Monday, May 24, 2010

Parenting Verse

Anthony and I just LOVE our church! We love the people, the friends, the feeling we get after worshiping there, and LOVE the beliefs of the chuch. I know I've talked about it many many times on here before, but we honestly have found the perfect church home for us!

Sunday we wrapped up a three month long study of first and second Timothy. These are awesome books of the Bible that I really hadn't studied much before. They are so applicable to your life and easy to read. As we were listening to the lesson, we read 2 Timothy 4:2. I decided (and quickly told Anthony!) that this would be our parenting mantra- this is the verse we will adopt as we try to parent our kids and to teach them be Godly people.

"Preach the Word. Be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke, and encourage- with great patience and careful instruction."

The actual context of this verse is Paul giving instructions to Timothy on how the church should be run and how the teachers should teach. I found it completely and totally applicable to our lives as parents! We want to preach the Word to our children. We have to be prepared ALWAYS for their inquisitive minds and the way to stay prepared is to read and study the Word. We must also correct, rebuke (lovingly!) and encourage our children in their Walk with great patience and careful instruction. I just love this verse for our new parenting adventure!

Also at church yesterday, Anthony read a verse during the worship service for the first time- I was such a proud wifey!  :)

Happy Monday!!

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GranDeb said...

Courtney - I am so proud of the Godly woman you have become...from your first little days way back in the Cradle Roll Sunday School Class to your active participation in your Adult Bible the strong beliefs that you and Anthony now share and the lives you live for Jesus. I have no doubt that you will raise this child in the paths of the Lord. He is so lucky to have such loving and spiritual parents.
I love you,