Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 List

I cannot believe that 2010 is coming to an end! I'm not gonna lie- this was a FANTASTIC year! I say this every year, but I'm not sure how next year can beat this one!

In honor of the end of 2010, I made a Top 10 List of my favorite parts of this year! See below...

1. The birth of our baby. This is a given. Nothing in life has given me greater joy than becoming a mommy. Words cannot express how much I love our baby. People always said there is nothing like a mother's love- I get it now.

2. Anthony. Just all around. He gave me my favorite thing in the world- our baby. He works so hard to give us such a great life and allow me to stay at home with Jay. Watching him become a dad has been so fun. One of my favorite things to do is watch them play together and hear Jay laugh harder with him than anyone else. He's an incredibly thoughtful husband and father. We are so lucky.

3. Spending lots of time with family. I have the best family. I'm probably biased. But I love them and love every second of time spent with them. They were so amazing and helpful to me during my pregnancy and the first part of Jay's life. We are so lucky to have great people on both sides of our family!

4. Ending my career as a teacher. I absolutely loved teaching and everything that came with it. While I do miss it, I know that I made the right choice to stay at home. I am so lucky to have ended my career at Rummel Creek with the teachers there and an amazing class.

5. Finding out about so many friends who had babies/got pregnant. 2010 was a year of babies! I feel  like 90% of the people I know had or are having babies. Jay has TONS of little buddies already- what a lucky guy! My girlfriends are such good mommies- it's so fun watching them morph into a new role!

6. Mark coming home from Afghanistan safely. Mark is my cousin Kelli's husband. We were on pins and needles the whole time he was gone. I feel like I was in constant prayer for him and our other soldiers- and he isn't even my husband!

7. Reconnecting with old friends. How fun it's been to get back in touch with people from long ago! I guess I could also lump making new friends into this same category. And of course, I can't forget to give a shout out to my constant "regular" friends. Where would I be without them!?

8. My iPhone. I upgraded this year to the 3Gs. I know that's not a big deal- but that darn thing got me through a LOT of nights for the first three months of Jay's life. Gotta love some Angry Birds and Facebook!

9. My pets. I love them dearly and am so thankful that they have remained so wonderful throughout my pregnancy and our new addition. They are my little posse during the day. Tex and Ella are so good to Jay already- I'm so thankful for that!

10. My ever-growing relationship with God. I've learned so much this year about God's love for us. Being a mother really puts it into perspective how God must feel about us. I feel like I have this incredible, unconditional love for Jay- I can only imagine how God feels about each and every one of us. This is also a resolution- to continue to grow my faith.

So here's to an incredible 2010 and an even better 2011! CHEERS! :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let's Call it a Success!

So I decided that introducing rice cereal was not something I was in a hurry to do. I know a lot of parents try to push it too early, and it ends up backfiring. Plus, according to our pediatrician, Jay is happy and healthy and growing well, so at this point there is no need. He told me as long as we introduce by 6ish months, we were good to go...

Dr. Clarke did, however, tell me that if Jay showed an interest in eating people food, to go ahead and try. He gave me some signs to watch for and to let him determine when he was ready. Well, Jay was showing just about EVERY sign! He reaches for every piece of food we put in our mouths, tries to grab our drinks, drinks our water from our cups (not well of course!), opens his mouth as we eat... you get it, right?

So, after trying some mashed potatoes on Christmas night, we decided that tonight was a great chance to introduce THE first baby food- Rice Cereal! Jay LOVED it! I have seen a lot of babies push the food out of their mouths, make terrible faces, and just not the like the experience in general. This was NOT the case for our baby! He loved it and did great! Here are some pics from the momentous occasion!

First official bite!!

More Mommy!!!

 Thanks Grandeb!!

Keep it coming, Daddy!

Daddy wasn't quite as good at it... He needed a little help from Mommy!

annnnd... The Aftermath! :)

I would call our first experience with Rice Cereal a SUCCESS! So fun! 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moriarty Family Fun!

I think the tagline for this Christmas should have been.... 9 Adults + 5 grandkids = mass chaos/one heck of a time!

Jay's first Christmas was wonderful! It was of course a little uneventful for him, but it was GREAT for us!

Family Christmas Pic!

My entire family was in town together this year which was wonderful!

