Thursday, April 28, 2011

Funny Progression Pics

I LOOOOOVE this set of pictures.... This is from the church Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday! Jill is such a good sport!  :)

That chocolate chip cookies looks DELICIOUS!


I'll just take that thankyouverymuch

Is anyone watching?!

No no no Jay! That's my cookie!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go

Our Easter Weekend in pictures... and some captions :)

Jay's Basket
Can you see the theme? Yeah, he's obsessed with balls...
And the chocolate rabbit MIGHT be for Mommy :)

Family Pic Before Church

Checking out his loot

Figuring out the video camera

His eggs... There are seven. He only made it to three :)

He doesn't like to crawl on his knees in the grass

Finding his eggs!

Wow Mom!

We put the four sports eggs in front of him and waited to see which sport he chose...
Baseball it is! :)

With Grandeb and PawPaw

With Grandma and Grandpa

Family Photo

One unhappy Easter bunny!

Love this picture of my boys!
At the church egg hunt!

Little Buddies

Jay and Jill

Paula, a laughing Noah, and us!

The Courtneys and Our Boys

What a fun fun day it was! And what a GLORIOUS to reason to celebrate! Thank you Jesus!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Ok, so Jay LOVES Gymboree!

We went for our first time this past Tuesday. We are in the Level 2 class which just means it's for kids 6-10 months old. Since Jay turned 8 months on Thursday it is PERFECT for him- he's right in the middle age-wise!

And let me just tell you- if you have one near you and you have a baby- GO! It is SO worth the money!

We started with circle time. He was just ok with this. In typical Jay fashion he did NOT want to sit still. He wanted to GO GO GO. All of the other babies sweetly sat on their mommy's laps. Oh well. Once we started singing and clapping he was totally into it!

Then we had playtime on the equipment. HUGE fan of this. His favorite was climbing the Blue Wall (I named it that... I'm sure it has some proper name). The other babies were crawling up and the teacher told me to help him crawl up by putting my hands under his feet and helping him scoot on hands and knees. Yeah, he didn't move. Then, I moved my hands and he popped up on his flat feet and hands and just crawled right up! It was so cute! (If you are having a hard time picturing this, no fear... There is a video below!!)

Afterwards we had parachute/bubble time. Another favorite! Once we all got under the parachute he had a blast! Again, all of the other babies sat on laps- but not Jay, he crawled around the entire circle talking to all of the other babies and clapping for everyone. It was hilarious!

The perk with Gymboree is that you have class once a week, then you can go to ANY of the open gyms. There are 5 open gyms a week. Now, that is a little overzealous- even for me. But we did go Thursday with Jennifer and Jill because it's mixed ages. That was super fun! And then Friday we went because Daddy had the day off and we wanted to show him how fun it was!

Here are a few pics (from my cell- they are blurry!) and a video from the day Daddy came with us!

I love this! You can barely see his little head poking out!

Standing now! Zooming with Daddy!
PS- Blue wall in background...

Now getting pulled by Daddy

Standing and rocking the boat

Sitting in the boat

And here is video (about thirty seconds!) of him climbing up, sliding down, and climbing up again! He looks so tiny! I'm pretty sure we did this 15 times each day we were there. By FAR his favorite thing to do!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

8 Months!

8 Months? How is my sweet new baby closer to a year old than he is to the day he was born?!

Jay is hysterical! Every day brings some new discovery, more laughter, and a little more entertainment. Jay is a FUN kid and never stops moving (even while he sleeps!). He is really starting to show his precious personality. We love watching him learn and grow and know this next month will bring even more excitement!

Right now Jay is....
-Wearing size 2/3 diapers during the day and size 3 at night.
-In 9 month clothes and is still long and lean.
-Loves any kind of ball. These are his favorite toys. From his ball pit, to wiffle balls, to football/soccer/basketballs, it doesn't matter! He loves them all!
-Still takes two naps a day (thank you LORD!) for a total of about 3 1/2 hours.
-Sleeps great... Usually needs only about 10 1/2-11 hours. He goes down around 8ish and is typically up around 630-7.
-Talks in his sleep. I did too and love this about him!
-Has one tooth (his bottom left). And it's still barely poking through the surface. ???
-Babbles and talks and screams all day long
-Is shy at first, but still a FLIRT with the girls! As long as he's in mommy's arms he's happy and outgoing. Put him in a new environment (church nursery, someone's house, etc...) without mommy and it's TEARS
-Is still SUPER snuggly. I get about thirteen thousand hugs and kisses a day. He also LOVES kissing other babies!
-Is strong.
-On the move. Loves climbing up things (the mat at Gymboree, stairs), going through tunnels, hiding under things (including Tex's legs), cruising on furniture and toys... He seriously is NEVER still!
-LOVES his pets. He loves to snuggle on Tex and play with his teeth and follows Ella around trying to pat, pat, pat her. So sweet!
-Has pretty much boycotted baby food for good. IF I can get any down, it's in the mornings. Snacks and dinner are people food. Silly baby!
-Still only drinks breastmilk and water
-He eats about every two hours. This is not always nursing, but it has to be a substantial snack. I think it's because he's on the go so much. He burns A LOT of calories
-LOVES his cousins. They make him smile bigger than anyone else!
-Loves toys. His favorites are his stacking blocks, ring pyramid, ball pit, and any toy he can pull up on and play with.
-Loves bathtime. He loves to splash and play in the tub. I can't wait for the pool this summer!

