Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's Going On...

I feel like I haven't had one significant thing to blog about lately- nothing HUGELY major that someone would be interested in reading an entire post about- until now... So here (in no particular importance order) is what has been going on....

1) I saw Eclipse today with my mom. I loved it. Loved it. Other than Kristen Stewart being a terrible actress, the movie was amazing. So many people that I talked to said this movie converted them or made them become even more hard core Team Jacob. Not me. I am still Team Edward. After all that Jacob does to try to steal another man's girl, and all that Bella does to decide her true feelings, Edward remains a good sport and continues to love her. What a man... You can debate with me later... :)   Anyway, I loved the movie- and I can't wait for the next one!

2) I had my final baby shower this weekend at church. This actually does deserve a post of its own, but I haven't seen many pics yet so I'm waiting for those! As usual, we were blessed beyond belief. I don't know what Anthony and I would do without the wonderful people in our lives. We are so thankful!!!

3) I am 8 months pregnant. Enough said. Not only am I not sleeping very well, but I have just hit that "almost always uncomfortable stage." It is hard to sit down (my tailbone kills and this kid has no room when I'm sitting), stand up (tailbone, feet, back), and lay down (hips, bladder)... I can see how towards the end of pregnancy people are so ready to have the baby. I have LOVED being pregnant and could never imagine HOW anyone could think that. I'm starting to see where the heck they are coming from. Oh, and add awesome weight gain and puffiness to that category and I GET IT. Throw in a stretch mark and I'm all in- still hoping those don't show up!!!!

4) I am making ridiculous progress around the house and nursery! We got our bedding at the shower this weekend along with other things and it's really starting to come together! The playroom is pretty much set up for an infant, and EVERYTHING that can be washed is washed (and folded/hung/put away). Nesting much?

5) Junior League is keeping me busy and is a lot of fun. I have loved meeting some of the girls and have already made some great friends. This is just what I wanted/needed and I'm so glad I decided to do it!

6) One of my best friends, Courtney, is having a boy! She found out a few weeks ago, but I'm still excited! Anthony and I know for sure that we will be holding our sweet little boy back in school (August birthday, a boy, me as a teacher- you may leave your input but our minds are made up- :)  ), and her little boy is due November 1st. This means our two guys will be in the same grade. We also live a street away from each other which means our boys will go to the same school! All of this means we will be PTA moms together, Little League moms together, Bible Class teachers together- I am SOOOO thrilled for this! I know this is not MY news, but I am just that excited to post it on my blog! Courtney has been a friend from childhood, a college friend, roommate, sorority sister, sister in Christ, and now a mommy friend. I CAN'T WAIT to raise our boys together! Watch out ladies- here come Wyatt and Jay!  :)

7) Anthony and I are leaving for Cali on Saturday! We are taking a week to have our Babymoon! We are going to stay with Michelle in Hermosa Beach/LA for a few days, and her boyfriend Scott in San Diego for a few days. We both need this BADLY and can't wait to spend our last childless vacation together in California with Michelle and Scott. With Michelle and I being the two youngest sisters of the Moriarty Clan, we have been accustomed to being the two non-parent sisters for the past 4 1/2 years. This is our last chance to enjoy the non-parent club- soon I will be making the transition into the parent club... We have plans to see the San Diego Zoo, take in a Padres game (they play the Astros while we are there!), Scott and Anthony will play a round of golf at Torrey Pines (his Father's Day present!!), and we will just soak up the sun in the COOLER California weather! Ahhhh can't wait!

8) Anthony just celebrated a year working with Stream! We are SOOO pleased with this move. After a year of working for such a great company (they were chosen as one of the top companies to work for in Houston!), we can see how God was ready for him to make the move here. He is surrounded by incredible, God fearing people. He is happy and doing well. We couldn't ask for anything more- and we can see why this was such a better fit for him! We are so thankful that God had His hand over us last year and helped make this transition a great one.

I think that is about all of our big stuff for now... Stay tuned for the other exciting ramblings of my life... I know you're on the edge of your seats!  :)


J & J said...

Have a fun (and cool) trip- take lots of pictures!

Emily said...

Hope yall have a great trip!!! Enjoy that west coast weather while we are sweating it out and swelling beyond belief back here in Texas! :-)

Courtney Robertson said...

Love you! Can't wait for Jay and Wyatt to be BFFE's (like they have a choice!). Have a wonderful trip!!

GranDeb said...

I'm not gonna lie...I still love Jacob but it seems they only wanted him in this movie for his "shirtless shots"...hahaha But, sigh, yes Edward did come out the good guy....we want more, we want more!!!

You have done such a good job getting the baby's clothes and equipment ready...and also the cute, cute nursery (maybe post a couple of pics??). I applaud you for being so typical-Courtney-prepared!! (=

Have a great time out in Cali...a much deserved BabyMoon!! I know Anthony is so looking forward to Torrey Pines..great gift! And hopefully you and Michelley can enjoy massages, sunbathing, etc... You so deserve it...the calm before the storm! (=
p.s. Can't wait for this storm! Baby Jay is almost here!!