Thursday, December 9, 2010


This little cutie is sleeping... Why am I not?!
I thought insomnia ended with pregnancy- argh!

On another note- we are getting a new car for me on Friday! It's bigger- the car seat can actually fit in it comfortably (seriously, it barely fits in in my car now! I had quite the panic attack before Jay was born) and Tex can ride in the way back and not scuff up the seats! I love my little car, but I have to be practical now that I'm a mommy! On a funny note- we dropped off something at my best friend Courtney's house last weekend. Tex is too big to fit in the backseat with the car seat, so he has to ride in front (which sets off the seat belt alarm because he is too fat- another story for another day...). This means, HUMAN Anthony has to ride in back with Jay whenever we take Tex somewhere or else we don't fit. Yes, picture it for a second. We pulled up and Courtney just about fell over laughing that Tex got the front seat while Anthony was crammed in the back! Ohhh yes, it's time for that mid-size SUV...

Finally... I officially have two Christmas presents left to get- one is for someone that reads this blog (so I can't tell you!) and the other is Jay's big present from Santa! Hopefully I will get both later today (ugh- it's today already!) and be finished! Oh, and Jay is going with me to pick it out. I'm guessing I won't be able to do this after this year!

Alright, Anthony is getting up for work- I guess it's time to go...   :)


Leah said...

That makes two of us, Courtney!! On the insomnia thing!

Emily said...

I can totally relate... we had a panic attack when we realized that Andrew's truck couldn't hold a carseat since it just had jump seats in the back. We bought a new truck a couple weeks before Carson was born. Now we ride redneck style... Dog, Baby, Dog in the back seat!!!

Lindsey & Rob said...

Yup- we are thinking "mom car" too. Some car dealer could make a killing by including some sort of deal in hospital discharge packets. :)