Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love It!

I'm not gonna lie- sometimes being a mom is HARD (ok, most of the time!). My sweet baby loves being held- that's pretty much the only way he doesn't cry when he is awake. He is NOT a fan of being put down at all- including in a sling or Baby Bjorn or the Moby Wrap or ANYTHING- which makes getting things done around the house pretty tough! And he eats every two hours during the day for about an hour at a time- again, makes doing anything kinda hard...

And then, something happens. Tonight I put him on the changing table and got this...

And it's all SOOOOO worth it!!!!   I LOVE being a mommy- it's by far the best job in the world!!!


GranDeb said...

OMG!!!!! That is adorable!!!

and p.s. I agree 100% that being a mommy is the best job ever!!! Lots of rewards in funny little ways...and that little smile is the first of many little ways!!


Emily said...

Aren't those little smiles the best thing in the world!?!? They can make the worst night or day the best in just an instant! Carson's started smiling and "talking" a lot and I could just sit there and stare at him and talk back for hours. He's eating almost ever 2-2.5 hours now (vs. 3 hours before), so I totally feel your pain! We both must have us some growing boys!!! Being a mommy is the best! :-)