Monday, May 10, 2010

Mondays are Tough...

Mondays are usually hard- but put them after a great weekend and it's even tougher to get back in the swing of "work" things... Although, I do have the EXCITING news that I only have TWO MORE MONDAYS left of work!!!! WOW!  (I'm trying not to brag too much, but I'm SUPER stoked!)

Friday was Field Day at school! It was hot but super fun! The kids had a blast of course, and I was going full throttle until the very last second of the day! Getting Mother's Day projects finished and Bird Reports in- busy busy! Friday I came home and took a 45 minute nap- it was the first nap in a week! Last week was SUCH a busy week that I didn't have time to take one- and my body was DEFINITELY feeling it!

Anyway, Field Day was great... The best part was the gym races. Each class had a little obstacle course and raced against each other. At the end, the second grade teachers raced against each other (just down and back). Of course the sweet PE teachers and my sweet team was telling me I shouldn't race... HOWEVER, those who know me know that I am ridiculously competitive, AND I have been running throughout the pregnancy so I knew it was no danger to sweet little man. I was trying to tell my kids that I most likely wouldn't win because of my belly, and they seemed ok (a little disappointed of course!). As soon as the race started, there was NO WAY I wasn't going to win!! I couldn't let my kids down! So I sprinted off! It was a good race, but I pulled it out in the end and WON! Wooooohooooo!!  hhahaha- yes, I'm that excited! :)

Friday night we went to dinner with Jake and Stacy. Stacy is 12ish weeks pregnant and having a hard time thinking that any food tastes good (man, I'm GLAD to be past those days!). We got some Mexican from our closest little dive and went to Sam's Deli to get some DELICIOUS Blue Bell milkshakes! MMMM..... After a rousing round of trash talking between Anthony and Jake (who was faster running a 40), we went back to our house for the big race! Anthony and Jake started down the street and Stacy, Tex, and I watched from the finish line. I tried to take a picture (it was 9:00), but it just didn't come out... Here is a pic anyway... you can at least see how dark it was... Happy to report that Anthony won the race! It was close, but he definitely won! Yay for a successful Squillante racing day!!! :)

Saturday we did one of my VERY favorite things ever- went to the Houston Art Car Parade! It was SOOO fun and I love seeing the creativity of people! Mom and Dad, Jennifer, Jake, and Josh went with us! Here are just a FEW of the pics (there were a TON of cars!)...
Dan Aykroyd (sp? I looked it up and that's how Google
said it was spelled!) was the Grand Marshal!

We had so much fun!!!

Anthony and I left a little early to meet our Sunday School class for bowling! I STUNK! Actually I started out OK, then had a really hard time towards the end. My tummy muscles were tired and my body was tired from a long day. As I got worse, Anthony warmed up and got progressively better! He ended up having the high score of the day! We are so blessed with such a wonderful group of Sunday School friends. Our class is amazing- we are surrounded by incredible people and have the most amazing teachers and mentors.

Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day! This being my "first" Mother's Day (or pre-Mother's Day), was fun! Anthony bought me some cute little things, and my wonderful friends and family sent sweet cards and messages. We went to church then had lunch with my parents and MeeMaw. It was fun to celebrate three generations of mommies! After getting some stuff done that afternoon, we went back over to my parents and celebrated with the Hylands. I love seeing my sisters as moms, AND we got to celebrate Justin's birthday! It was a GREAT day!

Our sweet little boy MUST have known it was Mother's Day because he was seriously the most active ALL day yesterday! He usually isn't that active during the day, but he kicked and did some sort of acrobatics during church. I am not kidding- he would be fine while I was singing, but as soon as we finished, he started kicking away. I like to think it's because he wanted me to continue- it's more likely that he was telling me never to do that again!  :)    Too bad- he WILL hear me singing for the rest of his life! ha! He kicked all afternoon and all evening and I just LOOOOVED it! I can't imagine a more perfect thing for my first Mother's Day. I just LOVE him!!

We also took some 24 week/6 month pics! Here are two... You can see how much this guy is GROWING!

And now, a picture to leave you with.... Tex making sure everyone knows he is a lap dog and sitting on his GranDeb's lap!!!!


Emily said...

You look so great!!! Your little belly is definitely growing! It's amazing how much it seems to grow in the early-mid 20s weeks!

That's so fun that your little man was so active on Mother's Day... so sweet!!!

Michelle said...

Your belly is sooooooooooo cute!!!!! :) can't wait to see you soon!!!!!

J & J said...

I'm so glad you had a nice "pre mother's day!" You look so beautiful in your photos!!

Erin+Josh said...

What church do y'all go to?? We've checked out a few so permanent home yet!

Kelly said...

Looking good! Just wait til you are a stay-at-home momma and then Mondays won't be tough anymore!!