Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moriarty Family Fun!

I think the tagline for this Christmas should have been.... 9 Adults + 5 grandkids = mass chaos/one heck of a time!

Jay's first Christmas was wonderful! It was of course a little uneventful for him, but it was GREAT for us!

Family Christmas Pic!

My entire family was in town together this year which was wonderful!

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house with all the siblings/kids. Auntie Karen and Uncle Steve came over with Kelli and Mark who are in town from NC! Kelli is PREGNANT and expecting Baby Fargason July 1!!! She looks amazing and is just glowing! I'm thinking girl, but we'll find out soon...   :)   Sadly, I didn't get a picture with Kelli!  :(   And I will have to post our big family pic once I get it from my mom!

Christmas Eve night we all get matching PJ's. Since the original Moriarty girls have grown up and most have spouses, it's transferred down to the grandkids. They looked ADORABLE in their outfits! It was fun for me to actually have a little one to add to the mix! Then, we read Twas the Night Before Christmas and everyone goes home. (Again, pics are on Kiki's camera... Working on getting those, too!)

This year was fun for Anthony and me because it was our FIRST Christmas in our own house! Since we have lived here we have been out of town for Christmas. Last year we were in Iowa and the year before we were in Switzerland. So this year, we got to start some of our own traditions which we will continue for many years! :)  We also had fun playing Santa- putting out gifts, making sure the cameras were ready, eating cookies and leaving notes! I can see how much fun my parents had all these years!

The Fireplace with Santa's letter, milk, and cookies! 

Christmas morning we woke up (bright and early of course with sweet Jay!). We actually laid around in our bed for a while before we went and saw what Santa brought us! Jay was so excited to see what he got (ok, obviously this is a lie- he had no clue!). But he did LOVE his gifts!  :)

Checkin' out some of his loot with Daddy! 

Hanging out with Mommy (even though Sophie is WAY cooler!)

Sophie was the biggest hit!

After some morning play time with his new toys it was time for a nap! My parents and Michelle came over to witness Jay's FIRST Christmas and have breakfast and coffee. It was so much fun for me because we got to start our own little rituals! So great!

Getting sleepy and snuggling on Auntie Michelle! SOOOO sweet! 

After more playing, it was time for another nap for our guy- he was all Christmas'd out! That afternoon we all met at my parents' again for family presents and our big Christmas dinner. I LOVE giving out all the gifts I bought for people! It's probably my absolute favorite part of Christmas! It's so fun to see reactions for the gifts I worked so hard to find!

All Christmas'd Out! 

Christmas dinner was great- and it was so fun preparing it! My mom is lucky to have four daughters that like to help cook! All the girls were in the kitchen together cooking and laughing- we are so blessed to have such a fun family! We sat down for dinner and it was DELICIOUS! After the majority had eaten, we plopped Jay in the high chair for the first time and just let him play with some food. We had peas and mashed potatoes for him. He actually did pretty well! This was his first time for grown up food! Mommy also snuck in some YUMMY whip cream dessert, and he LOVED it of course!  :)

Sitting up like a big boy! 

At the end of the day we were all exhausted, but still had room for more celebrating! All the sisters and my mom came over to our house (and a spouse or two!) and we had so much fun sitting around talking and laughing. I will definitely have to make that part a tradition! It was great to unwind after such an action packed day!

All in all, Christmas was a blast this year! It's been a while since we have all been home together, and it was so fun- especially since we just keep adding to the crew! Maybe next year we'll have another... who knows!?  :)   (and no, this is NOT a prego announcement! More like a push to a certain cute couple for an engagemet... just sayin'.... )

My favorite present EVER! I just love this boy!


Meagan said...

I love how he is always smiling from ear to ear!!!!! So precious and adorable! Oh, and I am not going to lie...I am pretty jealous he sits up so well on his own! Our little petite one isn't quite there yet! ;)

GranDeb said...

It was such a good time!!!! Lots of happy noises....of course the vuvuzelas contributed to those noises!!! hahaha

We are so blessed to have such a huge and loving family!! Believe me, I count my blessings every day!!!