Monday, February 28, 2011


So I'm having writer's block. I was on SUCH a blog roll last week! I had so many things I wanted to write about- and I wanted to pace myself so I wouldn't run out of ideas... And then I forgot them.

Now I have nothing. I feel like I need to update the blog, but I honestly don't have much!

Anthony's parents came in this weekend and Jay had SUCH a good time with them! They even babysat for us so we could to go the BBQ Cook Off. While it was fun, it seemed like there was a MUCH different crowd there this year than in years past. Anthony and I were also ready to turn around and come home after an hour of being there. Definitely getting older...   :)

Anthony and his dad also hung Jay's swing in our front yard! We are officially a family now! hahaha... It's funny because you drive around our neighborhood and it's like a badge of honor to have a swing in your front yard.... But ours is hung and Jay LOVES LOVES LOVES it!

Oh, one of the things I was going to write about is that we went to the zoo for the first time last week! I had a blast (of course- being the animal lover that I am it's like my heaven!)! Jay was just ok looking at the animals, but he had a BLAST walking around in the Baby Bjorn the entire morning! We drove separately from Jennifer because we knew we wouldn't last as long... And we were right! Here are some of the pics we got while we lasted! I just know that Jay and I will LOVE coming here for many years to come!

Sophie was SO excited to find her family! :)

I just love the sweetness and pure innocence of this picture...

Anyway, I really think that's it for now. It was a BUSY BUSY week last week and the next two weeks will be as well! I am looking forward to all the fun playdates/things we have going on, but it will be go go go!

Happy Monday! :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Like a (Rhinestone) Cowboy...

Today is Go Texan Day!  For all of you non-Texans (or those Texans that don't know what it is!), it's a day when all the Trail Riders ride in their wagons and on horseback and come into Houston to kick off the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

Most schools have Go Texan Day where the kids dress up and square dance. My mom used to always get us out of school to watch the Trail Riders come in, and we actually rode in the trail ride a few years in a row (shout out to the Little Red Riders!)... All the trail riders come in through various points and congregate in Memorial Park. You can imagine the party! Then they all ride in a big parade in downtown Houston on Saturday mornings!

It is SOOOO cool!!!

Being a stay at home mom, I now get to take MY baby to watch the Trail Riders come in! Jennifer and I took the babies and went- and it was so fun! Jay actually couldn't take his eyes off of the horses and people. Jill was the most PRECIOUS little cowgirl and was definitely a hit with EVERYone! She got lots of "Howdy Cowgirl!"'s from the riders. Adorable!

Here are some pics of our fun day!

My Precious Little Cowboy!
PS- He put that piece of grass there on his own! He's a natural!

Can't forget the cheese smile! 

Baby Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Cousins

Sweet girl loves her momma!

Only pic of the actual Trail Riders... 

Mommy and her little cowboy...

My most favorite... I feel like it is a painting... 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Joe Cool!

Mr. Man had his 6 month doctor's appointment today. It was so great to talk to our pediatrician after all the issues we had over the past month.

And PS- our pediatrician is AMAZING!!!!!! I spent a solid 25 minutes with him (crazy!!) and he answered and listened to every single question and thought I had. I felt SO good afterwards! Jay on the other hand- not so much. He got four shots and an oral vaccine. :(

He was
27.5 inches (84%)
17 lbs 7 oz (49%)
17.5 in head circumference (53%)

His weight has gone down some from last checkup from the eating weirdness... But the doctor wasn't concerned at all.

Afterwards we had some good outside play time. Jay wore his sunglasses for the first time and he looked AWESOME! I'm shocked he didn't rip them off!

Joe Cool!

He could NOT figure out why he was seeing things differently at first, and it was the funniest thing EVER! He was reaching out trying to grab things in front of him...

Channeling Stevie Wonder...

I was laughing so hard watching this! Poor baby.... I am so excited for this weekend! Trail riders are coming through Friday (if you don't live in Houston or have never seen this it's AMAZING!!!!!). They ride from various cities/points in Texas and come in for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We have watched them almost every single year for as long as I can remember! This year my sweet little man will get to join in on the fun! Oh, and you better believe we've got a PRECIOUS cowboy outfit for him...   :)

Anthony's parents are coming in town, too and it's BBQ Cookoff weekend! I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So after 5 weeks, I think we are back to normal!!!!!!

