Thursday, July 29, 2010

RIP 1st Gen iPhone

How sad....

My 1st generation iPhone is officially laid to rest today. I loved that thing. I got it for Valentine's Day 2008- that sucker lasted 2 1/2 years and is by far the longest I have ever had a cell phone. Not ONE time in the course of those 2 1/2 years did I have ONE problem. I never had to replace the battery, SIM card, restore the original settings- NOTHING. This phone ROCKED....

Until recently. It started doing funny things. I would press a button and it would pull up something else. I would dial Anthony and it called my mom. I would press the home key and it took me to my call log. So sad. It was sick and was ready to be put to sleep... I also thought I needed a little more of a reliable phone for the next few weeks... Call me crazy, but when I go into labor I need to make sure I can call the right number and get service when I need it!  :)

Before you get too excited I did NOT get the iPhone 4. As cool as it is and as much as I want it, I know they still have some things to work out on that sucker. And I can't justify spending $199 on a phone now, then spending it again in 6 months on a new one once they have all the kinks worked out. Sooooo..... I went with the iPhone 3GS... Yes, still a little old school, but it feels VERY new to me!

Anyway, that's my story of my phone... I loved the old- may it rest in peace... And welcome to the new one- you better be as cool as the legacy left by 1st Gen....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

35 Weeks!

So first of all it's pretty hard to believe I am 35 weeks along! I mean, theoretically this cute boy could come at ANY time (my doctor is out of town next week so I am hoping he'll at least wait another two!)...

I am getting sooo excited to meet him, but still totally scared of what the heck I'm going to do with him once he comes! Anthony and I decided we are SO ready to meet him and hold him- but then we'd like to give him back for a little bit since neither of us are ready for NO SLEEP. How do you make that transition? Yikes!

We had our 36 week ultrasound today (yes early- see above about doc being out of town next week)... It was SO fun to see him since we hadn't since 19 weeks!

He is looking GREAT- and BIG! As of now he is measuring about 6 lbs 11 oz- with 5 weeks to go!!!!! Anthony was an average baby- 7 lbs-ish... I was a HUGE baby- 9 1/2 lbs! Looks like this little man is taking the Moriarty cue and thinks he needs to keep up with his cousins. Of course, Anthony was SO EXCITED at this- he wants a monster little boy (because he doesn't have to push him out!!!), and I'm pretty sure that is one of the reasons he chose to marry me in the first place- the Moriarty genes! He wants to breed these massive athletes (I keep telling him he's destined for a boy ballerina and he just gives me a dirty look). Anyway, I was hoping for a teeny tiny baby to snuggle and hold and look all cute- Anthony wins again! :)

Anyway, the tech also noted how long his limbs were and said he looked like he was going to be a tall one- again Anthony was thrilled. She did say that he was one of the more difficult ones to capture pics of- she said he is such a squirmy wormy and was folded in some CRAZY ways! Legs were folded and wrapped and arms were all over the place! She had a hard time making sense of where everything was... Which makes sense considering how active he is and how I can feel him moving in a million different places at once!

He also has hair!!!! We could see it on the ultrasound and it's so cute! This would explain my heartburn lately...  :)

He is head down and already partially down the birth canal- yay for that! Other than that, I am right on target- not dilated or effaced yet but definitely thinning out and getting prepared!

I asked the doctor how long she would let me go past my due date- THANK GOODNESS she said no longer than a week but also said there would be some room for induction talk if I'm crazy uncomfortable at 39 weeks! Praise the Lord!!   :)

The appointment was fun and we got a few pictures of his face. I am only uploading one and it's crappy quality because our scanner isn't working... It's a profile pic of his face. It's the left side of his face and it looks like he is sucking on his bottom lip some! Anthony and I were laughing that we could actually tell he had an upper lip- since neither of us have one!  :)

We love our little boy already and can't wait to meet him on this side of the world! I am almost ready to take and post nursery pics- just waiting on the letters I ordered for him. We won't get the glider in time to post pics, but that's ok...

And I leave you with our blurry picture... Hello little boy!

Much Ado About Nothing....

Actually, there is not much ado- just a lot of nothing going on right now!

Sorry I haven't posted anything, but it's seriously because we have been the perfect definition of lame lately! And we're ok with that! We know that soon enough our every waking (and sleeping!) moments will be filled, so we are just taking it easy these days...

I am finishing up the nursery (almost there!), we ordered a glider (finally!), I am finishing my Junior League placements (can't believe it went by so fast!), and am spending some good self-reflection time... My family is out of town this week visiting Michelle, and I have just spent the last few days running errands and hanging out- alone. And I'm so good with that! I've read in a lot of books that this happens (the need for alone time), and it's so true for me!

Anyway, I have my 36 week appointment today (a little early since my doc is out of town all next week- Baby Jay, please DO NOT make your debut next week!), and I'm so excited! We have an ultrasound to see how big he is and then she will check me to see if I am getting ready at all! I can't believe it's been 16 weeks since we have seen our boy! Since we are not high risk or anything, we haven't had an unltrasound in what feels like FOREVER!

Anyway, I will let you know what they say!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time Flies!

I can't believe it's been three years ago today that I married the most wonderful man on earth! Time has flown by since that day and it's been SUCH a great ride!

I look back and laugh at us 7 years ago (can you believe we've been together that long?!)... What silly young kids we were! We knew SO MUCH less about each other, relationships, the world in general... how fun to see how far we've come TOGETHER!

I am so thankful for the man God chose for me. Anthony has become an amazing Christian man and husband. I cannot wait to see him as a father! I know he will be wonderful and set such a great example for all of the kids we will have!

