa!"

When she came inside on Sunday night, Anthony grabbed her while he was holding Jay. Without ANY prompting, Jay shouted "Ewwa!" It was ADORABLE! Then Anthony put both of them down and he chased her around the laundry room and kitchen saying "Ewwa".... OH MY GOSH- I love watching this kid! Cutest ever... And here is a video for proof  :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rock Out!

This weekend was a concert weekend for me! And it was ridiculously FUN!

Friday night my dad's company hosted a concert for an insurance convention... I know, I know, boring right? Wrong! The concert they hosted was Drew Womack, Walt Wilkins, CORY MORROW, and PAT GREEN! And there were only about 300-400 people there, so it was an amazing, intimate concert! The best kind!

AND, since my Dad was the big host, we MIGHT have been on the front row and we MIGHT have gotten pictures with the guys! It was amazing!!!!

Here are some pics...

Moriarty Girls at the Concert
 (See? Front row! That's Pat behind us!)

Girls with Cory

Us with Pat!

Pat Performing- he was awesome!

Pat and Cory up close

Pat, Cory, and Walt... So fun to hear them jam!

Saturday night the Moriarty girls went to dinner together at Benjy's. No one besides me had ever been and I LOVE that place! Plus, we rarely have the chance to get together anymore, and it was so fun to hang with my family! Meanwhile, the boys all went to dinner together with the kids at some German/Polka place. Apparently they had a blast! I can only imagine... 

Sisters at Dinner

All the Moriarty Girls together!

After dinner, Mom, Jennifer, and Kiki went home, and Michelle and I went to the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG it was so amazing!!!!! My first concert EVER was NKOTB when I was 7 (1989 HOLLA). Then, in 1999, all the sisters went to BSB together! Needless to say we were PUMPED to go to this concert together! They put on an amazing show!

It kind of creeped us out how seriously some of the guys in the bands took it... Joey (the love of my life in 1989) kind of laughed at everything the whole time. Donny Wahlberg- hardcore! He still thought he was 25 and hot. And he was just creepy and gross. Same thing with Nick Carter. I feel pretty confident he was on something. Brian Littrell was funny and would laugh at some of the ridiculousness of it all....

All in all it was an amazing time- I lost my voice from singing so loud! Step by Step was UNREAL!

That was the only pic we got from the concert!

Definitely had a rocking weekend- and I'm beyond exhausted now.... Staying up late two nights in a row and waking up early is tough... I will probably never do it again...  :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dinner Tricks

So the past few nights Jay has shown some new tricks at dinner. I am OBSESSED with these new things he has learned!

All of a sudden Jay started blowing on his food... I have never "taught" him this. I've never actually said, "Let's blow on your food because it's hot." I just do it. Almost every day I blow on his food because between bagels, chicken, eggs, porkchops, or whatever else he is eating, it's usually hot. So the other day he started doing this. I wasn't sure that's what it was, until he continued doing it. And then he would do it when I would say, "Blow on your food." OH MY GOSH. I am seriously LOVING this new trick!!!!

Jay's other new trick is folding his hands for our prayer before dinner. Anthony says the prayer every night before we eat, and I always fold my hands and say, "Jay, let's pray." He usually just starts shoving his mouth full of food, but lately he's started clasping his hands together during the prayer! Sometimes he claps afterwards and sometimes he stops, but he is trying and I LOVE it!!!!!!

Seriously, this kid is so special! What a doll!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10 Months!

Hello 10 Months! How in the world do I have a TEN month old?!

Jay hasn't had any major milestones this month (at least not that I can remember!). He has just continued refining his craft of climbing, crawling (still one legged!), trying to talk, and eating...

