Monday, June 7, 2010

7 Months Prego Pic

Good Heavens... This stomach just keeps growing!! Here is my 28 week preggers pic... It's funny that I don't have to put a hand on TOP of my belly anymore to differentiate and show where it begins- it kind of speaks for itself now!  :)

Also, I started my Junior League placements last week- Kitchen and Doll/Blanket Project. I will be BUSY BUSY BUSY for the next 6 weeks trying to get all my hours in before Baby Jay makes his debut!

And I had a WONDERFUL shower this weekend hosted by some of my sweet girlfriends! Pics to come soon!  :)


Kelly said...

So cute!! Have fun with Junior League:)

Michelle said...

Your tummy is SOOO big!!! You're legit preggers now :) haha

PS I can't wait to see you!!!!!!

GranDeb said...

Take it easy Little Girl!!! You gotta slow down soon..... xoxox

Actually, keep on enjoying it while you can!!!

Love your 28 week belly pic!!!