Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three Months!

Three Months! Are you kidding me?! Where in the world has the time gone??

Jay has now officially morphed from "bump on a log" newborn to bouncing baby boy! This stage is SO MUCH FUN (ps- I know I will probably say that about each stage, so just get ready...)!

At three months, Jay:
-Rolls around on his back A LOT! He will start in one position and somehow rotate himself almost 360 degrees around. He loves to roll from his back to each side. He rolled over once, but hasn't done it since!
-Is obsessed with his feet! He LOVES those things! He found them a few weeks ago and seriously doesn't ever let go of them!
-Knows our "changing" routine with his diaper. I kid you not- each time he'll bring his little legs up, let me slide the diaper under, then straighten his legs so I can fasten it. I'm serious- and it rocks.
-Babbles and talks A LOT! I love this! He tells me stories all day long and it's just adorable!
-Has gotten himself into the "eat, play, sleep" routine. Sometimes he'll change it up a little, but usually he eats, and plays for about an hour or so, then naps, then plays some more!
-Is a HAPPY baby! He smiles like it's going out of style!
-Chuckles and laughs, but has only full out giggled once (when Daddy was stealing kisses!).
-Takes only 15 minutes to eat now (yay!!!!!!) and is only eating about every three hours (yay!!!!!!).
-Generally takes two BIG naps a day- one in the morning and one in the late afternoon.
-Still sleeps in his bouncy seat in his crib. I tried to put him flat in his crib the other night- and he woke up after an hour and was laughing/talking to his mobile and rolling around. Back to the bouncy seat.
-Has decided this past week that bottles are not for him. YIKES. We aren't giving up on that one yet! Mom needs some freedom!
-Has regressed in his sleeping (another YIKES). For about a month he was going for a good 7 hour stretch at night, one wake up to feed around 3-4, then would sleep for another 3-4 hours. Not so much anymore. He now only sleeps in 3-4 hour chunks. What the heck is up with that?!?!
-Loves to rub his feet on everything (takes after his momma!).
-Talks/smiles to himself in the mirror!
-Sucks on his upper lip when he's really hungry! I love this!
-Doesn't so much like nursing to sleep anymore (sad because that was SO EASY!) :)
-Doesn't poop 8 times a day anymore (thank goodness!), but now his little toots have become stinky (typical boy!).
-Grabs EVERYTHING. We definitely have to keep him entertained with toys. He loves all the things he can hold on to and then put directly in his mouth. He also LOVES to grab my hair. Fun times. :)

I'm sure there is more (actually, I know there is more) that I could write, but that's all I will leave you with. Jay has become SO MUCH FUN! He loves to go on little outings now, he gives good signals for when is sleepy or hungry, and is just all around a good baby. He really only fusses when he's tired (or when Daddy laces his pacifier with jalapeno- that's another story for another day- and it was on accident).

He is crazy alert and loves to take it all in. People always comment on how awake he is. He's never been the "sleep through everything" baby. He definitely wants to be part of the action. And this laying around on his back thing is NOT for him- he is ready to be moving!

I love our little routines and I LOVE how when he nurses he pulls off and smiles and talks to me.

Jay- you have made our lives SO much more complete and amazing. I love every little thing about you. Thank you Lord for giving him to us!

3 Month Picture!

Watch out Tannehill! Here comes Jay- class of 2033!

Still loves to fall asleep like this- SOOO snuggly!


GranDeb said...

It is so amazing that three months have gone by! Seems like he has been here forever! That little boy is just sooo adorable...seriously he is so happy and content! And I think alot of that come from happy and calm parents!!
The pictures are darling! As is Jay.....
I love you, Honey!!

Leah said...

Can't believe he's already 3 months!! So fun. He's adorable!

Sarah said...

Wow! He has changed so much! He is adorable and I love reading the stats. Memories (tear!)

Erin+Josh said...

Cute little fella'! He's growing so fast, I love the chair progression pics, I'll have to steal that idea one day! =)

Michelle said...

Oh Courtney, he is so precious! Can't wait to see him again.