Memories of this month:
-Still wears size 3 diapers
-Takes two good naps a day
-Goes to bed around 830 and wakes up around 745
-Finally growing out of 9 month clothes- really only because they are too short
-Went from 4 breastfeedings to 3 breastfeedings a day (and we just started two a day yesterday!)
-Still hates all kinds of milk (even chocolate- I mean, really!?). Doesn't like juice either. This is a water only kid. Sigh....
-Eats like a champ. Though he's getting a little pickier, he still eats a ton and very well. We just stick to the stuff we know he likes and try to sneak in other stuff every once in a while!
-Crawls on one knee still. Started scooting on his butt/one leg to get places
-Stands for a LONG time by himself
-Shows NO interest in walking. He cruises on everything and will walk behind push toys, but couldn't care less about trying to take steps on his own.
-Loves swimming with his daddy
-Climbs on EVERYthing.
-Still gets bounced/rocked to sleep (and it's still my favorite time of day!)
-Claps/Plays Pat-a-cake and thinks he is HILARIOUS while doing it
-Says and waves bye bye like a maniac
-Says mama/dada, cacka (cracker), ba (ball), baba (balloon), byebye, oh oh (uh oh), PawPaw (my dad), tries to say pu (puppy) when he sees dogs, pa-pa (pat pat), eh-eh (that sound you make in the back of your throat to tell a kid NO), makes the mmm sound when he sees the cow on his Baby Einstein farm video
-Loves being around other kids
-Is still beyond obsessed with his cousins. They can make him giggle and laugh and smile like no one else
-Has started going to the nursery and Bible class with NO tears! Yay! And went to the gym nursery yesterday and didn't shed a tear! We are getting better! :)

As usual, I'm sure there is a TON I'm forgetting! This kid is developing such a FUN personality- he recognizes when things aren't right (when I put his cone toy on top of his stacking blocks) and finds it hilarious! He also has learned how to get positive and negative attention through his actions. Throws a temper tantrum every now and then when he doesn't get his way, but if I slow down and talk softly and explain he will settle pretty quickly... He is FUN and the definition of BUSY. And I wouldn't change it for a second!

This is the best picture I could get between crawling all over the chair and tearing his sticker off...

I love you Jay Bird! You are my world...  :)

Monday, June 20, 2011


Have I told you recently how much I LOOOOVE Baby Bootcamp?!? It was formerly Stroller Fit and they recently changed the franchise over to BBC. Regardless, it's amazing!

I try to go at least 3 times a week (and then usually go for a short jog/walk on the other two days). There are usually 8-15 women and each has a stroller with at least one kid. We warm up, introduce ourselves, and then go hard for an hour. It's tough. A lot of people might think it's a "mom" workout so how can it be hard?? HOLY MOLY. I have worked out a ton in my life through sports and this is a HARD workout. Lots of squats, jumps, lunges, band exercises, planks, etc... The instructors are awesome and the other girls are super encouraging.

There are all ability levels and age ranges. And the kids' behavior ranges, too. Some kids scream, some fuss, some misbehave, some are angels, and most are a mix of all of it. When a baby fusses, the instructor will entertain or hold them so the mom can work out. When most of the babies start fussing (towards the end) we start singing Old McDonald, or the Ants Go Marching, or any other song to keep the kids entertained.

If you are a mom in the Houston area- COME! http://www.babybootcamp.com/pages/class_location.aspx?i=1110

Check them out- it's seriously super fun! Even if you have never worked out or jogged in your life- come! There are so many girls like you! And I was worried about being the only girl without a jogging stroller (that's why I put it off for so long- I waited until I had my jogging stroller). You TOTALLY don't have to have one! Many girls have newborns in their regular strollers and it's no big deal!

Anyway, that's my post for tonight. I love it. Come join me!  :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

What Happened?

So lately Jay has totally regressed in his eating. My little boy who would eat ANYTHING, has now started to become Mr. Picky... What happened?!

Actually, the pediatrician (and lots of books/websites) said this is totally normal. But boo! Our life was so easy for so long. Literally EVERYTHING we would put in front of Jay he would eat. Now, he purses his lips together and will refuse pretty much everything. And if I try to stick something in his mouth that he likes, he will spit it out, pick it up with his OWN hands, and then eat it. Stubborn little butt!

