Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fussy Fussy

So this picture from our photo shoot absolutely cracks me up! Not only is it telling of the entire shoot, but it's also explains what has been going on in our world for the past week.

Our sweet little Jay has become Mr. Fussy! It's like he is in major pain just randomly throughout the day. Pretty much the only thing that seems to settle him is being fed- which leads to a tired and worn out mommy! Not to mention that he went from sleeping 2 1/2-3 hour stretches at night to only sleeping about 1 1/2 hour stretches. Yikes!

So after a quick trip to the pediatrician to see about his umbilical cord (it fell off but looked really weird. Turns out he has a herniated belly button), I mention this crazy fussiness. She says it sounds like acid reflux and has me try Maalox with him for a few days. Holy moly- it's like we have a new child!!!!!

Praise GOD for Maalox! It gives him relief and has turned him into his usual sweet, happy self! I sure wish we knew about this during our photo shoot! We will go for a follow up and see what our next steps will be... From what I understand we will probably be given a prescription for Prevacid. I don't want to give this precious boy drugs, but I also can't stand to see him in pain! :(

After visiting the doc, Jay has gained more weight (yay!) and is up to 7 lbs 9 oz after 17 days! Way to go buddy!

And now I leave you with a few more pictures... I could just look at this sweet face all day- oh wait, I do!  :)

His letters finally came in! Yay!!

Future Aggie Football Player

I just love this- the purity and trust of this little boy.


Michelle said...

Ughh, it is so hard to see your baby in pain! I am so glad that maalox is helping and that you guys have figured this out quickly! He's so sweet!!

The Moriarty Family said...

So glad the maalox did the trick! Fussiness is definitely no fun for Mommy or little one. Oh and, Jonah had a herniated belly-button too. We were so worried when we found out bc we had never heard of such a thing, but it went away on it's own just like the dr. said!

Erin+Josh said...

Hey! Our friend Jill (Brashier) Frost's little girl dealt with the ExACT same thing. She was on PrevAcid disolving strips (half of one) and it helped! Acid reflux is no good.

Emily said...

Carson has really bad acid reflux too. At his 2 week appointment, the doctor put him on liquid Zantac. After a month of no improvement, I finally took him back in. A couple of friends had told me that the Zantac did nothing for them either. He's now on Prevacid and I can definitely tell a difference. The doc said it could take a week or so to really notice a change, but I could tell at least some improvement almost instantly. He's actually happy (or at least not screaming) most of the day. Poor thing just acted like he was in so much pain before. He's much more content now. I'm glad yall have acted quickly with Jay. Hopefully, he'll be feeling better in no time. Acid reflux is no fun for anyone!!!