Saturday, October 16, 2010


So this past weekend we took our first roadtrip with the little dude! We headed to Southlake for Anthony's 10 year reunion. His grandmother and two aunts also decided to come in from Iowa to meet Jay for the first time- it was an eventful and SUPER fun weekend!

The drive on Friday was awesome! We fed twice during the trip and he slept for the other three hours- sweet! Friday night Jay got to meet his Great Grandma Peggy, Great Aunt Mary, and Great Aunt Susan for the first time. He also got to spend some quality time with his grandparents and Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike! Phew- a lot for such a little guy! He did great through it all!

Meeting the great aunts and great grandma for the first time!

Before Night 1- Family Pic!
We headed to David's to meet up with all of Anthony's old high school friends. It was so great to see everyone and their sweet spouses! Anthony has some awesome friends and I just love all of the wives!

As everyone headed to the bar, I dashed home to feed the little man. He did great- went right back to sleep- and I went and met everyone out. We stayed for a while and I met some people from Ant's high school that I heard about but never met. We left at about 1:30 and headed home. We were very proud of ourselves for staying out so late!! :)

We got home and Jay continued to sleep well. However, it had already been 2 hours since his last feeding, so I knew we didn't have much longer until it was time to wake up and feed him again. He woke up and wanted to eat, went right back to sleep for another two hours, then woke up again for good around 7. Yay. This means mom got 3 1/2 hours of sleep that night. YIKES.

Saturday was a full day! Jay met my cousin Kelli for the first time. Kelli and her husband Mark were in from North Carolina and she and my aunt and uncle were in town for the A&M/Arkansas game. Jay was fussy, but Kelli did great and even got him to sleep! After a feeding we tried some family pictures which he was NOT a fan of (I am remembering the newborn pics- apparently he will NOT be a model). After screaming he ate again and was asleep just in time to meet David and Natalie and Robert. He was GREAT with them!! :)

Meeting Kelli for the first time! 


Family Photo! 

Maybe the Squillante Xmas Photo??

Our Family with Great Grandma Peggy!

Meeting Uncle Robert!

And David and Natalie!

We headed to a little burger place to meet Ant's friends and watch the game. YUCK. The game was terrible. I fed Jay in the car during part of it and Andrea and I decided to head back home after the first half .

I tried to nap while Ant's aunts (haha- I like that) watched Jay, but when you hear your baby squawk on someone else's time you feel bad for them. 10 minute nap- woohoo! As I was getting ready, Anthony's parents headed to a Carrie Underwood concert they had tickets for. So that meant, Aunt Susan, Aunt Mary, Grandma Peggy, and Andrea and Mike were in charge. I tried to give them hints for taking care of him without sounding like a crazy mom- clearly they had done this before and Jay would be fine! Silly first time mommy!

The Magic Touch! 

Anthony and I headed to the reunion and left Jay in good hands. He did FANTASTIC for them- getting his second best night of sleep ever- 5 1/2 hours! Woohoo!

We had a good time talking to old friends and meeting new ones, but it's hard to answer the same three questions over and over again- "Where do you live?" "What do you do?" "Do you have kids?"... so we left after feeling COMPLETELY exhausted from the night before and called it a night early. Apparently there were some pretty fun 10 year reunion stories after we left- oh well, that's what happens when you have kids! :)

At the reunion

With Stacy- due with Jay's other BFF Wyatt in November!

Anthony and Jake- Stacy's husband and Wyatt's daddy-to-be

Sunday we had breakfast with the family, went on a SHORT walk (due to an explosive diaper), and headed home. The drive home- not so great. He screamed unless he was being held AND fed- fun times in the car!

Our short walk

Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike
We had a GREAT time seeing friends- we truly miss Anthony's buddies and their wives- and Anthony's family! It was a super fun, and SUPER exhausting, weekend. I remember why most people can't go out with children- YIKES!  :)


Kelly said...

Reading this reminds me SO much of Parker when he was a little baby. All of my friends had "easy" babies who would just hang out and relax while Parker was either wanting to eat or wanting to be held so he could sleep. And I totally hear you on trying to nap while other people are watching your baby in the same house as you---impossible! Just know that this spunkiness Jay has will make for a super fun toddler with tons of personality (at least that's my theory for the high-maintenance infancy Parker had).

Jules said...

Hi Courtney.... I found your blog! Yay! You look so great! Not at all like you just had a baby. I love hearing your stories about Jay because it totally gets me more excited to have Bennett ( if it's possible to be more excited!)