Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Single Digit Countdown!

Holy Moly- I am 31 weeks pregnant! We are now into the single digit weekly countdown- 9 to go!!!!

I have been in CRAZY nesting mode! Anthony played golf Saturday with Jake, and while the boys were out, I went through the STUFFED closet of Baby Jay's stuff. I wish I had taken a before picture- it was seriously out of control! Shower gifts, clothes, baby items- you name it, it was stuffed in there. So Saturday I went through it all since I had time- and I feel so much better! I have assembled just about everything there is to assemble at this point- playmats, bouncers, diaper genie, swing- you get the picture. I also went through ALL of his clothes, sorted them into sizes, cut off all the tags, and have officially washed the first load! Today I will put them away and start on the next one!

After my insomnia post last week, my body has definitely begun to adjust to the less sleep. Moms that I know have always said, "Oh, your body just adjusts with no sleep once that baby comes." I have secretly always thought they were liars...   :)    Not that I am getting the same amount of sleep as a mom with a newborn (I know I'm getting much more at this point!), but I see how it only takes a little while for you to adjust. Remember, this is coming from the girl who needs AT LEAST 8-9 hours of sleep each night (seriously). Anyway, I have these 4 hour spurts of energy- I feel like the energizer bunny! Then, I crash. Usually it's a short nap in the afternoon, but sometimes it just feels good to sit on the couch and zone out.

I also displayed yesterday that I am in fact NO LONGER a failure as a mother- I figured out how to use the baby stroller and car seat! You laugh, but I could NOT figure it out! In fact, I had two girlfriends try to help me (I will not name them and embarrass them), and we couldn't do it. So yesterday I was determined- and finally figured it out. This would be a good time to insert a "How many Aggies does it take to figure out a stroller" joke... Anyway, I figured it out and practiced pushing the stroller around the house! haha Yes, I'm a HUGE nerd! But I was so proud of myself- I even called Anthony at work to tell him! I know he appreciated it...  ;)

Did I tell you Anthony and I took our Childbirth Classes?? Let me just tell you... UGH!

I left the first class completely FREAKED OUT. No way was I going to have this baby! I do not want a C Section, but Lord knows I also do NOT want to push this little boy out and go through labor! So, after that class I decided Jay is just fine where he is and can stay there forever. :)

Add the gross video, the funny breathing techniques (I mean seriously, do people really focus and use that junk?!), and the fact that Anthony was referred to as Coach the entire time, it was not something I was a fan of.

BUT, we did get a tour of the hospital. I was actually delivered at the same hospital (Yay Memorial City!), but they completely built another building and have a brand new maternity/delivery ward! I love it! It's so nice and the people there were great.

The second class (there were only two- I'm wrapping this up I promise...), was MUCH better than the first. This is the class where they talked about epidurals. Yum... I will be the girl they joked about who drives into the parking lot and requests one then and there. Some of you might think I'm kidding- I'm not. We actually learned a lot about contractions, when to go in, how to time them, etc... It honestly was helpful in that regard. But then, she had us sit knee to knee with our COACH, and practice different breathing techniques that we would use through labor. She put on soft music, and we had to sit there with our eyes closed practicing how to breathe.

First off- Does anyone else not think this is extremely awkward?! Anthony and I could not keep a straight face. I could not do it. Others in the class? Hard core. The Squillantes, failures. We would just laugh and talk... it was too much!

Anyway, that is my life right now in a nutshell. Living La Vida Loca if you ask me...   :)


Kelly said...

So exciting! Good idea on figuring out the stroller BEFORE using it. I got stuck at Barnes and Noble one time and couldn't close the stroller OR fit it in my trunk while opened! It took me seriously 15 minutes to figure it out in the parking lot.

Jenni said...

Ahh...your class stories are bringing back memories of the one we took. (Imagine a plush placenta!) To be honest, I did not use any of the breathing stuff we learned about, but the Epidural was my best friend!!

So excited for you!!

J & J said...

the epideral sounds like the way to go- you can do it, you can do it!

if you like, i can even come blast some gentle, soft songs for you on a boom box when you go into labor... ;)

GranDeb said...

I must say I am pleased that I got the full demonstration of how to click in the infant seat to the base, then out and into the stroller, and collapse the whole mess.....seriously it takes an engineer to be a mom these days....

Did I mention we didn't have car seats when Jennifer and Kiki were babies??? Yep, laid them on the seat or floor on a blanket...or held them!! And Courtney's hooked over the seat and she was in the front seat with me!!! Then came the real ones and Michelle hated it!!!
Something to be said for simpler times??? haha

And Courty...you have been planning on an epidural since you were 10 years old....glad you finally get it!! xoxox


The Torno's said...

I don't remember using any of the breathing techniques and I definitely had an epidural for both kiddos... highly recommend it :)