Monday, November 29, 2010

Roly Poly!

So Jay rolled over for the first time over a month ago. I was so excited (and semi-disgusted because it was on the floor of the dermatologist's office- yuck!)! However, he hadn't done it since so I chalked it up to an accident. Sad.

But on Thanksgiving night in front of Anthony's family, he did it for REAL! And kept doing it over and over over and over again! He got SO GOOD at it! He goes from his back to his tummy and I think it's just about the cutest thing ever.

He was still sleeping in his bouncy seat in his crib (tried once to lay him flat on his back in his crib. He woke up an hour later and was laughing at his mobile. Yikes- and back to the bouncy seat). However, a few nights ago I went in to get him in the middle of the night for a feeding, and he had rolled over in his bouncy seat! Scary! So no more bouncy seat for that guy! It was actually pretty cute once I realized he was fine... :)

Tonight he was playing with his Daddy on the ground and was SO happy to be on his tummy. I captured a few (ok a TON) of pics! Most were on my cell phone- then I got smart and busted out the real camera! Enjoy- I could look at these forever!

Happy Happy!

This is probably my favorite! I wish it was not blurry! 

Camera pics!

Love this boy!!!!


Sarah and Justin said...

How cute is he! Jackson did the same thing on thanksgiving....rolled once and wouldnt stop the rest of the night!!! Hey, meant to ask you, are you sticking with Dr Eddings or are you trying her replacement?

GranDeb said...

Those pictures are adorable!!! That is one happy little boy!!!


Leah said...

Way to go, Jay! He looks sooo much like Anthony to me!!