Jay has slept wonderfully the past FIVE nights! He has gone for at least an 8 hour stretch before waking to eat, with his longest stretch being 12 hours! After the 8,9,10 hour stretches he has gone right back to sleep in his CRIB after eating! WOOHOO!!!

Oh, how I have missed this!

And his eating is getting better, too! I honestly think getting off the pill has helped! I really appreciate all the advice from so many of you! I got lots of emails, FB messages, and comments with helpful tips- and they were so great! So thank you to all who helped!

It's so great to have my sweet (sleeping!) baby boy back! It was a rough five weeks, but through LOTS of prayer, God granted me patience to get through it. And we made it!

In honor of my little sleeper, here is a picture of him at his FIRST sporting event- a Rice baseball game! Go Rice Owls!  Note- he is still repping A&M with his too big baseball cap!  :)

PS- I just read back through this and noticed the RIDICULOUS amount of exclamation marks I used. Can you tell how happy I am to have a good sleeper again?!  :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

6 Months!

One half of a year?! It is hard for me to believe that Jay is already 6 months old. And it's hard for me to believe that he is halfway through to his first birthday!! Is it too early to start planning his party?! PS- I already have ideas...  :)

Jay is SO SO SO much fun right now! As always, I LOVE this stage! The whole "sitting up but not crawling" stage ROCKS! He is so much happier now that he sits on his own, and Mommy is happy because she doesn't have to chase him yet!

Here is some info on our precious 6 month old...

-Wears size 2-3 diapers and is almost too big for 6 month clothes. Most are just too short- we'll be making the total 9 month transition soon!
-Still hates shoes and socks. I can't believe we survived winter without them- but he can't stand them!
-Slept horribly this last month... wakes up 2-3 times a night... argh...
-Nurses every 2 1/2 hours and gets solids twice a day. He LOOOOOOVES to eat and is seriously a total champ! He snacks on LOTS of things- Baby Mum Mums, dissolvable treats, wagon wheels, goldfish (broken apart of course), crackers, graham crackers... pretty much anything we put in his mouth (or near him!) he eats!
-Still refuses a bottle but drinks out of sippy cup like a stud!
-Sits completely independently
-Scooches and turns himself around in a complete circle
-Says "mamamamama" when he wants to be picked up or needs some comforting (guess who does that all day long?!)
-Has now been left with two different non-family babysitters! Goes to the gym nursery MWF mornings!
-Is a TOTAL Momma's boy!!!! He will be throwing a crazy screaming tantrum and immediately calms when I hold him. He also kisses and hugs me. It literally melts my heart every time.
-Is bounced to sleep before every nap/night. And he wraps his arms around my neck and buries his head in my shoulder. The best feeling in the world.
-Smiles on cue. Such a ham.
-LOVES Tex and Ella and laughs at them constantly!
-Pat pat pats animals and people that he likes
-Kisses when asked (big fat open mouth kisses- the best kind!)
-Loves to play outside in the grass- he scooches off the blanket to get to it and of course tries to eat it
-Is a HUGE flirt! He LOVES a pretty girl!
-Naps twice a day- he goes down pretty easily and *usually* stays down for about an hour to an hour and a half for each one
-LOVES other kids- babies, friends, his cousins... he just watches and takes it all in!
-Is shy... it definitely takes him a while to warm up and smile (unless it's a pretty girl), but then he'll flash that million dollar cheese smile
-Has the most beautiful hazel eyes. They are dark blue-ish on the outside rim, then a pretty green, then an inner circle of brown... Just beautiful. He is complimented almost daily by strangers on them!

That's about all I can think of for now... I know I'm leaving out a ton. I'm sure most of it is completely insignificant to everyone but me and his grandmas...   :)

We love our little dude and can't wait to see what this next month holds! Thank you to God for our precious angel!!

Our Monthly Growth Picture...

Our monthly picture with our new "cheese" smile!
Seriously, this smile cracks me up!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


This is my 200th post!!!! WOOHOO!!!  I know that doesn't seem like a lot to most of you, but it is a big accomplishment to me! Yay!