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house with all the siblings/kids. Auntie Karen and Uncle Steve came over with Kelli and Mark who are in town from NC! Kelli is PREGNANT and expecting Baby Fargason July 1!!! She looks amazing and is just glowing! I'm thinking girl, but we'll find out soon...   :)   Sadly, I didn't get a picture with Kelli!  :(   And I will have to post our big family pic once I get it from my mom!

Christmas Eve night we all get matching PJ's. Since the original Moriarty girls have grown up and most have spouses, it's transferred down to the grandkids. They looked ADORABLE in their outfits! It was fun for me to actually have a little one to add to the mix! Then, we read Twas the Night Before Christmas and everyone goes home. (Again, pics are on Kiki's camera... Working on getting those, too!)

This year was fun for Anthony and me because it was our FIRST Christmas in our own house! Since we have lived here we have been out of town for Christmas. Last year we were in Iowa and the year before we were in Switzerland. So this year, we got to start some of our own traditions which we will continue for many years! :)  We also had fun playing Santa- putting out gifts, making sure the cameras were ready, eating cookies and leaving notes! I can see how much fun my parents had all these years!

The Fireplace with Santa's letter, milk, and cookies! 

Christmas morning we woke up (bright and early of course with sweet Jay!). We actually laid around in our bed for a while before we went and saw what Santa brought us! Jay was so excited to see what he got (ok, obviously this is a lie- he had no clue!). But he did LOVE his gifts!  :)

Checkin' out some of his loot with Daddy! 

Hanging out with Mommy (even though Sophie is WAY cooler!)

Sophie was the biggest hit!

After some morning play time with his new toys it was time for a nap! My parents and Michelle came over to witness Jay's FIRST Christmas and have breakfast and coffee. It was so much fun for me because we got to start our own little rituals! So great!

Getting sleepy and snuggling on Auntie Michelle! SOOOO sweet! 

After more playing, it was time for another nap for our guy- he was all Christmas'd out! That afternoon we all met at my parents' again for family presents and our big Christmas dinner. I LOVE giving out all the gifts I bought for people! It's probably my absolute favorite part of Christmas! It's so fun to see reactions for the gifts I worked so hard to find!

All Christmas'd Out! 

Christmas dinner was great- and it was so fun preparing it! My mom is lucky to have four daughters that like to help cook! All the girls were in the kitchen together cooking and laughing- we are so blessed to have such a fun family! We sat down for dinner and it was DELICIOUS! After the majority had eaten, we plopped Jay in the high chair for the first time and just let him play with some food. We had peas and mashed potatoes for him. He actually did pretty well! This was his first time for grown up food! Mommy also snuck in some YUMMY whip cream dessert, and he LOVED it of course!  :)

Sitting up like a big boy! 

At the end of the day we were all exhausted, but still had room for more celebrating! All the sisters and my mom came over to our house (and a spouse or two!) and we had so much fun sitting around talking and laughing. I will definitely have to make that part a tradition! It was great to unwind after such an action packed day!

All in all, Christmas was a blast this year! It's been a while since we have all been home together, and it was so fun- especially since we just keep adding to the crew! Maybe next year we'll have another... who knows!?  :)   (and no, this is NOT a prego announcement! More like a push to a certain cute couple for an engagemet... just sayin'.... )

My favorite present EVER! I just love this boy!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Stats and Pic!

So our 4 month doctor's visit went great! Dr. Clarke went great!

Jay's stats are:

27 inches long (97%)
15 lbs 10 oz (66%)
16 3/4 in head (59%)

He's still a long and (semi) lean boy!

Here is his monthly chair picture! This just about sums up his precious personality!

Oh, and as a fourth month old present to himself, he rolled off my parents' bed while napping and fell to the floor. Poor baby. :(  I'm telling you, we can't keep this kid on his back or still. He scoots all over the place while he's asleep- and scooted OVER pillows! Yikes!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 Months!

Ok so here is the monthly mom post!

Sweet Mr. Man is 4 months today! This month was even better than the last! Jay is developing QUITE the personality and is seriously SO MUCH FUN! He keeps me in stitches and never ceases to amaze me!

