Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love It!

I'm not gonna lie- sometimes being a mom is HARD (ok, most of the time!). My sweet baby loves being held- that's pretty much the only way he doesn't cry when he is awake. He is NOT a fan of being put down at all- including in a sling or Baby Bjorn or the Moby Wrap or ANYTHING- which makes getting things done around the house pretty tough! And he eats every two hours during the day for about an hour at a time- again, makes doing anything kinda hard...

And then, something happens. Tonight I put him on the changing table and got this...

And it's all SOOOOO worth it!!!!   I LOVE being a mommy- it's by far the best job in the world!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Month Old!

Happy One Month Birthday to my sweet baby boy! I CANNOT believe how time has already flown- and how much our little man has changed! He has made our lives so much better, so much richer, and filled with so much more love.

Here are some pictures I will start posting monthly. I totally stole this idea from Michelle! She is so smart!

0 Months Old :)

1 Month Old!

Here is our life at one month old:
-Jay eats like a champ! He is eating every two hours during the day (almost to the exact minute- it's amazing!) and for about 35-45 minutes.
-His acid reflux definitely comes and goes. Some days are better than others!
-He is starting to get a little sleep pattern. Typically a night goes like this- nurse then sleep for 2-3 hours (about 3-4 hours between feedings). Nurse then sleep for 1-2 (2-3 hrs between feedings). And then nurse and sleep for 1-2 again. He is usually bright eyed and bushy tailed by 5 am- but I can usually hold him off until about 7!
-He sleeps in his bouncy chair in his bassinet while swaddled with his arms out by his face. PRAISE Jesus he started sleeping without being held all the time!
-He gives us cues when he is ready to be put to sleep. This kid doesn't just FALL asleep- he must be put to sleep a certain way.
-He DEFINITELY notices Mommy's face and voice and smell and follows me with his eyes. This just melts my heart!
-He screams BLOODY murder if we don't get him fed right away- it's actually kind of funny (unless it's 3 am!)

He has been SUCH a joy and blessing- it's amazing that I was a part of creating something so perfect. :)

Mommy and Daddy (and grandparents, aunties/uncles/cousins, family and friends too!) love you Jay!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Harder Than I Thought....

No the title is not referring to motherhood in general! While it is super hard, the payoffs are ridiculous- I get to stare at precious baby's face ALL day long and snuggle him anytime I want! :)

No, what was harder than I thought it would be was leaving my sweet baby for the first time! Thursday night I had a Junior League meeting that was mandatory for provisionals. Meaning, I HAD to go and leave my 3 1/2 week old baby! Luckily, his daddy and his Grandeb were there to take care of him. But it was also the first time I left him for more than 30 minutes! Since the meeting was scheduled from 7-9, I knew with travel time included he would need to eat- and since mommy is his bottle at this point, that wasn't going to work.

So Wednesday, while I was still home, Grandeb gave him his first bottle. He did great! We gave him 2 oz of my HARDWORK breast milk. That is ALL I had been able to pump. Well, he downed that in about 5 minutes and was NOT satisfied! Yikes! Luckily I was there and could finish feeding him- and he took me back like a good little boy!

Unfortunately, this meant that I could NOT pump enough before Thursday night. Hmmm....

So, we prepared a bottle of formula, but I planned it all out so hopefully he wouldn't need to eat. I fed him until 6:30, and I knew I could be home right around 9.

Anthony met me in a parking lot near the JL building, we switched cars, and I headed to my meeting. Except when I got in his car to drive off, I started SOBBING!!!!!!  I had no idea I would react like this! I hadn't been upset or thought of this possibility all day! I watched my husband and my baby drive off and just cried! OHMYGOSH it was so pathetic! I knew he would be in great hands, but good heavens I had no clue I would be so sad to leave my little man!

Anthony and my mom ended up feeding him 3 1/2 oz of formula- my little man was HUNGRY! He did great while I was gone (so they tell me!) which made me feel a million times better! I only texted them three times during the meeting to make sure everything was ok- which I thought was very good on my part! :)

Anyway, that is my QUICK story for today. Who knew it was so hard to blog when you have a new baby?!?

And now, I leave you with this picture from church this morning... Now can't you see why it was so hard for me to leave this sweet boy?!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mom Strength

It's amazing to me how becoming a mom makes you tougher and stronger than you could have ever imagined. Amazing how instantly your needs are put second (or third!) and this precious little life comes first. And truly amazing how God provides ways for you to get through it!

Our little guy's fussiness has gotten a lot better! We are currently using Maalox when he needs it and will continue to see how that goes before putting him on Prevacid. We don't want to put him on a long term drug if we don't HAVE to. On that note he has been so enjoyable this past week! We had lots of firsts- first real bath (he LOVED it!), first family dinner out (went pretty well!), and first trip to church (he did AWESOME- except for a loud squawk during a prayer!!). We have pictures of these milestones but they are on my camera and I am typing this from my phone- Jay still prefers being held which makes getting on the computer super hard! :)

Two nights ago was our worst night for sure. He fussed all night on and off and wanted to nurse every hour or so. His little tummy was so gassy and he was in pain- it was pretty terrible! Enter Mom Strength number one. How I managed to get through that night (yes there were a few tears!) took a strength I honestly didn't know I had! He was like that all day yesterday and I just knew we had another long night ahead of us. Well, this sweet little boy had other plans and slept a solid three and a half hours between feedings- which meant a good two and a half hours of sleep for Mom!!! Woohoo! This is case number two where amazing strength comes in. I never would have thought my body would feel so great after two and a half hours of sleep! Amazing how your body just adjusts to this- I could have never done this before!