I think about how fast these three years have flown and only one phrase comes to mind- "Time flies when you're having fun!"   :)

Monday, July 12, 2010


We just got back from a WONDERFUL week in California! We took this as our last hurrah as DINKs! It's pretty crazy to think this will be our last trip for a LONG time with no kids to worry about!

We started out in San Diego (home of Michelle's boyfriend, Scott). San Diego is SUCH a cool city- I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to visit! Scott was so awesome and let us crash at his place- he even gave up his bed to this prego chick! He works for the Padres and got us tickets to the baseball game on July 4th against- The Astros! What perfect timing! The day was great, the game was awesome (even though the Stros lost in the bottom of the 9th), and the weather was great!

At the game in our great seats!
Michelle and I coordinated red, white, and blue...
Ant did not get the memo apparently! :)

That night we went up to Scott's common area/balcony and grilled out BBQ for the 4th. The balcony overlooks Petco Field and is awesome! The weather by now was lower 60's- and this pregnant chick was LOVING it!  :)

That night we went to watch the fireworks! This is one of my FAVORITE things about 4th of July!! We went to a great spot where we could see 5 different shows at ONCE over the water! What a cool thing!!! The main show was AWESOME- one of the best we've seen! By this point, I had walked ALL day and was feeling ridiculously uncomfortable! Thank you Baby Jay! :)

The next day we went for a little jog/walk (you can guess who jogged and who walked). We also went to the convention center and jogged/walked up a JILLION steps (you can also guess who jogged and who walked this one, too). Afterwards we got all cleaned up and the boys played a round of golf at Torrey Pines! This was Anthony's Father's Day present from me! They had a GREAT time and got some good pictures! While the boys golfed, the girls spa'd! We took no pictures, though... sad... But the spa was AWESOME and it definitely felt good to get pampered!

After golf/spa, we headed to see some of the pretty beaches around SD. We saw Seal Beach (the seals playing were ADORABLE!), some surfing beach, and Anthony even found his customary burrow! Sidenote- whenever we are outdoors (hiking, skiing, beaching, walking) Anthony likes to find a burrow "in case of an emergency". He likes to know of a good place to bunker down should we need it. This is what we get from watching "I Shouldn't Be Alive..."- and he is kidding of course  :)   After all of it we went to dinner in Little Italy- DELICIOUS!  :)

8 Month Photo Shoot while the boys were golfing!

Seal Beach. You can see a head to the left of Anthony's arm!

Surfing Beach!

Ant's Burrow! It's a good one!

Stopping traffic- that's how we roll... haha

The next day was spent just exploring the city. We walked all over the Gaslamp Quarter and found some yummy restaurants. This was also a "catch up" day of rest for this chick since the previous two days were so packed. I was exhausted and since the weather wasn't great (well, according to the SD peeps it wasn't great- I thought it was PERFECT!) we just laid low in the morning. We went to Balboa Park in the afternoon. It's their museum district which is just AWESOME! Way cooler than Houston's! Scott also took us on a tour of Petco! It is a gorgeous stadium! The dugout and being on the field were awesome! Gotta love knowing an important person!

That evening we did something VERY cool! We took a Water Taxi to a little island and had dinner at this yummy Hawaiian place that overlooked the water where we could watch the sunset. It was awesome! Great idea, Scott!!

The next day we went to the San Diego Zoo which was one of my favorite things! Anyone that knows me well knows my ridiculous obsession with animals (and also the fact that I wanted to be a zoologist and a teacher growing up!). I loved the zoo! I didn't take pics of the animals because I knew I would be the only one who wanted to see that stuff, but it was great! We headed to Hermosa Beach that night (after grabbing some DELICIOUS In N Out!!!). We passed out pretty early at Michelle's cute house!

Thursday morning Michelle had some practices that we got to watch. It's so fun to watch her play and see how great she has gotten at volleyball. If you want to follow up on her, click on her blog or her website. She is doing so great in California and has made such a great little life for herself!

One of our favorite places in LA is Shabu Shabu House in the Japanese district. Shabu Shabu literally means swish swish in Japanese, so you order meat and vegetables and then swish it around and cook it in broth. The place in LA is AWESOME and we were so excited to go! Unfortunately, they took the week off for 4th of July (at least they love America!). We were SOOOO bummed, but had dinner at another delicious place there! We grabbed some Pinkberry for dessert and again, hit the hay.

Friday morning we got to watch Michelle play 4 on 4 vb on Manhattan Beach. She did a great job and of course afterwards we had a ridiculous breakfast again. We headed to the beach to nap- sidenote... It's not NEARLY as much fun laying on the beach when all you can do is lay on your SIDE! No stomach or back gets pretty uncomfortable! The beach was great and we saw some dolphins and a seal. There is nothing like the sound of the waves!

We left that evening and were SOOOO bummed! I definitely cried (like hardcore) telling Michelle goodbye! I love all my sisters and it stinks that one of them is so far away. I am so proud of her for pursuing her dream, but we sure miss her back home! :/   

All in all we had a GREAT last trip together! Now it's time to get serious about preparing for our sweet little boy's arrival!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Church Baby Shower

We were once again showered with love this past weekend! It was the last of our baby showers and it was such a great one to end on!

Some of the ladies from our wonderful church, Memorial Church of Christ, threw us a fantastic shower! They did a wonderful job! Special thanks to the hostesses- Julie, Jana, Courtney, Jeannine, Angie, Nancy, and Diana!

The Sweet Hostesses!

Pretty Flowers!

Cute Decor...

I Can't Get Enough of His Initials!

Cute Giant Cupcake Cake!

Enjoying the Company! :)

4 Generations... Yes, I'm including Jay! :)

Sweet Gifts!

Love the Chair!!!!

So Does Anthony! :)

HUGE Belly!!!!

Parents to Be!