Thursday, July 22, 2010

35 Weeks!

So first of all it's pretty hard to believe I am 35 weeks along! I mean, theoretically this cute boy could come at ANY time (my doctor is out of town next week so I am hoping he'll at least wait another two!)...

I am getting sooo excited to meet him, but still totally scared of what the heck I'm going to do with him once he comes! Anthony and I decided we are SO ready to meet him and hold him- but then we'd like to give him back for a little bit since neither of us are ready for NO SLEEP. How do you make that transition? Yikes!

We had our 36 week ultrasound today (yes early- see above about doc being out of town next week)... It was SO fun to see him since we hadn't since 19 weeks!

He is looking GREAT- and BIG! As of now he is measuring about 6 lbs 11 oz- with 5 weeks to go!!!!! Anthony was an average baby- 7 lbs-ish... I was a HUGE baby- 9 1/2 lbs! Looks like this little man is taking the Moriarty cue and thinks he needs to keep up with his cousins. Of course, Anthony was SO EXCITED at this- he wants a monster little boy (because he doesn't have to push him out!!!), and I'm pretty sure that is one of the reasons he chose to marry me in the first place- the Moriarty genes! He wants to breed these massive athletes (I keep telling him he's destined for a boy ballerina and he just gives me a dirty look). Anyway, I was hoping for a teeny tiny baby to snuggle and hold and look all cute- Anthony wins again! :)

Anyway, the tech also noted how long his limbs were and said he looked like he was going to be a tall one- again Anthony was thrilled. She did say that he was one of the more difficult ones to capture pics of- she said he is such a squirmy wormy and was folded in some CRAZY ways! Legs were folded and wrapped and arms were all over the place! She had a hard time making sense of where everything was... Which makes sense considering how active he is and how I can feel him moving in a million different places at once!

He also has hair!!!! We could see it on the ultrasound and it's so cute! This would explain my heartburn lately...  :)

He is head down and already partially down the birth canal- yay for that! Other than that, I am right on target- not dilated or effaced yet but definitely thinning out and getting prepared!

I asked the doctor how long she would let me go past my due date- THANK GOODNESS she said no longer than a week but also said there would be some room for induction talk if I'm crazy uncomfortable at 39 weeks! Praise the Lord!!   :)

The appointment was fun and we got a few pictures of his face. I am only uploading one and it's crappy quality because our scanner isn't working... It's a profile pic of his face. It's the left side of his face and it looks like he is sucking on his bottom lip some! Anthony and I were laughing that we could actually tell he had an upper lip- since neither of us have one!  :)

We love our little boy already and can't wait to meet him on this side of the world! I am almost ready to take and post nursery pics- just waiting on the letters I ordered for him. We won't get the glider in time to post pics, but that's ok...

And I leave you with our blurry picture... Hello little boy!


Sarah and Justin said...

yea Courtney! Sounds like we are in the same boat!!! So exccited for you! You are right behind me! Hope you are feeling great.

Sarah Todd

Courtney Robertson said...

Love it!! Cannot wait to meet this precious boy - Jay is going to be here so soon!! Love you guys!

J & J said...

What a cutie pie!!!

Jenni said...

so excited for you!!

Kelly said...

So exciting!

Andrea said...

Anthony did seem really proud about Jay's height and weight when he called me about the appt. haha! Glad you guys are getting some relaxing time in before he comes!

Gloria said...

Hey Courtney, Mike's Mom here. So excited for you both and no matter what the size you will be so proud of this precious boy to love. And he will snuggle for a long time. My largest baby(Michael at 10lb)snuggled the most until Andrea popped into the picture! The love you will feel is so indescribable it is too much to imagine. Enjoy all of it including the sleepless nights. Love, gloria

GranDeb said...

While you are busy putting the finishing touches on your nursery (and it looks great btw), God is busy putting the finishing touches on Baby Jay! And he will be ready very soon....
This is going to be one very lucky little guy and I am going to remind him of how much his parents anticipated his arrival!
You have had such a great journey so far and remember this....the best is yet to come!!

Love you guys!!