Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's Going On...

I feel like I haven't had one significant thing to blog about lately- nothing HUGELY major that someone would be interested in reading an entire post about- until now... So here (in no particular importance order) is what has been going on....

1) I saw Eclipse today with my mom. I loved it. Loved it. Other than Kristen Stewart being a terrible actress, the movie was amazing. So many people that I talked to said this movie converted them or made them become even more hard core Team Jacob. Not me. I am still Team Edward. After all that Jacob does to try to steal another man's girl, and all that Bella does to decide her true feelings, Edward remains a good sport and continues to love her. What a man... You can debate with me later... :)   Anyway, I loved the movie- and I can't wait for the next one!

2) I had my final baby shower this weekend at church. This actually does deserve a post of its own, but I haven't seen many pics yet so I'm waiting for those! As usual, we were blessed beyond belief. I don't know what Anthony and I would do without the wonderful people in our lives. We are so thankful!!!

3) I am 8 months pregnant. Enough said. Not only am I not sleeping very well, but I have just hit that "almost always uncomfortable stage." It is hard to sit down (my tailbone kills and this kid has no room when I'm sitting), stand up (tailbone, feet, back), and lay down (hips, bladder)... I can see how towards the end of pregnancy people are so ready to have the baby. I have LOVED being pregnant and could never imagine HOW anyone could think that. I'm starting to see where the heck they are coming from. Oh, and add awesome weight gain and puffiness to that category and I GET IT. Throw in a stretch mark and I'm all in- still hoping those don't show up!!!!

4) I am making ridiculous progress around the house and nursery! We got our bedding at the shower this weekend along with other things and it's really starting to come together! The playroom is pretty much set up for an infant, and EVERYTHING that can be washed is washed (and folded/hung/put away). Nesting much?

5) Junior League is keeping me busy and is a lot of fun. I have loved meeting some of the girls and have already made some great friends. This is just what I wanted/needed and I'm so glad I decided to do it!

6) One of my best friends, Courtney, is having a boy! She found out a few weeks ago, but I'm still excited! Anthony and I know for sure that we will be holding our sweet little boy back in school (August birthday, a boy, me as a teacher- you may leave your input but our minds are made up- :)  ), and her little boy is due November 1st. This means our two guys will be in the same grade. We also live a street away from each other which means our boys will go to the same school! All of this means we will be PTA moms together, Little League moms together, Bible Class teachers together- I am SOOOO thrilled for this! I know this is not MY news, but I am just that excited to post it on my blog! Courtney has been a friend from childhood, a college friend, roommate, sorority sister, sister in Christ, and now a mommy friend. I CAN'T WAIT to raise our boys together! Watch out ladies- here come Wyatt and Jay!  :)

7) Anthony and I are leaving for Cali on Saturday! We are taking a week to have our Babymoon! We are going to stay with Michelle in Hermosa Beach/LA for a few days, and her boyfriend Scott in San Diego for a few days. We both need this BADLY and can't wait to spend our last childless vacation together in California with Michelle and Scott. With Michelle and I being the two youngest sisters of the Moriarty Clan, we have been accustomed to being the two non-parent sisters for the past 4 1/2 years. This is our last chance to enjoy the non-parent club- soon I will be making the transition into the parent club... We have plans to see the San Diego Zoo, take in a Padres game (they play the Astros while we are there!), Scott and Anthony will play a round of golf at Torrey Pines (his Father's Day present!!), and we will just soak up the sun in the COOLER California weather! Ahhhh can't wait!

8) Anthony just celebrated a year working with Stream! We are SOOO pleased with this move. After a year of working for such a great company (they were chosen as one of the top companies to work for in Houston!), we can see how God was ready for him to make the move here. He is surrounded by incredible, God fearing people. He is happy and doing well. We couldn't ask for anything more- and we can see why this was such a better fit for him! We are so thankful that God had His hand over us last year and helped make this transition a great one.

I think that is about all of our big stuff for now... Stay tuned for the other exciting ramblings of my life... I know you're on the edge of your seats!  :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Single Digit Countdown!

