Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Pregnant.

Yes, I know that we all know that I'm pregnant. But I'm like REALLY pregnant. Like THIRD TRIMESTER pregnant!

This week I make my debut into the third trimester! Holy moly! Where did the time go?! I am closer to the end of my pregnancy than the beginning. What??

I have known that this was coming. I have known that having a baby was coming. Does it mean I'm ready? Not exactly! I have SO MUCH left to do! His nursery is hardly put together (and by hardly I mean his crib and mattress are up and that's IT!). I feel like there is still SO MUCH that I need! I feel like I have so much to learn before Baby Jay makes his debut, and I feel like there is so much that I want to do with only Anthony before we have a baby!

Can you tell that I'm SLIGHTLY panicking? Don't get me wrong- I CANNOT wait to meet this sweet little boy who kicks me all day and moves all night. I CANNOT wait to hold his sweet little hand and snuggle his precious little body. BUT- now it's down to the wire and there is so much to do! There are friends I want to see one last time without a baby, places to go eat dinner one last time without finding a babysitter, parks and museums I want to visit... You get the idea! I know that having a baby will change my life in the most wonderful of ways. But I also know that having a baby will change my life. Plus, am I qualified to be a MOM? I mean, my mom knows it all. My sisters and friends and other moms that I know just know how to be a mom. I don't. I don't have a clue actually. I don't know how to breastfeed or care for a crying baby that won't stop. I don't know how to raise a baby boy to be a respectful, respectable man. I don't know ANYTHING. ACK! I am SO excited to be a mommy, and I am SO scared, too! It's one thing to "take care" of a husband- his life doesn't actually depend on me. And a dog and cat could find their own food if they needed to. But this little boy- he is 100% dependent on me. Yikes! :)

Ok... now that my worries are out there officially for everyone to see, I actually feel better. Some people who read this must have felt this way, too (right?). Even if you are a mom and never felt this way during your pregnancy, that's ok, too. I know everyone goes through different stages and deals with things differently.

I am getting BIG! I mean, my belly feels HUGE and my skin and muscles feel like they can't stretch anymore! I know I have a LONG way to go in that department, and it amazes me how my body can do just that! PS- 7 Month pictures coming soon!! :)

I have LOVED LOVED LOVED my second trimester!
- I got to feel this little boy move for the first time.
- I now feel the different movements he makes- kicking, poking, hiccuping, actually moving around (!)
- We chose his name and have started calling him that
- We found out that we were having a BOY!
- I felt FANTASTIC- mentally and physically just absolutely wonderful!
- I could still wear some regular clothes with maternity clothes, too (not anymore!!!)
- I only went to the doctor once a month
- I got to start decorating his nursery!
- We rearranged a LOT in our house (and I LOOOOVE that feeling!)

Now that I'm in my third trimester, I know there is SO MUCH more for me to get excited about!!!!

We start childbirth classes tomorrow night- I will let you know how those go! I'm sure I will have some *FUN* stories for you! :)

ANNND- I know it's a little premature (and probably a little silly), but Anthony is now on strict orders to keep his phone with him at all times. JUST IN CASE. And if he's in a meeting, I told him I would call him FOUR times as our signal in case someone wants to make an early debut!

Alright, long post, but it sure did feel good to get some of my nerves out there... Happy 28 weeks/7 months/3rd trimester!   :)


Kelly said...

The good news is that no one knows how to be a parent and that you will start to learn how the second he is born. Breastfeeding and baby-calming are definitely not natural for anyone but after a few days (or weeks or months), you won't be able to imagine NOT knowing how to do those things. Also, you are such a great teacher that I am pretty sure you will be an awesome mom:) Instead of having a whole class to "raise", you get to focus 100% of your energy raising just one!!

El Comodoro said...

I think asking the question, "Am I qualified to be a parent?" officially qualifies you to be a parent. Congrats.

Your official membership card and secret decoder ring are in the mail.

Emily said...

You are so funny Courtney! I totally felt like I wrote the first part of your post... I am COMPLETELY in the same boat!!! Any time I question the "qualified to be a parent" thing (which I do all the time), I just look around at Walmart or the grocery store and say "if they can do it, I can do it." :-) Welcome to the 3rd Trimester club!!! It'll be over before we know it!!!

Paula said...

you are in good company! being a mom for the first time is SCARY. even as i was laying on the table about to have my c-section i wanted to yell out "WAIT!!! can we move this to next week?" because i was so nervous about it all. but then you meet the little guy and you can't believe you ever wanted to postpone it :)

and don't even get me started on breastfeeding. hardest thing i've ever done IN MY LIFE. we can chat about it sometime :)