Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a Weekend!

It's amazing how much our weekends have changed now that we have a baby!

Friday started out with Anthony having surgery on his ear! He has struggled with a hole in his ear drum for 10+ years. He can't swim or submerge it in water or he gets a SERIOUS infection. Since we met our deductible with having a baby, we decided to try to get it fixed so Anthony could swim with said baby one day! The surgery was only about 20 minutes, and Jay and I stayed at the hospital from about 8-12 waiting for Daddy! The nurses LOVED Jay, and were SOOO sweet to us the entire time! They let me stay in Anthony's private pre-op room to nurse (with a recliner and tv!), and then they stored the stroller for me and even held him and gave me a break! ha! Meanwhile, Anthony's surgery went well, but we aren't sure if it's going to work... :/

Friday also brought on Jay's first cold- boo! This means the poor boy woke up every two hours Friday night- and it also means a TIRED, exhausted momma!

Saturday we went to watch Josh's soccer game- it was precious! Josh is a great little soccer player, and it was fun to see Jill and Jake, too! We went and voted and Jay had his first experience voting for all the right people! heehee

We did some stuff around the house and then went to my parents' house to hang out. We got to visit with Jill and Josh this time and had fun just hanging out.

Sunday we went to church after a MAJOR poop explosion all over Daddy. :)    I think I say it all the time, but we LOVE our church family!

Sunday afternoon we hung out at my parents' again. Jay actually fell asleep in my parents' bed!!! I am sure you don't realize how huge this is, but he only sleeps being held or in a semi-upright position, so the fact that he slept over an hour in their bed was AMAZING!!!!!! We even got pictures to document the occasion! hahah

Sleeping like a big boy! 

He even changed positions and settled himself!

We then watched some football (seriously, he LOVES watching football!) and played around. He gave mommy lots of good kisses, too! 

Watching Football

 Kisses for Mommy!
Ignore my smushed nose! :)

Anthony's parents came in town tonight and will be here for a few days to visit Jay! We're glad to have them here!

It's hysterical how much our "Sunday Fundays" have changed! We love every second of them and wouldn't change it for a second, though!!!  :)


J & J said...

Love all the pics- so glad Anthony's surgery went well!

Meagan said...

Totally get 'ya on how our Sunday Funday's have dramatically changed, but we LOVE our new kind of Sunday Funday despite the change! :) I hope Anthony's surgery works..... Have a great week!

Kelly said...

I love the open-mouthed baby kisses. Too sweet:)

Paula said...

glad anthony's surgery went well- hope it works! and i love the kissy picture- so cute! enjoy those sweet gummy kisses! i've gotten punked by noah several times lately thinking he wanted to give me a sweet kiss and it turns out he just wants to bite me. ugh. :)