Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 Months!

Ok so here is the monthly mom post!

Sweet Mr. Man is 4 months today! This month was even better than the last! Jay is developing QUITE the personality and is seriously SO MUCH FUN! He keeps me in stitches and never ceases to amaze me!

-Jay is rolling over like it's going out of style! He rolled over once at ten weeks and didn't do it again until Thanksgiving. I literally cannot keep this kid on his back. It's tummy or nothing... I have found him on his tummy in his bouncy seat, crib, any flat surface, and most recently, car seat... yeah, that's right. Mom of the Year.
-He smiles almost constantly. This is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. He LOVES to smile!
-He laughs in this deep, back of throat, voice. So cute.
-He talks. A lot. He talks differently to me than his daddy. It's really interesting. He talks to his daddy in that same back of throat gruff (sp?) voice. He coos and talks to me in a higher pitch voice. It's really cool!
-He loves to stand. He's got some strong legs. Of course, he still has to balance on us, but he's a champ.
-He wants to sit so badly. He can do it if we are supporting his back (he leans back a tiny bit). If he goes forward though, he folds up in half. It's funny!
-He is scooting. This kid is SICK of being immobile! He is ready to move!
-He is sleeping LIKE A CHAMP. He will go on average 9ish hours a night. About 8-5 each day, get up and eat, and go back to sleep until 8-8:30. This makes for a VERY happy mommy!
-He eats every 3-4 hours for about 12-15 minutes at a time.
-He is taking 3 naps a day. Two shorter (45ish minutes) and one long (2- 2 1/2 hours).
-He is SO FUN to take places now. He is better in his car seat and loves to run errands with me!
-EVERYTHING gets put into his mouth! Hands, feet, toys, grass...
-He is awesome at picking up things, transferring from hand to hand, and reaching out and grabbing something. He must have some killer hand-eye coordination. Yay for sports!  :)

Jay has seriously become SUCH a fun little guy. To think that he has gone from that non-stop screaming/crying baby from the first four weeks to this happy, bubbly guy is pretty amazing. We love you, Jay! Thanks for being so wonderful!!!!

PS- We have our four month appointment (with shots! boo!) tomorrow! I will post stats when I know! :)

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GranDeb said...

These are all truths!!! I am an eye witness!!! And a proud and loving eye witness at that!!!