Monday, November 1, 2010

Set Hut!

Halloween 2K10 was great! Jay was a football (of course!) and I must say, the MOST precious football I've ever seen!

It started with a Halloween playdate at the Valentine's house. Unfortunately, I took only one picture on my cell phone... Oops...

Then we had a playdate with Mrs. Michelle and Riley, and Mrs. Cari and Callie. Michelle is learning all about photography and she asked if she could "play around" and take some pictures of Jay in his costume. Of COURSE! She did a great job capturing our little football.... :)

On the actual day of Halloween we went to our church's Trunk or Treat! Jay had a great time with the nephews and Jill and seeing all of his little friends! :)

To cap off the night of Halloween, we went to Plaza Oaks Pool with Jennifer and her family for some fun! We got some cute pictures of the cousins (of course not one of them ALL together!) and saw lots of cute costumes!

Heisman Daddy with his football

Darth Vader Owen and Lucky Charms Leprachaun Josh

Wonder Woman Jill

Alien Jake and his buddy

Sleepy Pumpkin/Football with Mommy

All Halloween'd Out!!!!

Can't wait for Halloween next year! We'll actually have a trick-or-treater!! :)


Kelly said...

Such a cute football!!

Christina said...

Love the football costume!!!! Happy Halloween!!!

GranDeb said...

That little guy is such a trooper!! We just dragged him around everywhere!!
Happy Halloween Sweet Baby Jay!!