Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mom Strength

It's amazing to me how becoming a mom makes you tougher and stronger than you could have ever imagined. Amazing how instantly your needs are put second (or third!) and this precious little life comes first. And truly amazing how God provides ways for you to get through it!

Our little guy's fussiness has gotten a lot better! We are currently using Maalox when he needs it and will continue to see how that goes before putting him on Prevacid. We don't want to put him on a long term drug if we don't HAVE to. On that note he has been so enjoyable this past week! We had lots of firsts- first real bath (he LOVED it!), first family dinner out (went pretty well!), and first trip to church (he did AWESOME- except for a loud squawk during a prayer!!). We have pictures of these milestones but they are on my camera and I am typing this from my phone- Jay still prefers being held which makes getting on the computer super hard! :)

Two nights ago was our worst night for sure. He fussed all night on and off and wanted to nurse every hour or so. His little tummy was so gassy and he was in pain- it was pretty terrible! Enter Mom Strength number one. How I managed to get through that night (yes there were a few tears!) took a strength I honestly didn't know I had! He was like that all day yesterday and I just knew we had another long night ahead of us. Well, this sweet little boy had other plans and slept a solid three and a half hours between feedings- which meant a good two and a half hours of sleep for Mom!!! Woohoo! This is case number two where amazing strength comes in. I never would have thought my body would feel so great after two and a half hours of sleep! Amazing how your body just adjusts to this- I could have never done this before!

Throughout the past three and a half weeks I have relied on my mom more than I could have ever imagined! She comes over daily (or I go there) and she holds and rocks this baby while I grab a nap. Another Mom Strength- but obviously not mine- a mom's strength never goes away! :) And this is my example of how God provides ways for you to get through things- thank goodness for Moms!

Anyway, I think that is about all for now. It's hard to type a blog entry on your iPhone! I will get on the computer at some point and upload pics. Until then... :)


Kelly said...

Keep up the good work! Each month gets exponentially easier so just know there is a light at the end of the tunnel:)

GranDeb said...

Well, let me start by saying that I am soooo proud of Courtney and how amazingly patient she is!!! This is one lucky little baby!! I don't remember staying this calm in the early stages of any of my babies... And Anthony is jumping in wherever he can to help out....
And yes, I witness the fussiness of this little guy and it is my extreme pleasure to rock and rock and rock.....he is def a snuggler!!!

Lindsey said...

I am making a mental note about the Maalox! Love hearing how it's going! Jay is so lucky to have you!