Throughout the past three and a half weeks I have relied on my mom more than I could have ever imagined! She comes over daily (or I go there) and she holds and rocks this baby while I grab a nap. Another Mom Strength- but obviously not mine- a mom's strength never goes away! :) And this is my example of how God provides ways for you to get through things- thank goodness for Moms!

Anyway, I think that is about all for now. It's hard to type a blog entry on your iPhone! I will get on the computer at some point and upload pics. Until then... :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fussy Fussy

So this picture from our photo shoot absolutely cracks me up! Not only is it telling of the entire shoot, but it's also explains what has been going on in our world for the past week.

Our sweet little Jay has become Mr. Fussy! It's like he is in major pain just randomly throughout the day. Pretty much the only thing that seems to settle him is being fed- which leads to a tired and worn out mommy! Not to mention that he went from sleeping 2 1/2-3 hour stretches at night to only sleeping about 1 1/2 hour stretches. Yikes!

So after a quick trip to the pediatrician to see about his umbilical cord (it fell off but looked really weird. Turns out he has a herniated belly button), I mention this crazy fussiness. She says it sounds like acid reflux and has me try Maalox with him for a few days. Holy moly- it's like we have a new child!!!!!

Praise GOD for Maalox! It gives him relief and has turned him into his usual sweet, happy self! I sure wish we knew about this during our photo shoot! We will go for a follow up and see what our next steps will be... From what I understand we will probably be given a prescription for Prevacid. I don't want to give this precious boy drugs, but I also can't stand to see him in pain! :(

After visiting the doc, Jay has gained more weight (yay!) and is up to 7 lbs 9 oz after 17 days! Way to go buddy!

And now I leave you with a few more pictures... I could just look at this sweet face all day- oh wait, I do!  :)

His letters finally came in! Yay!!

Future Aggie Football Player

I just love this- the purity and trust of this little boy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Newborn Pics!

So last week we had a newborn photo shoot with an amazing photographer, Kelly Garvey! One of my friends from growing up (club volleyball shout out!) and sorority sister, Jenni Larson Caswell posted some pictures (about a year ago) that Kelly had taken and I loved them! I contacted her and knew she was exactly who we wanted to take pictures of our first baby!

Kelly did an amazing job. Jay on the other hand, not so much. The morning started out with a husband who was running a little behind which put mommy getting ready REALLY behind (it's ok, honey). So with about five minutes to get ready, I put on my best face and got started. Enter fussiness. Jay was not having any part of being happy or sleepy- what most 6 day old newborns are the best at. After trying some naked pics and hearing him scream, I decided we would try to pacify him by nursing him some. As I nursed him he started to relax, and then continued to pee all over me. Yay. Anthony ran and got some towels and started cleaning me up (it was all over- down my leg, all over my dress..). As he was finishing wiping me down, Jay decided it was time to poop all over me! By this point, I am SHOCKED that I am not in tears- but I held up well!

I changed and Anthony and Kelly took Jay outside for some pics. I met them out there in a dress I hate- but I had no other options at this point. Jay cooperated for a few pics, and then pooped again all over one of Kelly's blankets. Yay again! We got some pics outside, and then he started getting totally fussy again. So again we brought him inside and I nursed him some more. As I was nursing him, Tex decided it was time to pass some gas. So now, we have had fussy baby, pooped and peed on mommy, and a farting dog. This was FUN!

Jay must have known that was about all mommy could take, because after that feeding he was a champ. We got some great pics (somehow!) and it all turned out great. Kelly just sent me some of the pics, and I will put up some of my faves... there are a ton- so I will try to post a few new ones every now and then to keep things interesting!  :)

Needless to say, we are SOOOO grateful for Kelly's great work and her patience with us. I can't believe what a DISASTER our shoot was, but we all managed to smile through it all! I guess that was our only option at that point.

Click on Kelly's link above to see the full "sneak peek". I will post more each time but here are a few to start you off!!  :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lotsa Pics

So of course I have taken a million pictures of our little guy. Some of my favorites are on my phone, because that's usually the only thing I have around when I'm holding Jay. I wanted to share a couple (really, this is more of an excuse to email them to myself and save them on our computer!)...

Kind of shows his giant hand...

Sleeping on Daddy- yay for middle of the night pics!

Sweet Folded Arms

Swaddled in his bassinet-
I'm pretty sure this was the one time he slept in his bassinet...
He's not a fan of sleeping unless he's on you!

Trying out the bouncer

Trying out the swing

First Walk!



Red Raider?

Cocked paci- so ghetto- that's how we roll...

Little boy, big bed!

I have pictures on my camera of  more fun things- including the infamous letters that finally came in. However, I have used all my extra time during two sleep sessions today trying to upload these, so those will have to come later. Thank goodness for Grandeb rocking him while I played on the computer!