Monday, August 30, 2010

Surviving the First Week!

Wow... I can't believe it's already been over a week since our precious Jay was born! Time flew by these past 9 days!

Being in the hospital was actually a great experience. We had fantastic nurses (except for one- she was just blah) the entire time. I felt like they all did a GREAT job of keeping up with all of us and giving us space at the same time. We had some wonderful visitors and it went by so quickly!

He's a sucker!!

It's a tough life...

Out after his surgery!

Getting ready to come home!

Jay had his circumcision Monday morning (poor baby!) and then they sent us home! Crazy how quickly it went. I was a little anxious to come home- we have to do all of this on our own now?! Coming home was so fun! Tex is in love with his little brother and gave him a bath of kisses to tell him.

About to load up the car!

Meeting his brother, Tex!

Family of Five!  :)

Once we got home, it was time to get adjusted. Jay decided he didn't really want to eat much that day because of his surgery. And because of that, it was over 24 hours until he had a poopy or even pee-filled diaper. I knew that was not a good sign, so I called the pediatrician the next day (I figured they would tell me to supplement with some formula). They instead were concerned and told us to come in. So our first outing was to the pediatrician's office- boo. As you can imagine as soon as we got there and undid his diaper for the nurse, he decided to poop and pee! I'm sure they thought we were crazy first time parents, but I SWEAR, it had been almost 30 hours since he had done either one!!! So, after everything else looked good, we headed home. Oh, and did I mention that I cried almost the entire morning thinking I was starving my baby?? Love the hormones! :)

The rest of the week was a blur. Anthony's parents were in town until Wednesday and then my mom took over on the help. This has been such a blessing to let me get a nap! Anthony worked from home some and did LOTS of stuff around the house! It was so nice having everyone around!

One of the things we learned about our sweet boy is that he is NOT a fan of sleeping without being held. This is fine when you have family and friends over all day, but it makes it awfully hard at night! So Anthony and I would take shifts after me feeding him and we would sleep in the glider/recliner with him. This glider is AMAZING! At first I was nervous because it is SO HUGE, but when you have to use it as a bed, I'm SOOOO happy with our decision! It reclines completely flat, so you actually CAN get some sleep!

The great thing about Jay is that he is an overall EXCELLENT baby. He eats like a champ! I mean, from day one this kid latched on and sucked and did great. Once my milk came in, he became even better. He now eats for about 20-25 minutes every three (ish) hours. And at night between feedings, he actually sleeps. We haven't had to deal with nighttime fussiness (yet- knock on wood), and we haven't had to deal with mixing up days and nights (again, knock on wood). We laugh because he has an appetite like his daddy and the fussiness of his momma when he doesn't get fed as soon as the hunger hits... Great combo :)

He is actually super alert (I thought they were supposed to sleep all the time at first!), and loves to look around and take in his new world. He is also VERY strong, which the pediatrician and nurses all commented on. This kid will push you and fight you if he is restrained. :)

We had our first outing over the weekend (first real outing- I'm not considering the doctor last week his first outing!) to my parents. It was so nice to hand him over and nap at their house! We also had our first sponge bath, which he was ok with. He liked the warm water running over his head, but was cold otherwise so pretty much squawked the rest of the time. He did love the lotion afterwards, though! :)

Daddy holding him during bath time

Anthony went back to work this morning and I was pretty anxious about it. Jay was pretty gassy/fussy yesterday afternoon, so I was afraid our  night was going to be like that. And since I would be getting up most with him now that Anthony was going back to work, I was afraid that it was going to be a hard night. Surprise- Jay was fantastic! He got two big 3-3 1/2 hour chunks of sleep which was awesome!

My mom and I took him to the pediatrician this morning for his check up. He did GREAT while we were there. He has gained back weight and is now at his birth weight! Woohoo!

He measured:
21 inches (75th %)
7 lbs on the dot (just like birth!) which puts him in the 25% - poor skinny man!
13 3/4 head circumference (25%)

Basically we have a long and lean boy!

Everything else looked great with him and the doctor was pleased! Yay!

Now it's time for a nap for mommy! I'm still getting used to the no sleep thing. Add the crazy postpartum hormones into the mix and it makes for a fun evening! :)    It's so funny because I was pretty even tempered the entire pregnancy. I really didn't have any mood swings or major breakdowns. But let me just tell you about the postpartum hormones- HOLY MOLY!!!! Hormones and no sleep are just a recipe for disaster! It's actually really funny when you aren't having a cry-fest (like right now I can laugh about it). Anyway, I'm trying to be really good about trying to sleep when the baby sleeps- especially when my mom is here and can hold him for me!

I leave you with one of my favorite pictures (thank you Michelle for taking it!)... This has been a whirlwind of a week- but I wouldn't change ONE thing about it. I absolutely LOOOOVE being a mommy to this little boy- if only I could figure out a way to get him to sleep for eight hours straight... hmmm... :)


Emily said...

Okay... I'm super impressed by your post-baby blogging abilities!!! I have no doubt been slacking! I'm so glad everything is going smoothly so far and that Jay has been pretty good for ya! He is just precious!

J & J said...

he's so sweet... and i love that you're blogging already! you are super mom! :) i am dying to meet this little guy....!

Kelly said...

I too am extremely impressed by your post-partum blogging!! I loved reading your post and my pregnancy hormones made me tear up with nostalgia from Parker. Sounds like you are doing great!!

B said...

Hey! I was wondering what type of glider you had and where you got it? I had a regular glider for my first baby and was not a fan. Now that we are expecting again, I am looking for something different. Thank you!

Sarah and Justin said...

we had the EXACT same situation with no pee/poop for 24 hours....going to Dr Eddings first day home and crying my eyes out to her. She for sure thinks i'm a psycho mom!!! weird, that we had the exact same issue on day 1! it only gets better!!!

Ashlie said...

Congratulations! He is absolutely precious!! Being a Mommy is the greatest...tiring, but the greatest!

The Joiners said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Little Jay is still precious- looking forward to more pics!

GranDeb said...

You guys are all doing great!!! Y'all have learned so much already and remember that these little guys don't come with's pretty much learning on the fly!!
Advice from my wonderful mother-in-law was this: feed them, clothe them, and love, love, love them! The rest will fall into place!!

But in the meantime....try to get some sleep...



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Max Asher said... You white Americans are MONSTERS!!!!!