Sunday, August 15, 2010

Supportive Friends....

While pregnancy insomnia is not the most fun thing in the world, one thing that makes it SO MUCH better is the support I get from my faithful friends- Tex and Ella.

Every night when I can't sleep, I come into the office and sit at the computer. Ella curls herself around the laptop with her head resting right next to the keyboard, and Tex curls himself up in the part of the desk where my feet (and the chair) go.

As I type, I have a purring kitty touching my hands, and a deep-breathing dog laying on my feet. While I NEVER call them to come with me (they are usually asleep like Anthony within 5 minutes of going to bed), they ALWAYS wake up and come find me.

I LOOOVE my pets! I can't wait to see if they will still be this attentive to my nightly awake sessions once a crying baby is involved... We shall see... :)

On a non-pregnancy note (since that's just about all I post/think about these days!) Michelle is coming into town Monday! I CANNOT wait to see her! I know it's only been a little over a month, but it feels like FOREVER!

On another pregnancy note (see, it really is all I post/think about), my nursery is ready- and I actually FINALLY took pics! I am still waiting on the custom made letters I ordered for Jay. It was supposed to take 7 weeks and it's now been TEN. Apparently they are ready and just WAITING to be shipped- c'mon LADY, send them to me!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, point is, I will post those in the next few days! Yay!!!! And you will just have to imagine where the letters go- argh.

I also went to lunch last week with my FABULOUS second grade team from last year. They all went back to school Thursday and I'm not gonna lie- I TOTALLY missed seeing everyone and catching up on the going-ons of school life. But, I am also NOT sad about not getting my room ready and all the sucky meetings you have to go to!

Alright, I think this is enough of a pointless post... Unfortunately, I only wasted seven minutes of insomnia time on this... hmmmm... trying to think of what else to write...



The Blogivers said...

Funny - I have insomnia right now BECAUSE of my 2 beloved pets :) They don't understand that it is possible to sleep anywhere but home, so when we are out of town like we are right now, they are nightmares! Glad your pets are keeping you company though!

Andrea and Mike said...

Can't wait to meet our new nephew!!

Emily said...

Pups are the BEST! Ours have already taken to Carson quite a bit and I know Tex will LOVE Jay!

Michelle said...

Oh, sleepless nights :( How sweet of Tex and Ella to keep you company though! I can't wait to see the nursery!!