We love love love this little boy. My very favorite time of day is around/after dinner when the three of us just get to hang out and play. I love my little family and can't imagine being anywhere else! We love you Jay!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy Boy!

Jay has had a lot of firsts these past few weeks... I swear your life is quiet for a while and then BAM- everything comes at once! But what fun would it be to space it all out?! :)

 He still LOVES to hide... Crazy boy

-He now drinks out of his sippy cup by himself. And he's obsessed. Seriously, the kid went through four and a half cups of water yesterday...

-He signed "more" for the first time while eating! I was SO excited!!!

-He took his first cruising steps and now "walks" all over the place holding on to stationary things.. He still hasn't cruised with a walker or push toy just yet. But this boy can get to where he needs to go! Yikes!

-He got his first mosquito bites. Boo. :(

-He took his first bath with nothing helping him to sit up. Which means he pulls up on the sides and throws everything (shampoo, conditioner, soap, wash cloth) into the bath. He also "swims" on his tummy and splashes. We have a CRAZY man!

-He stood alone for about a full second (maybe two!) balanced. So cute!
He is not actually balancing in this picture, but it's cute of him standing so I thought I'd use it... :)

-He discovered the laundry room which houses the doggy door. He realizes it opens, but hasn't figured out that he can actually go through it yet... Can't wait for that day!

-Had Cheerios for the first time.

-Is going to Gymboree today for the first time! Yay!

This boy is BUSY BUSY BUSY. I have talked to a lot of people with babies the same age as Jay, and they all talk about how their little one will sit on the couch and watch tv with them for a little while. Not a chance with this kid! We can't even keep him in the same room while we watch tv or eat dinner- let alone get him to sit with us! But we wouldn't have it any other way. What a fun, busy boy we have! :)

Playing like a maniac in the ball pit... 

Monday, April 18, 2011


As I was putting Jay down for his morning nap, I realized the word CONTENT describes my world right now.

I have a wonderful husband who works hard for our family. He loves me and loves our baby. He rushes home after work and as soon as he walks in the door gives me a kiss, then grabs Jay out of my arms and takes him back to our room with him. I have a happy, healthy baby boy who lights up my world. I know this is something many people don't have, and I am so truly thankful for him. I have family and friends who are healthy and well. No one in my life is going through any major illness or issue, and I'm so grateful for that. I have a wonderful church home and am surrounded by incredible people there. People who genuinely love my little family and care about us. Not only do they love and care for us, but they help make us better people by showing the love of God.

How lucky am I??

I realize that my world is not perfect. That's why I didn't say PERFECT is the word that describes my life. I have down days. Anthony and I have squabbles, Jay gets fussy, and one of my family/friends has to go through something unfortunate like a divorce or losing a child or losing a job. These things go on in my world every day.

But I would be remiss not to notice that my life is great right now. Even with all the highs and lows of daily living, I've got it good. And you know what's so great about that? I know it's not something in my control. I know that God is in control and it's actually pretty terrifying to realize that. As a self-proclaimed (ok, and other people-proclaimed, too) control freak- it scares me to death not to have control over every detail of my world. But right now God's given me the gift of a great life. And for that I get to feel content.

What a great feeling...

Now, someone remind me of this post when I'm feeling down...  :)

Probably the biggest reason for my feeling content.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Guess what finally popped up today?!!  The cutest little tooth in the world!!

Please don't mind the food on his face and nose....

 Have I mentioned how much I LOATHE teething?! Plus, this was a LONG process!!! It's been 2 1/2 weeks of hard-core teething. There was a week with little sleep, low fever, fussiness, and LOTS of Orajel. Then, all symptoms went away, Jay was sleeping like a champ again, and was as happy as could be! What?! So I thought for sure there was no chance it was his tooth. Then today this little gem just appeared! How cute!!!!

One of our attempts at getting a picture of the little thing...
He was NOT feeling it! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Moriarty Family Fun!

My dad is from Wisconsin and the majority of his family still lives there (or somewhere close!). They came in this past weekend because my cousin, Tommy was competing in the College Club Vball Nationals. It was so fun to have them around- we have SUCH a great time when we're together...

Here are SOME pictures from the weekend- there are WAY too many post (and I'm still posting a TON)...

First time meeting Grammy!

Aunt Jacque was SO great with him!
She raised 3 amazing boys so I knew Jay was in GREAT hands!

We did a lot of this at the vball tourney...

LOOOVE this booty!

Jay LOVES his food!
Look how excited he is!!!

Another new position...

The reason for the visit! Go Tommy!

Meeting Uncle Bruce!

Thanks Wisconsin Moriartys for coming in! We love you and miss you already!!!  :)