Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ball Pit!

I stole this idea from my friend Michelle (the one I steal every idea from!) and was so excited to put it together for Jay! I've also seen "ready made" sets at Toys R Us, but I bought everything separately and it's way cheaper!

I'm trying to be frugal because I'm on somewhat of a spending freeze. I mean, not really, but Anthony just doesn't understand how I spend money on a daily basis on STUFF... But c'mon, having a kid means you have to BUY things! Not only to make your playroom more fun, but for the sanity of the mom. There have been many days when I've just needed to GET OUT of the house and we end up at Target... It could be worse, right!?  :)

It's a Ball Pit! I got a cheap little $10 pool from Toys R Us, and found the balls at Tuesday Morning for $10! Voila! Who needs Chuck E Cheese?!   :)

Oh, and Jay will throw some out of the pool (of course!) and he spends LOTS of time just chasing a ball all over the house! Fun!

Here is a video. Don't feel like you need to watch it. It's about a minute and a half of just playing (more for family!), but you get the idea after a few seconds...   :)


Emily said...

What a fun idea!!!

Kelly said...

Our blow-up ball pit got destroyed during a toddler playgroup at our house. We should have gone the cheap and inventive route because I'll bet your ball pit will last longer! Jay is getting so big!!

J & J said...

He loves it! I love how he kicks the balls around- what a fun idea (and a super creative mom)!

Sarah said...

So fun! It looks like he is loving it!!! Great idea!

Know what you mean about the constant spending. This looks like it's one that will get it's use!!!