Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Year Ago!!

A year ago today is the day we found out that we were pregnant!!! Boy, what a year it was!!!!!

We were so happy!!!

In case you wanted to hear the story again, I will tell it! If not, just skip down a paragraph!  :)

For some reason on my way home from school I thought I should buy a pregnancy test. I didn't "feel" pregnant, but I just thought, why not?! So I stopped at the ghetto Kroger near us, grabbed one, and headed home. I took the test (a three pack), and it was positive! I cried of course! Then, I took the next two (you can never be too sure!!), and I still cried (happy tears!!). Then I went to Walgreens and bought another brand. Two more tests, and yes, I'm still pregnant!!!! I had to think of a fun way to tell Anthony, but it was getting late and he would be home soon. So I headed to the mall to the only maternity store that I knew, and bought a shirt that said, "Pregnant is the new skinny." I put it on and waited. And waited. And waited. Those few hours felt like a stinkin' ETERNITY! FINALLY, Anthony came home. I wanted to just scream it, but I practiced patience and followed him back to the bedroom. I waited while he told me about his day and changed. Finally, he asked me about my day. I said, "Well, I went shopping after school today and just couldn't resist buying THIS." I opened my hoodie to show my NEW shirt. He looked at it and chuckled and then looked down. Then it hit him and his head popped up! We hugged and kissed and said a lot of "Are you sure? Are you serious?!" Lots of happy tears, lots of "I can't believe it!"'s, lots of prayers that night! It was SUCH a fun day!!!!! Oh, and just for good measure, I took another pregnancy test the next morning in case I became un-pregnant overnight! ha!

So much happened over the past year, but our main focus was this precious baby. I loved being pregnant. I loved telling people. I loved my belly. I loved feeling God's creation move inside of me. I loved sharing a special thing with Anthony that no one else had. I loved my last year of teaching, and I loved "retiring." I loved labor and delivery (yes, I did- because I got to see that precious boy!). I loved holding Jay for the first time. I loved figuring him out. I loved sharing a new special thing with Anthony. I loved seeing my family and friends with my baby. I loved nursing him. I loved snuggling him. I loved watching him grow. I've loved his smiles. I've loved his personality. I can honestly say that I have loved just about every single second of this past year!

This has been by far the best year of my life so far because it gave me the BEST thing I could have ever imagined! People say there is nothing like a mother's love. I never understood. Until Jay. I get it.

Happy December 15th! 12/15/09 was a day that changed our lives forever. And I am so glad I never have to go back to the way it was before!


Kelly said...

Makes me tear up:)

J & J said...

So so sweet... :) happy for your sweet family of three!

GranDeb said...

Okay, I'm sobbing.....your little family is so wonderful!!!
Love you guys!!!