Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Fun!

So April 30 marks a big day- MY birthday (hello 28!) and The Squillantes Blog birthday (happy 1st!)! What a day!

I LOOOVE my birthday! I usually start a countdown March 30th (one month out- heck yeah!) and update everyone over the course of the month. My birthday week is ESPECIALLY fun because my mom's birthday is the 26th and Michelle's is the 29th. As we get older it gets harder to celebrate together, but we know we are all there in spirit!  :)

The day of my birthday was fabulous at school. One of my parents brought me Chick-fil-A (yum!!). Then, first grade provided a lunch for the faculty (not for my birthday!), but I had to grab some of their YUMMY taco salad, and then my team got us lunch from Spicy Pickle (woohoo!), and finally my sister and mom brought pizza to our class! So yes, you read that correctly- FOUR birthday lunches! DELICIOUS! :)   I'm not gonna lie, I just had a little of each- and I felt pretty disgusting after school!

I love working on my birthday because I LOOOVE the happy birthday hugs I get all day. It just makes my day. Maybe next year I will head up to school just for fun on my birthday! haha   My kids spoiled me of course and the parents were wonderful!

Part of my "birthday party" at school was bringing Tex up to meet everyone! The kids have been DYING to meet him, so my mom brought him up for the pizza party on the playground! I got Jake and Josh out of class, and they joined in the fun, too! We had a great group and it was a BLAST (even though the weather was YUCKY!).

Tex with my kids running after him! Love it! 

Tex on the play equipment with the kids

Silly picture!

The birthday group!

After that part of the party, my room moms put together a party inside the class for me- yummy cupcakes! By 3:00 the kids were stuffed and I was EXHAUSTED! I came home for a PERFECT birthday nap! Ahhhhh!

Anthony and I went over to my parents for dinner with them. We went to Chuy's (one of my faves!) and topped off the night with Marble Slab (sweet cream and snickers!!!). It was a GREAT, low-key night- which is definitely what I needed after a crazy day!

Anthony gave me my birthday present- a new camera!!! I STINK at it right now, but have had fun playing around with my "kids" outside. Ella makes a better subject because she doesn't move as much, but I have tried really hard to get some of Tex... still working on settings and all that! I don't know anything!

Here are some of my practice shots...

The one above is my FAVE- I love her reflection! :)

Saturday morning we went and got our FAVORITE breakfast tacos. They are from a little hole in the wall place about 20 minutes away. But the fact that it was my birthday weekend was WELL worth it!  :) 

After hanging out with the family all day (the Fountains and Hylands- we missed you Michelle!), Kiki and Aaron and Anthony and I went to one of my FAVORITE Houston restaurants- T'afia! Look it up if you are bored. It's AMAZING!!!!   They have phenomenal food! Kiki grabbed the chef as she walked by and we talked with her a bit. Well, good job Kiki, because the chef sent us free food ALL NIGHT! Woohoo!!! It was delicious!!!

We left absolutely STUFFED and happy! We had so much fun with the Fountains! My birthday weekend was just perfect!! Thank you to all that made my birthday so wonderful! The phone calls, messages, cards, and gifts were amazing! I'm sad my birthday is gone- but can't wait to have my SWEET present for my birthday next year!  :)


Erin+Josh said...

I laughed out loud at your kids chasing funny! Your birthday was like Disney World to them! What camera did you get?? I'm looking at a few myself!

Michelle said...

Did Tex go down the slide? I would love that! The pics look great! New cameras are so much fun!! And you are about to have the best thing ever to take pics of!

The Torno's said...

what a fun weekend! Happy Birthday! Your new camera looks like it will take great pics!

Kelly said...

That's why I like makes everything better!

GranDeb said...

We are sooo lucky to have you as part of our family and celebrating your birthday every year is so much fun because you love it soooo much!
Love you...always and forever!!!