-Jay is rolling over like it's going out of style! He rolled over once at ten weeks and didn't do it again until Thanksgiving. I literally cannot keep this kid on his back. It's tummy or nothing... I have found him on his tummy in his bouncy seat, crib, any flat surface, and most recently, car seat... yeah, that's right. Mom of the Year.
-He smiles almost constantly. This is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. He LOVES to smile!
-He laughs in this deep, back of throat, voice. So cute.
-He talks. A lot. He talks differently to me than his daddy. It's really interesting. He talks to his daddy in that same back of throat gruff (sp?) voice. He coos and talks to me in a higher pitch voice. It's really cool!
-He loves to stand. He's got some strong legs. Of course, he still has to balance on us, but he's a champ.
-He wants to sit so badly. He can do it if we are supporting his back (he leans back a tiny bit). If he goes forward though, he folds up in half. It's funny!
-He is scooting. This kid is SICK of being immobile! He is ready to move!
-He is sleeping LIKE A CHAMP. He will go on average 9ish hours a night. About 8-5 each day, get up and eat, and go back to sleep until 8-8:30. This makes for a VERY happy mommy!
-He eats every 3-4 hours for about 12-15 minutes at a time.
-He is taking 3 naps a day. Two shorter (45ish minutes) and one long (2- 2 1/2 hours).
-He is SO FUN to take places now. He is better in his car seat and loves to run errands with me!
-EVERYTHING gets put into his mouth! Hands, feet, toys, grass...
-He is awesome at picking up things, transferring from hand to hand, and reaching out and grabbing something. He must have some killer hand-eye coordination. Yay for sports!  :)

Jay has seriously become SUCH a fun little guy. To think that he has gone from that non-stop screaming/crying baby from the first four weeks to this happy, bubbly guy is pretty amazing. We love you, Jay! Thanks for being so wonderful!!!!

PS- We have our four month appointment (with shots! boo!) tomorrow! I will post stats when I know! :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Year Ago!!

A year ago today is the day we found out that we were pregnant!!! Boy, what a year it was!!!!!

We were so happy!!!

In case you wanted to hear the story again, I will tell it! If not, just skip down a paragraph!  :)

For some reason on my way home from school I thought I should buy a pregnancy test. I didn't "feel" pregnant, but I just thought, why not?! So I stopped at the ghetto Kroger near us, grabbed one, and headed home. I took the test (a three pack), and it was positive! I cried of course! Then, I took the next two (you can never be too sure!!), and I still cried (happy tears!!). Then I went to Walgreens and bought another brand. Two more tests, and yes, I'm still pregnant!!!! I had to think of a fun way to tell Anthony, but it was getting late and he would be home soon. So I headed to the mall to the only maternity store that I knew, and bought a shirt that said, "Pregnant is the new skinny." I put it on and waited. And waited. And waited. Those few hours felt like a stinkin' ETERNITY! FINALLY, Anthony came home. I wanted to just scream it, but I practiced patience and followed him back to the bedroom. I waited while he told me about his day and changed. Finally, he asked me about my day. I said, "Well, I went shopping after school today and just couldn't resist buying THIS." I opened my hoodie to show my NEW shirt. He looked at it and chuckled and then looked down. Then it hit him and his head popped up! We hugged and kissed and said a lot of "Are you sure? Are you serious?!" Lots of happy tears, lots of "I can't believe it!"'s, lots of prayers that night! It was SUCH a fun day!!!!! Oh, and just for good measure, I took another pregnancy test the next morning in case I became un-pregnant overnight! ha!

So much happened over the past year, but our main focus was this precious baby. I loved being pregnant. I loved telling people. I loved my belly. I loved feeling God's creation move inside of me. I loved sharing a special thing with Anthony that no one else had. I loved my last year of teaching, and I loved "retiring." I loved labor and delivery (yes, I did- because I got to see that precious boy!). I loved holding Jay for the first time. I loved figuring him out. I loved sharing a new special thing with Anthony. I loved seeing my family and friends with my baby. I loved nursing him. I loved snuggling him. I loved watching him grow. I've loved his smiles. I've loved his personality. I can honestly say that I have loved just about every single second of this past year!

This has been by far the best year of my life so far because it gave me the BEST thing I could have ever imagined! People say there is nothing like a mother's love. I never understood. Until Jay. I get it.

Happy December 15th! 12/15/09 was a day that changed our lives forever. And I am so glad I never have to go back to the way it was before!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fun with Friends

Now that we are parents, we have determined that it is MUCH easier to have people over for dinner than it is to go out to a restaurant! Jay is usually pretty good in his car seat for a LITTLE while, but then he gets restless and wants to see the world. This results in one of us holding him which is fine, but not our first choice!