Also, Jay is a FINICKY drinker. We have always known this (hence the no bottle since 3 months old). He refuses breastmilk out of anything but the source, he GAGS when formula is given to him (I've tried a jillion different kinds), and does not like any kind of juice. I wasn't trying to give juice yet (too sugary), but I thought that tasting different drinks might help him take milk! No such luck. He does not like juice. Or soymilk. Or almond milk. Or coconut milk. Or liquid yogurt drinks. Argh.... Basically he drinks water. Like a fish (well, they don't really drink water, but you know what I mean...). That kid takes down HUGE glasses of water all day long. Not just a sippy cup, but a big ol' cup of mommy's. He also loves smoothies- but only out of a grownup cup (with a straw). And he likes Sierra Mist and Sprite. A lot.

Silly boy...

Despite all of these little things that make life a little hard right now, he is still just so awesome. And I still adore every little thing about him. A lot. :)

Here's a picture of our little chef. I guess those who don't eat, cook?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beautiful Friendship

It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship....

Jay just figured out how to "throw" the ball... And he LOVED Tex's reaction!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I was on the phone earlier today with AT&T (ugh, an hour and ten minutes and 6 people!!!!). Needless to say Jay was pretty much getting the shaft attention-wise.

When I got off the phone I heard him giggling. He was behind the chair, looking out the window, sitting by Tex. He pulled the blanket off of the back of the chair and was playing Peekaboo by himself! He was laughing SO hard!

He would pull it over his head, say "bah" (trying to say boo- I always just say boo instead of peekaboo!), and laugh at himself!

I tried to get a video without him noticing me, but alas, he saw me. The clip is short- 30 seconds- and super cute! This kid just makes me laugh everyday!  :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Take and Put Work!

One of my favorite years of teaching was when I worked in a Montessori School in Houston for a year. This was one of the BEST learning years EVER!

Montessori schools have an incredible method- the children learn at different paces as they are ready. It teaches incredible (but VERY soft, loving) discipline, sets high academic expectations, and allows the children to be taught at their own pace- not at the teacher's!

While I don't agree with every single Montessori practice (I don't usually agree with every single practice from ANYthing), there are a LOT of wonderful things about Montessori schools. I think so highly of them that our plan is to put Jay in one for preschool before he attends public school.

Anyway, one of the simplest "jobs" in a Montessori classroom is Take and Put. The child learns to take something from one container and put it in another. As the child becomes more advanced, so does the job. Items get harder, you use tongs or other utensils to practice more fine motor, etc...

So we set up a little Take and Put workstation for Jay at my parents' house on their kitchen floor with containers and cheerios. He seriously sat and did this for FIFTEEN minutes! My child has NEVER sat and done ANYTHING for fifteen minutes. This is an on the go kid. I was shocked at how long he was able to focus on this task. And how much he loved it!

Here is a minute long video showing how SIMPLE this is- and for you stay at home mommies that need an activity with your baby- here you go!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Convertible Car Seat

Gimme your opinions!!!

Brand? Size? Type?

Jay is ready to sit up like a big boy and I am not sure where to start! My sister has had Britax with all three of her kids and I'm leaning towards that, but I don't know which one to go with...

Thanks in advance!! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sweet Talker

This week Jay has had two major "speaking" milestones! I am truly amazed at how verbal he is at such a young age... I LOVE hearing his words and am so glad he is beginning to express himself!

This week we were out shopping and I was carrying him and my diaper bag. Every few minutes I would reach into my bag, pull out a cracker and ask Jay if he wanted a cracker. He would take it and repeat "cacka" (not ca-ca like poop, more like cracker without the r's..). That is not abnormal. He mimics A LOT. Everything I say I feel like he repeats- guess I better be careful what comes out of this mouth!  :)

Anyway, I gave him several crackers and then a rug caught my eye. I wasn't paying attention that Jay finished a cracker and was ready for the next one. I felt him lean across me and try to reach into my diaper bag. Then, he looked up at me and said, "Cacka!" He TOTALLY asked for a cracker! I repeated, "Do you want a cracker?" And of course he said, "Cacka!" again! It was AMAZING!!!!! Now, I know a lot of you with crazy talking babies (or little babies that don't talk yet) don't think this is a big deal- but it's a HUGE step for him! Asking for something he wants is awesome!!!!  

The next day we were at my sister's house and she gave him a cracker. I said, "Jay, what is this?" to which he answered, "Cacka!" He totally knows... I love it!

