Thursday, June 3, 2010

The End of an Era

I am no longer a teacher.

Today is officially my last day of being employed.

I honestly did not think this day would ever come! Starting at the age of 6 I knew I would be a teacher one day. I played teacher with my stuffed animals and taught them everything I knew. As I got older, my mom bought me gradebooks for my "class" and I actually had some live students (thanks Kelli and Michelle!). I had a whiteboard, transparencies, red pens... you name it- it was mine! My teaching name was usually Mrs. Westmoreland (I loved a boy named Justin Westmoreland in elementary), and I had the BEST class!

I always volunteered in classrooms in junior high and high school, and signed up for every teaching/childcare program I could get my hands on. I received the Future Teacher award in high school and graduated heading to A&M where I would only think of majoring in elementary education. I was there and honestly enjoyed all of my education classes. I loved learning HOW to teach and soaked in every bit of information I possibly could. I volunteered in schools, subbed on my days off... I loved everything about it.

I graduated A&M and worked at a Montessori school for a year. This was a great year of teaching for me. I had never been in a Montessori school and it changed a lot of my perspective on HOW to teach. I was hired at Spring Shadows in SBISD the following year and worked there for four years. Working at a Title I school was the most amazing opportunity from God. My eyes were opened to more than I could have ever imagined. My tolerance and understanding grew an incredible amount. I met some amazing friends and learned from some of the most amazing students. Some of those wonderful students I still think about all the time. I was hired at Rummel Creek last year and again was given an amazing opportunity. What a different experience! This year I worked at the elementary school that two of my nephews attend. I worked with old friends and made many new ones. I worked at a place with parents just like me! I see these families out and about at the mall, grocery store... I loved working here and would not have traded this year for anything!

These past 6 years of "real" teaching have been wonderful. I am so thankful to God for giving me the ability to connect with kids. I love being their "hero" while they are at school. I love hearing their stories (some ridiculously funny ones!), picking their brains, finding out exactly what makes them tick... I will truly 100% miss teaching. I will miss the million hugs I get every day, the little hands that "massage" my back or play with my hair, the "I love you's"... I will honestly miss it all!

But I know it is time for me to begin the newest chapter of my life- being a mommy to Baby Jay. I am beyond thankful that God has blessed us with the opportunity for me to stay home. I am so thankful to Anthony for his hard work and commitment so that I may stay at home to raise our baby. This is going to be a WONDERFUL experience- not like any other.

So, today, I say goodbye to being a teacher- although I still know deep down that is what I really am!


Michelle said...

Great words!! I think you will miss teaching some but being a stay at home mommy is the BEST!!! Now, you get to teach your sweet Jay! And how cool it is to see them learn and grow and change each day!

J & J said...

What a wonderful journey... so excited about this new season for you! The best is yet to come! :)

Kelly said...

I can totally relate. It is hard giving up your career, especially when it's such a rewarding and fun one. You'll get over it quickly though:)

The Moriarty Family said...

Ok, why did reading this make my eyes water?! What lucky students to have had such a special teacher who truly loved her job. It's so comforting to know there are such strong, sweet hearted teachers like you out there. So excited for you to start "teaching" at a whole new level in August. You'll be amazing.

Michelle said...

Aw that made me very sad :( You were an awesome teacher!!! I mean, I learned how to add fractions when I was 4, that's got to say something :) The good news is, if you're really bored in 20 years you can always go back! But, I know it's such a weird feeling for you right now. You're going to have so much fun with Baby Jay though!! I can't even imagine!

GranDeb said...

okay, I am def sobbing right now. In fact, I have been weirdly emotional for your whole pregnancy!!! Wait, that's supposed to be you....sympathy emotions I guess...haha

I remember you as a very small teacher, Courty, in your red high heels (real shoes - I mean what kid asks for those from Santa!!), your teacher glasses, making your transparencies, and all your little 'students'....what a precious little girl you were!
I am so glad you were able to realize your dream to be a teacher and to touch lives!! And I witnessed first hand that you enjoyed every step along the way!!
So, now I have no doubt about your success as a mommy.....I don't even have to ask what your choice will be when you have the chance to sit it out or dance.....I know!!!

I love you always and forever!!