Holy Moly- I am 31 weeks pregnant! We are now into the single digit weekly countdown- 9 to go!!!!

I have been in CRAZY nesting mode! Anthony played golf Saturday with Jake, and while the boys were out, I went through the STUFFED closet of Baby Jay's stuff. I wish I had taken a before picture- it was seriously out of control! Shower gifts, clothes, baby items- you name it, it was stuffed in there. So Saturday I went through it all since I had time- and I feel so much better! I have assembled just about everything there is to assemble at this point- playmats, bouncers, diaper genie, swing- you get the picture. I also went through ALL of his clothes, sorted them into sizes, cut off all the tags, and have officially washed the first load! Today I will put them away and start on the next one!

After my insomnia post last week, my body has definitely begun to adjust to the less sleep. Moms that I know have always said, "Oh, your body just adjusts with no sleep once that baby comes." I have secretly always thought they were liars...   :)    Not that I am getting the same amount of sleep as a mom with a newborn (I know I'm getting much more at this point!), but I see how it only takes a little while for you to adjust. Remember, this is coming from the girl who needs AT LEAST 8-9 hours of sleep each night (seriously). Anyway, I have these 4 hour spurts of energy- I feel like the energizer bunny! Then, I crash. Usually it's a short nap in the afternoon, but sometimes it just feels good to sit on the couch and zone out.

I also displayed yesterday that I am in fact NO LONGER a failure as a mother- I figured out how to use the baby stroller and car seat! You laugh, but I could NOT figure it out! In fact, I had two girlfriends try to help me (I will not name them and embarrass them), and we couldn't do it. So yesterday I was determined- and finally figured it out. This would be a good time to insert a "How many Aggies does it take to figure out a stroller" joke... Anyway, I figured it out and practiced pushing the stroller around the house! haha Yes, I'm a HUGE nerd! But I was so proud of myself- I even called Anthony at work to tell him! I know he appreciated it...  ;)

Did I tell you Anthony and I took our Childbirth Classes?? Let me just tell you... UGH!

I left the first class completely FREAKED OUT. No way was I going to have this baby! I do not want a C Section, but Lord knows I also do NOT want to push this little boy out and go through labor! So, after that class I decided Jay is just fine where he is and can stay there forever. :)

Add the gross video, the funny breathing techniques (I mean seriously, do people really focus and use that junk?!), and the fact that Anthony was referred to as Coach the entire time, it was not something I was a fan of.

BUT, we did get a tour of the hospital. I was actually delivered at the same hospital (Yay Memorial City!), but they completely built another building and have a brand new maternity/delivery ward! I love it! It's so nice and the people there were great.

The second class (there were only two- I'm wrapping this up I promise...), was MUCH better than the first. This is the class where they talked about epidurals. Yum... I will be the girl they joked about who drives into the parking lot and requests one then and there. Some of you might think I'm kidding- I'm not. We actually learned a lot about contractions, when to go in, how to time them, etc... It honestly was helpful in that regard. But then, she had us sit knee to knee with our COACH, and practice different breathing techniques that we would use through labor. She put on soft music, and we had to sit there with our eyes closed practicing how to breathe.

First off- Does anyone else not think this is extremely awkward?! Anthony and I could not keep a straight face. I could not do it. Others in the class? Hard core. The Squillantes, failures. We would just laugh and talk... it was too much!

Anyway, that is my life right now in a nutshell. Living La Vida Loca if you ask me...   :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Uh Oh....

The insomnia has begun!

I made it through 30 weeks of pregnancy with NO sleeping issues! Woohoo! I know I have been BLESSED to have made it this long....

But boy, am I tired lately! For the past week I have been getting some pretty terrible nights of sleep. Waking up every few hours to pee (that's been happening for a few months actually), but then I can't actually fall back to sleep like I used to! Now I roll around to try to find a comfy spot (ha!), or the tummy is rumbling because I'm so hungry, or this little boy decides it's Dance Party time! Seriously, the past four or five nights I have gone into the kitchen in the middle of the night for a granola bar, banana- ANYTHING to satisfy my growing boy! At least we know ahead of time he's going to be a middle of the night eater! And while I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dance parties, he is just downright BOOGYING in my belly!