So fast forward a few days. We have been trying to get him to say "Uh oh." I say this ALL the time when something drops, he falls over, or anything that really isn't supposed to happen happens. He as usual mimics me, but never says it on his own. UNTIL....

This morning Tex walked by him while he was standing and knocked him over. All of a sudden Jay said, "Uh uh."   It was SOOOOO cute!! I got all excited and then he said it a million more times- it was hilarious! I will be anxious to see if he picks that one up and continues to say it like cacka...

It's funny because I feel like I hear the same words all day long... cacka, bye bye, uh uh, and ba-ball (basketball). Of course mama and ball are still the favorites, but his little vocabulary is just going crazy!!!

And my pediatrician (and I'm sure family members, too!) didn't believe me until they all saw it in action... They were just as amazed as this proud momma! Love it!  :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Pit

In case you were wondering, Jay still LOVES his ball pit. A lot.

Here are his funny antics from playing in it tonight. This is a common occurrence. We love this kid (in case you couldn't tell)! :)

Here is a new fun thing he does...  He plays Peekaboo with the sides of the pit. Hysterical!!

And here is a normal night for us... Our little family...  :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Being a SAHM

Since this blog is about my adventures of being a SAHM (stay at home mom for those of you who had a little trouble with that), I figured I should actually talk about that some...

One of the things I worried about when I decided to quit my job and become a SAHM was if I would be bored. I mean, playing in your house all day with a baby who can't really talk or do anything?! Yikes! And let's be honest, the first two months really WERE like that. Then all of a sudden came a teeny glimmer of hope- and it's ALL changed!

I am amazed at how ridiculously busy Jay and I are! I mean, I have hardly seen my mom or sister in the past month because of everything we have going on!

Between Baby Bootcamp, Gymboree, playdates, regular playgroups, and other things, I feel like I hardly have time to run any regular errands (grocery store, dry cleaning, etc...)! I know, I know, poor me. Look, I'm not complaining at all! I just don't understand where our time goes! I had to squeeze in the grocery store this week before Gymboree and after bootcamp. And the dry cleaning- oops- forgot to drop that off. Not to mention the fact that I have been out of bronzer for three weeks and haven't had an extra second to go get some! Sheesh!

And you know what? I LOVE our crazy little world! I love the fact that I don't have to call up my mom or sister and just head on over to their house for some company (like I used to!). I love that Jay and I have established a little life of our own. And I LOVE that he is my little buddy in all of this! He just goes wherever and is always in the best mood about it- I love that!

It's funny to me how we have to schedule our outings. We go around his two daily naps. We can squeeze something in in the morning before that nap. Then we have a big chunk of time during lunch before the second nap. And then the third chunk of the day right before daddy comes home. I live my life in chunks- and it makes the day go by SO fast!!!

On another note- I just got back from taking Jay to a little "open house" type thing for his school next year. Yes, you heard me right. School. He will be going one day a week to the preschool at our Church. I am SO excited for him to go and be social. I think it will really help his separation anxiety and I am selfishly looking forward to a day for errands, appointments, junior league stuff, etc... I know I will miss him dearly, but it will be good for both of us (I just keep telling myself that so I don't cry..) 

And to make this post a little LESS boring, here are some pics of Jay from recently. I love this kid. A lot.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Livin' it Up in Texark!

So a few months ago Anthony's parents moved to Texarkana. We were SO sad to see leave them Southlake because all of the memories we had there, but we also know they are now empty-nesters and need to do what's best for them.

Anthony's dad was offered a job he couldn't resist, so they packed up and moved. I think it was a little harder on Anthony than he let anyone else know. His family moved a lot as a kid and this was the longest he had ever been in one house. It's also sad because so many of our friends live in the area and now we'll have to make two separate trips to see Anthony's parents and our friends.

But we trekked it out to Texarkana for Memorial Day weekend for our first time. Let me just start by saying that DVD players for the car are LIFE SAVERS! Jay has NEVER sat through an entire episode of ANY tv show, but since he didn't really have a choice to sit, it actually kept him pretty busy. We watched some Wow Wow Wubzy, some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and some Baby Einstein. It was AWESOME. But that five hour drive was not. Ugh...

