Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lotsa Pics

So of course I have taken a million pictures of our little guy. Some of my favorites are on my phone, because that's usually the only thing I have around when I'm holding Jay. I wanted to share a couple (really, this is more of an excuse to email them to myself and save them on our computer!)...

Kind of shows his giant hand...

Sleeping on Daddy- yay for middle of the night pics!

Sweet Folded Arms

Swaddled in his bassinet-
I'm pretty sure this was the one time he slept in his bassinet...
He's not a fan of sleeping unless he's on you!

Trying out the bouncer

Trying out the swing

First Walk!



Red Raider?

Cocked paci- so ghetto- that's how we roll...

Little boy, big bed!

I have pictures on my camera of  more fun things- including the infamous letters that finally came in. However, I have used all my extra time during two sleep sessions today trying to upload these, so those will have to come later. Thank goodness for Grandeb rocking him while I played on the computer!


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! What a seriously prescious little guy! Of course I'm a fan of the guns up and the cocked paci. Too cute!!!

Kelly said...

I love them all! So quirky and fun at such a young age:)

GranDeb said...

The pictures are adorable!!!

And rocking is how I roll!!!!!

Loving it...xoxox