I know they say this is your body's way of preparing for being awake every two hours once the baby comes, and I know how lucky I am to have made it this far.... I guess there will be more napping during the day (plus it's so hot inside and outside that it's about the only thing I feel like doing!).

Other than that, we've been doing well. My days are filled with routine type of stuff- Junior League most days (which is SOOO fun by the way!), and on my days off it's spent putting toys together or organizing something around the house (nesting much?!).

We finally decided on a dresser (yay!) and hope to have it SOON. Then I can actually start getting the nursery together! At this point there is not much to do since we just have piles of STUFF everywhere! Once I can put it away I will start/complete my decorating! I know exactly what I want to do and where I want everything to go- I am anxious to get it all finished!

Ok... I think I've made it long enough- it's about time for that afternoon nap!  :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Showering Baby Jay!

Baby Jay is one LOVED little boy! Some of my wonderful girlfriends threw us a fantastic shower last weekend! They planned everything so well- every last detail was just perfect! It was held at Courtney's beautiful new home and it worked out so well!

Cute sign and decorations!

Front Door Entrance...

The Precious Diaper Cake!


My Hostesses!!
Michelle, Jill, Courtney, Cara, and Christina

Jay is so spoiled- the ladies love him! :)

My fam in town- we missed you Michelle and Squillantes!

Super Aggie! Hysterical!

Thank you to my wonderful hostesses and the loving friends that came to shower Baby Jay! We are so truly blessed!!!! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

7 Months Prego Pic

Good Heavens... This stomach just keeps growing!! Here is my 28 week preggers pic... It's funny that I don't have to put a hand on TOP of my belly anymore to differentiate and show where it begins- it kind of speaks for itself now!  :)

Also, I started my Junior League placements last week- Kitchen and Doll/Blanket Project. I will be BUSY BUSY BUSY for the next 6 weeks trying to get all my hours in before Baby Jay makes his debut!

And I had a WONDERFUL shower this weekend hosted by some of my sweet girlfriends! Pics to come soon!  :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The End of an Era

I am no longer a teacher.

Today is officially my last day of being employed.

I honestly did not think this day would ever come! Starting at the age of 6 I knew I would be a teacher one day. I played teacher with my stuffed animals and taught them everything I knew. As I got older, my mom bought me gradebooks for my "class" and I actually had some live students (thanks Kelli and Michelle!). I had a whiteboard, transparencies, red pens... you name it- it was mine! My teaching name was usually Mrs. Westmoreland (I loved a boy named Justin Westmoreland in elementary), and I had the BEST class!

I always volunteered in classrooms in junior high and high school, and signed up for every teaching/childcare program I could get my hands on. I received the Future Teacher award in high school and graduated heading to A&M where I would only think of majoring in elementary education. I was there and honestly enjoyed all of my education classes. I loved learning HOW to teach and soaked in every bit of information I possibly could. I volunteered in schools, subbed on my days off... I loved everything about it.

I graduated A&M and worked at a Montessori school for a year. This was a great year of teaching for me. I had never been in a Montessori school and it changed a lot of my perspective on HOW to teach. I was hired at Spring Shadows in SBISD the following year and worked there for four years. Working at a Title I school was the most amazing opportunity from God. My eyes were opened to more than I could have ever imagined. My tolerance and understanding grew an incredible amount. I met some amazing friends and learned from some of the most amazing students. Some of those wonderful students I still think about all the time. I was hired at Rummel Creek last year and again was given an amazing opportunity. What a different experience! This year I worked at the elementary school that two of my nephews attend. I worked with old friends and made many new ones. I worked at a place with parents just like me! I see these families out and about at the mall, grocery store... I loved working here and would not have traded this year for anything!