How do you pass the time on a five hour car ride?

Balance a ball on your head...

Eat your feet...

Suck air through a straw... 

Once we got there we had a wonderful time! I'm so lucky to have such great inlaws that love me and love my child. Anthony's parents are SO hands on- it's wonderful!! And Andrea and Mike are incredible! He absolutely adores his aunt and uncle! Jay's not big on men in general, but he reached out for Mike all weekend- so cute! His parents have an awesome pool close by that we spent both Saturday and Sunday at. It was so perfect for Jay (and the grown ups!).

Here is one of the new things we did over the weekend. Jay went down the little water slide all by himself for the first time! He LOOOVED it!! :)

Getting ready to go with Daddy...

And we're off!

Here I Come!

Another new trick we learned that weekend! Jay sits on the side of the pool. We count 1, 2, 3, go! And on go we pull him into the pool. At first we just did it up to his armpits, but then we got a little deeper. Eventually he was going all the way under. And he LOVED it! He would pop up and laugh and reach towards the side of the pool! So cute!! And at first right before he would go under his little eyes would stay open. He finally figured out to scrunch his face- his eyes and mouth would close and he learned to do that when he went under. So freakin' awesome!!

Getting ready with Daddy!
How white is Anthony?!?!?!?

All the way under!!!

 Mommy counting for me!

Going in with Mommy!

And here are some more of my favorite pictures from the swimming trip. Sadly, I left my camera in Houston so I didn't take any. We only got pictures at the pool! But they are worth it!!

With mommy and daddy and Grandma and Grandpa. 

Giving the snake kisses.

Waiting for the ladies in my chair. 

With Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike

Swimming with Uncle Mike

Waving! I am OBSESSED with his wave!
He does it with a really floppy wrist- I could watch it all day long!

Other than the long car ride we had a GREAT trip! We sampled the local restaurants, went to church, played on the playground, and watched the dogs play. It was a great weekend!  :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gymboree Update

I kind of feel like I should be getting some sort of commission from Gymboree for how much I talk about it.

But seriously, it's AMAZING! Moms- if you are able, take your kids!!!!! I started taking Jay at 6 months when he started crawling. I thought it was kind of silly to take a kid to a "gym" when he could barely crawl, but it's incredible! They have things for kids of all stages!

Jay loves loves loves Gymboree. He is not so much a fan of circle time at the beginning though. We have mostly non-crawlers or just barely crawling kids in his class (they are grouped by age), so we do some stuff that Jay is really not interested in. I typically have to chase him and hold him down to participate and then he cries and I'm totally embarrassed. The teacher is GREAT though! She always tells me just to let Jay go and he will participate when he is interested. But I'm still THAT mom. With THAT kid.

But this week the teacher came up to me and asked if I would be interested in taking him to the next level class. I believe her words were something like, "Girl, you need to move him up to the next level. He is just BORED." So, we will be starting level 3 classes next week! I'm SUPER excited and will keep you posted! That age group has all mobile kids, so I think it will be right up his alley! They do different things with the different levels, and I think this has a lot more climbing, sliding, etc... I can't wait to see!

But we went to open gym today (one of the perks- they have open gyms everyday!) and he just got to play play play!! Open gyms have kids of all ages, and for some reason today he was the only non-walker. And let me just tell you, he was in HEAVEN! I tried to snap some pictures of him playing. I'm pretty sure I didn't capture HALF of what he did! Here are some of my favorite pictures. Again, they are taken on my iPhone and blurry. Argh. But at least I have some sort of documentation! :)

"Rock" Climbing!

Going through one of the tunnels

Hmmm... What's that big boy doing?

I can do it too! 

All by myself! 

He was kind of tripping out that there was a mirror in front of AND under him!

His favorite thing to do!

Smiling at the baby! :)

Little obstacle course!

LOVES climbing the stairs!

Saying "HI!" from the top!
I LOVE this picture!!!!!

Another ramp!

And another tunnel...

So if you get a chance, go! The first class is free so you can always check it out! And they are EVERYWHERE! If you are in Houston, we go to the class on Tuesdays! Come join us!  :)