Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fun with Friends

Now that we are parents, we have determined that it is MUCH easier to have people over for dinner than it is to go out to a restaurant! Jay is usually pretty good in his car seat for a LITTLE while, but then he gets restless and wants to see the world. This results in one of us holding him which is fine, but not our first choice!

The past few weekends we have had some friends and their sweet BOYS (yes, I feel like everyone has a boy!) over for dinner. Here are some cute pics from the occasions!

Watching some TV with the Board Boys

 Giving Parks a little fist action while Brooks watches basketball

What's up Parks?

 Shaking Haden Philbeck's hand...

SOOOO cute!!! 

Haden just came up with a great idea! 

 Jay tried to rough Haden up!

College Roomies/Teammates and their babies!
I have known these guys for ten years now- and it's SO fun
to see them as daddies! :)

We also had Anthony's company Christmas party the other night! A HUGE thanks to my mom for watching Jay and supplying us with the tacky nice sweaters for the party!