These past 6 years of "real" teaching have been wonderful. I am so thankful to God for giving me the ability to connect with kids. I love being their "hero" while they are at school. I love hearing their stories (some ridiculously funny ones!), picking their brains, finding out exactly what makes them tick... I will truly 100% miss teaching. I will miss the million hugs I get every day, the little hands that "massage" my back or play with my hair, the "I love you's"... I will honestly miss it all!

But I know it is time for me to begin the newest chapter of my life- being a mommy to Baby Jay. I am beyond thankful that God has blessed us with the opportunity for me to stay home. I am so thankful to Anthony for his hard work and commitment so that I may stay at home to raise our baby. This is going to be a WONDERFUL experience- not like any other.

So, today, I say goodbye to being a teacher- although I still know deep down that is what I really am!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Pregnant.

Yes, I know that we all know that I'm pregnant. But I'm like REALLY pregnant. Like THIRD TRIMESTER pregnant!

This week I make my debut into the third trimester! Holy moly! Where did the time go?! I am closer to the end of my pregnancy than the beginning. What??

I have known that this was coming. I have known that having a baby was coming. Does it mean I'm ready? Not exactly! I have SO MUCH left to do! His nursery is hardly put together (and by hardly I mean his crib and mattress are up and that's IT!). I feel like there is still SO MUCH that I need! I feel like I have so much to learn before Baby Jay makes his debut, and I feel like there is so much that I want to do with only Anthony before we have a baby!

Can you tell that I'm SLIGHTLY panicking? Don't get me wrong- I CANNOT wait to meet this sweet little boy who kicks me all day and moves all night. I CANNOT wait to hold his sweet little hand and snuggle his precious little body. BUT- now it's down to the wire and there is so much to do! There are friends I want to see one last time without a baby, places to go eat dinner one last time without finding a babysitter, parks and museums I want to visit... You get the idea! I know that having a baby will change my life in the most wonderful of ways. But I also know that having a baby will change my life. Plus, am I qualified to be a MOM? I mean, my mom knows it all. My sisters and friends and other moms that I know just know how to be a mom. I don't. I don't have a clue actually. I don't know how to breastfeed or care for a crying baby that won't stop. I don't know how to raise a baby boy to be a respectful, respectable man. I don't know ANYTHING. ACK! I am SO excited to be a mommy, and I am SO scared, too! It's one thing to "take care" of a husband- his life doesn't actually depend on me. And a dog and cat could find their own food if they needed to. But this little boy- he is 100% dependent on me. Yikes! :)

Ok... now that my worries are out there officially for everyone to see, I actually feel better. Some people who read this must have felt this way, too (right?). Even if you are a mom and never felt this way during your pregnancy, that's ok, too. I know everyone goes through different stages and deals with things differently.

I am getting BIG! I mean, my belly feels HUGE and my skin and muscles feel like they can't stretch anymore! I know I have a LONG way to go in that department, and it amazes me how my body can do just that! PS- 7 Month pictures coming soon!! :)

I have LOVED LOVED LOVED my second trimester!
- I got to feel this little boy move for the first time.
- I now feel the different movements he makes- kicking, poking, hiccuping, actually moving around (!)
- We chose his name and have started calling him that
- We found out that we were having a BOY!
- I felt FANTASTIC- mentally and physically just absolutely wonderful!
- I could still wear some regular clothes with maternity clothes, too (not anymore!!!)
- I only went to the doctor once a month
- I got to start decorating his nursery!
- We rearranged a LOT in our house (and I LOOOOVE that feeling!)

Now that I'm in my third trimester, I know there is SO MUCH more for me to get excited about!!!!

We start childbirth classes tomorrow night- I will let you know how those go! I'm sure I will have some *FUN* stories for you! :)

ANNND- I know it's a little premature (and probably a little silly), but Anthony is now on strict orders to keep his phone with him at all times. JUST IN CASE. And if he's in a meeting, I told him I would call him FOUR times as our signal in case someone wants to make an early debut!

Alright, long post, but it sure did feel good to get some of my nerves out there... Happy 28 weeks/7 months/3rd trimester!   :)