In honor of that, here is what we have been up to lately...

Loving my Aunties! They are the best!
And hamming it up once again!

Getting kisses from Tex

Playing some basketball

Enjoying my new bath tub seat!

Hanging out with friends

Bonding with Wyatt

Oh no! Don't look Wyatt!!

Matching Daddy for church

Going on my first wagon ride with Jill
(it was lunch and nap time...)

Letting Jill hold me!

Playing Pat-a-Cake with MeeMaw

 Hanging out in my wagon like a big boy

Swinging in the big boy swing for the first time!

We've been a busy boy and are THOROUGHLY enjoying the beautiful Houston weather!! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


So this month with Jay has definitely been a month of regression with sleeping and eating!

Ever since Jay got his first bad cold OVER A MONTH AGO, he has STUNK at sleeping. My once amazing little sleeper is far from it anymore! During those 2 1/2 weeks Jay was up anywhere from every 45 minutes to every 2 hours. Not only was this very hard on Mommy, it caused some BAD habits! Since then, I haven't been able to get him to sleep longer than a six hour period! Ugh! He will typically wake up as SOON as I put him back in his crib once I bounce him back to sleep. Now, I know some of you are saying "Well, don't pick him up and bounce him. Let him cry it out or try patting him..." I know those methods. And I know my baby. Those DON'T work on him! Some babies it works like a charm- not mine! He is so dang stubborn (I have NO clue where he gets it from!) that he would cry for four hours before he would fall asleep. And, if I can get to him before he gets in all out scream mode in the middle of the night, he is RELATIVELY easy to put back down. But once I put him down, he wakes right back up. Argh... I think this has a LOT to do with his current state of separation anxiety. If he can feel me, he sleeps like a baby (ha! literally!). But if Daddy tries to do it or if he can't feel me next to him (ie in his crib), it's a no go! Have any of your babies done this?!

Also, he is eating a LOT more often. Previously he would go anywhere from 3-5 hours between feedings. Now it's every 2-2 1/2 hours. I thought all of this had to do with a growth spurt- but growth spurts don't last two weeks! I also noticed a while back (about a month ago) that I thought my milk supply was decreasing. I started taking a low dose birth control pill and noticed it went down (TMI? Too bad, you got yourself into this by reading my blog! ha!). I called the pediatrician and my doctor. They both said to watch it for another month and see how it goes. They said if Jay doesn't seem satisfied between feedings, then stop taking it. Well, a month later, Jay is definitely NOT satisfied between feedings. I have even increased his solids to twice a day and he snacks between other feedings. So, I stopped taking this pill last week. So far, nothing has changed...

I have Jay's 6 month appt Wednesday and my next doctor's appointment March 2. I am dying to hear what everyone has to say about this!!

Bottom line, my milk supply can't go away. Jay doesn't take a bottle nor does he take formula or breast milk out of a sippy cup (but he drinks water like a champ!). Needless to say, I HAVE to make milk! AND my other bottom line point- I need sleep.


Here is a picture from yesterday to make this post seem a TEENY bit less boring... Jay is SUCH an animal lover. He pat-pat-pats every animal and smiles/giggles like crazy when any animal is near him. He also has become a HUGE ham for the camera. I pull out my phone and call his name and he has this RIDICULOUS smile! I love it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Years

Just a heads up, this is not my typical blog post... It's a remembrance- and a well deserved one... I am going to write it once and not reread it- so sorry if it jumps around.

Ten years ago today I lost one of my very best friends from growing up. Seth and Josh died in car accident in the early morning hours of February 16th. They were both 19 years old.

Seth was like the brother I never had growing up. He lived in my neighborhood, and I had known him since kindergarten. We spent almost every single day together. He would ride his bike to my house and we would play outside, snack, and just hang out. We had the typical brother/sister relationship. We fought and argued, but inevitably, we always reconciled and loved each other. He was quick to point out how silly I was on more than one occasion. Seth was one of the smartest people I knew. He and I would get in these heated debates on any topic- and he was almost as stubborn as I was. He taught me how to play football, double bounced me on our trampoline, took me wading in the bayou, broke my arm in first grade, asked me to school dances, watched Saved by the Bell with me EVERY afternoon in middle school, wrote me notes, pumped me on his bike, caught toads to feed to our pet snake because I would cry doing it, stood up for me to mean boys, hugged me tighter than a lot of people, and loved me as a sister.

