Friday, May 28, 2010


So I have been feeling Baby Jay kick A LOT lately! I feel him move, kick, punch- whatever he does, I feel it! And I feel him ALL DAY (and night!) LONG! I absolutely love love love this! It makes me sad for Anthony that he doesn't get to feel him all the time like I do, but selfishly, I'm so glad it's me!!!

Anyway, I was reading in one of my books last week that this is around the time I could feel hiccups. I had totally forgotten that you can feel baby hiccups!! So every time he moves I wonder if it's hiccups or not. Sometimes I feel like it could be, and sometimes I'm not so sure...

Until last night! I had the SWEETEST little feeling in my LOW belly (maybe this means he's head down already!!). It just kept "popping" every 1-2 seconds! It was sooooo fun!!!

His movements have also gone from kicking/punching to more moving across my insides. It's SUCH a different feeling- but so wonderful too!

That's it for now- I'm headed home for my LAST three day weekend of my work career!!!!!!


Kelly said...

So fun! That makes me want to be preggo again:)

Michelle said...

Love this!!

Chelsea & Nick said...

When I read your blog I can just FEEL your excitement and joy. It is SO awesome and it just makes me smile. You are going to be the BEST mom!!