Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nightly Visitor

So I haven't told you guys about my nightly visitor. This is a friend that has come EACH AND EVERY night since about 20ish weeks of pregnancy. I'm not talking about a crazy stalker, or a rodent, or anything like that... I'm talking about my new friend- the LEG CRAMP!

I'm not joking when I say this visitor is here every night. Every single night I wake up with on average 2-3 leg cramps. I have read in several books that this is a pretty common side effect of pregnancy. Before you go telling me about potassium and water and all of that, these aren't pre-pregnancy leg cramps. They don't feel super different, but they aren't caused by the same things. Sure dehydration plays a part in it, but really it has a lot to do with circulation and all that (blah blah blah medical)... So they really CAN'T be prevented!

Well, yesterday was a particularly long day for me. School was typical, my class had a baby shower for me (sooooooo awesome- more on that tomorrow or next week!!!!!), then we went to the Astros game with Anthony's parents (thanks Auntie Karen and Uncle Steve!)... Needless to say, I was on my feet A LOT more than usual! My feet were a teeny bit swollen and VERY achy! By the end of the day yesterday I was exhausted! This is the first time since being pregnant that I have felt my body just kind of give up!

So back to my nightly visitor... Last night not only did my friend come 3 times, but add 4 or 5 MORE visits and you will understand my night! 7-8 leg cramps in one night?!?!?!  Not only that, but my knees were just throbbing and my hips were aching! I feel like an old woman!

Yes I'm complaining. I feel like I haven't done it a ton throughout my pregnancy, so I just needed to vent  (Pause for a few moments to really let it all sink in and be irritated...)...

Ok thanks. My complaning is over because as I was typing this my sweet boy just gave me a few love kicks to remind me how worth it all of this is! I just love him SO much already! It is so hard for me to imagine loving him more- but I know it will be true love at first sight when he gets here! I'm NOT quite ready for him to be finished baking, but I sure am falling more in love with him each day! :)

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