When Seth died, it was really really hard. I have been so much better the past several years, but today was a lot harder than I thought. Seth and Josh hit a tree right across the street from a fire station. Seth died instantly. If there was ever a place to get in a wreck, it was there. EMTs right across the street. They could have been saved in an instant. But God had other plans. He wanted his angels to come home that morning.

The land that the accident/tree was on has since been developed into a strip center. Seth was cremated. There really isn't a place to go "visit" him. But our friends' parents pooled money together after the accident and bought a remembrance bench for them in Hershey Park.

I went to the bench this morning to visit and pay my respects. I took lilies. It was so much harder than I thought it would be.

I know Seth and Josh are in a FAR better place than I could ever imagine. They are having the best time in Heaven! It is us here on earth they should pity.

I am sad that these lives were taken so early. I am sad for their parents having to bury their children. I am sad for the MANY MANY friends they left behind. But I am so thankful for their short lives. They were truly gifts from God. And I was so blessed to have known them both. Seth will always be a part of me.

I have a note from Seth that I carry in my wallet. He wrote it to me in 8th grade. It was a silly note- we wrote back and forth to each other almost every day from 4th grade on. But this note was different. At the end of the note, Seth drew a picture. It was a picture of a house, with me and twin babies. He also drew a picture of him coming towards the house saying, "Honey, I'm home!" He wrote a line at the bottom that said, "Us in 15 years." I love that note. He wrote it in 8th grade. 15 years ago. While I know that we would have never gotten married (we were like brother and sister after all!), I do have to wonder where he would be today and what he would be doing.

One of the hardest things is that time stood still from that day ten years ago for him. I scoured the internet this morning just thinking I would find an updated picture of him, or an article telling me what he is up to. The sad thing is, there is nothing. I am left with the last image I have of him- New Years Eve ten years ago. I hadn't seen him since I had been off to college for my first semester. I was welcomed with the BIGGEST hug and a "CoCo!!!" I love that memory. I wish there were memories after that. But I love having that memory to hold on to. A happy last memory.

RIP Seth Tyler Havers and Joshua Forrest Pease. Can't believe it's been ten years.

Please don't drink and drive. And don't let others.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I had the best day with my little Valentine yesterday. He was the PERFECT lunch date and buddy to have around all day. We ran around and had a busy day and it was great to have the company of my little dude. I know that I don't get to be his number one Valentine forever, so I am trying to enjoy every second of it now!

It was GORGEOUS on Sunday in Houston (70 and perfectly clear!). Jay looked too cute in his new shirt from Auntie Kiki and Uncle Aaron and Owen, so after church I made him sit through a mini-photo shoot for me... He's such a ham!!

I just love this little guy!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cute Series

I just had to share this cute series of pictures!

Jay is going through some major separation anxiety right now. He gets a little stressed when anyone else tries to hold him. And the majority of the day he wants to be THISCLOSE to me. Needless to say, I can't get more than about an arm's reach away from him before he panics. So, when I get ready to go somewhere during the day, I need to put him close. The floor in the bathroom doesn't fly because he can't see my face, so naturally the next best place is the sink. The handles on the faucet are actually hard to turn, so there is no danger in him getting wet. He also can see himself in the mirror- which he LOVES (he gets that from his daddy!).

He has recently discovered that he can see me in the mirror and then turn around and see me in person! What an exciting thing!!! He LOVES this and we do it A LOT during the day!

Hi Mom!

 Oh my goodness- you are in the mirror too! That's hysterical!

Seriously, that is FUNNY!!!

Oh man, so crazy...

Hope you have a GREAT week!!  :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We're Ready for Takeoff

Jay is getting closer to crawling every second! Yesterday he stayed up on his hands and knees for the first time- this kid is ready for takeoff!!!!

Even Tex is cheering him along!

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Help Mom- I can't yet! 

Not that I'm ready for a crawler by any means. We had a playdate yesterday with two crawlers, and it looked exhausting!! But I sure am enjoying watching Jay figure out the next step in the process! Way to go big boy!