The past few weekends we have had some friends and their sweet BOYS (yes, I feel like everyone has a boy!) over for dinner. Here are some cute pics from the occasions!

Watching some TV with the Board Boys

 Giving Parks a little fist action while Brooks watches basketball

What's up Parks?

 Shaking Haden Philbeck's hand...

SOOOO cute!!! 

Haden just came up with a great idea! 

 Jay tried to rough Haden up!

College Roomies/Teammates and their babies!
I have known these guys for ten years now- and it's SO fun
to see them as daddies! :)

We also had Anthony's company Christmas party the other night! A HUGE thanks to my mom for watching Jay and supplying us with the tacky nice sweaters for the party!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


This little cutie is sleeping... Why am I not?!
I thought insomnia ended with pregnancy- argh!

On another note- we are getting a new car for me on Friday! It's bigger- the car seat can actually fit in it comfortably (seriously, it barely fits in in my car now! I had quite the panic attack before Jay was born) and Tex can ride in the way back and not scuff up the seats! I love my little car, but I have to be practical now that I'm a mommy! On a funny note- we dropped off something at my best friend Courtney's house last weekend. Tex is too big to fit in the backseat with the car seat, so he has to ride in front (which sets off the seat belt alarm because he is too fat- another story for another day...). This means, HUMAN Anthony has to ride in back with Jay whenever we take Tex somewhere or else we don't fit. Yes, picture it for a second. We pulled up and Courtney just about fell over laughing that Tex got the front seat while Anthony was crammed in the back! Ohhh yes, it's time for that mid-size SUV...

Finally... I officially have two Christmas presents left to get- one is for someone that reads this blog (so I can't tell you!) and the other is Jay's big present from Santa! Hopefully I will get both later today (ugh- it's today already!) and be finished! Oh, and Jay is going with me to pick it out. I'm guessing I won't be able to do this after this year!

Alright, Anthony is getting up for work- I guess it's time to go...   :)

Monday, December 6, 2010


So I tried to come up with a blog that is not all about Jay- and I failed. I am guessing that's because my whole life right now revolves around him 24/7!

Anyway, since I have nothing else to write about, here I go...

Jay has instituted a bottle strike. He simply (actually not simply!) refuses! He becomes ridiculously furious. He screams, turns red, flails around, and is crazy angry for a while after. Yay. I know people say that if they are hungry enough they will take one- but that is NOT true! We have tried! This boy knows what he wants! Unfortunately, this means no girls weekend for mommy, no Junior League stuff- nada! Luckily he's almost four months and will soon take a sippy cup and cereal so there is hope!

I'm refusing to do anything but nurse,
but you can't be mad at me because I'm so cute! 

On another note (still Jay related!), he has been doing great sleeping in his crib flat on his back! Two nights ago he slept 9 hours!!!!! 9-6! Woohoo! Normal nights it's only one wake up. I am thankful that God has allowed me to remain patient through this process. I haven't once made him cry it out (to each their own of course!) and I am so happy about that! He is doing great in his own time and this makes for a happy mommy! Yay!!

What else?? Oh, we have had some great "playdates" lately! The most recent one was trying to get 8 children to cooperate for a picture- I know, I know... But it sure was fun in the process!

Our best take- too funny! 

We also had my ten year reunion last weekend! SERIOUSLY?!? Where did time go?? It was so fun catching up with people I hadn't seen in forever! Anthony was a GREAT sport- and he definitely deserves husband of the year award since it was on HIS birthday! What a trooper!

Prom Dates 2000

Over Thanksgiving break we went and visited the Waldrops (they moved back to Grapevine this summer). We miss them DEARLY- we were spoiled having some of our best friends so close (like five streets away!). Stacy was due with Wyatt (yes, Jay will have another best friend named Wyatt!!) on Nov 22. November 25 he still wasn't here, so they induced her November 29. Wyatt made his entrance into this world and is PRECIOUS! We can't wait to meet him in person in just a few weeks!!!

Visiting the Waldrops! Come on Wyatt! 

Here he is! 

Anyway, I think that's about it for now! I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping (most of it's been done online!), and now I'm deciding on Christmas cards. They may or may NOT be late this year.. ahhhh well...