Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Newborn Pics!

So last week we had a newborn photo shoot with an amazing photographer, Kelly Garvey! One of my friends from growing up (club volleyball shout out!) and sorority sister, Jenni Larson Caswell posted some pictures (about a year ago) that Kelly had taken and I loved them! I contacted her and knew she was exactly who we wanted to take pictures of our first baby!

Kelly did an amazing job. Jay on the other hand, not so much. The morning started out with a husband who was running a little behind which put mommy getting ready REALLY behind (it's ok, honey). So with about five minutes to get ready, I put on my best face and got started. Enter fussiness. Jay was not having any part of being happy or sleepy- what most 6 day old newborns are the best at. After trying some naked pics and hearing him scream, I decided we would try to pacify him by nursing him some. As I nursed him he started to relax, and then continued to pee all over me. Yay. Anthony ran and got some towels and started cleaning me up (it was all over- down my leg, all over my dress..). As he was finishing wiping me down, Jay decided it was time to poop all over me! By this point, I am SHOCKED that I am not in tears- but I held up well!

I changed and Anthony and Kelly took Jay outside for some pics. I met them out there in a dress I hate- but I had no other options at this point. Jay cooperated for a few pics, and then pooped again all over one of Kelly's blankets. Yay again! We got some pics outside, and then he started getting totally fussy again. So again we brought him inside and I nursed him some more. As I was nursing him, Tex decided it was time to pass some gas. So now, we have had fussy baby, pooped and peed on mommy, and a farting dog. This was FUN!

Jay must have known that was about all mommy could take, because after that feeding he was a champ. We got some great pics (somehow!) and it all turned out great. Kelly just sent me some of the pics, and I will put up some of my faves... there are a ton- so I will try to post a few new ones every now and then to keep things interesting!  :)

Needless to say, we are SOOOO grateful for Kelly's great work and her patience with us. I can't believe what a DISASTER our shoot was, but we all managed to smile through it all! I guess that was our only option at that point.

Click on Kelly's link above to see the full "sneak peek". I will post more each time but here are a few to start you off!!  :)


Christina said...

So precious!! These will be wonderful memories. Too bad she didn't capture any of the crazy stuff going on, what a funny (hopefully now you are laughing) story. I hear it doesn't get any better. Photo days are tough.

Jenn Michael said...

That is so funny! What a great story to remember those newborn pics by. We had a really bad experiece at Aubrey's 1 year photos, she decided to have nothing to do with us or the photographer. I had never ever seen her act like that and never has after.
The pics are beautiful, you will cherish them forever!

J & J said...

These are amazing! I could cry... they are so sweet! What wonderful memories you will have to look back on... excluding the explosion :)

Michelle said...

Sounds like it was a rough start, but you got some great pics!!!

Courtney Robertson said...

Love love love them! I can't believe I haven't been able to see that little guy for almost 2 weeks - I bet he looks like a different baby! And, for what it's worth, I just can't help laughing every time I hear the picture story... sweet memories for you and Anthony :) Love ya!