Friday, May 28, 2010


So I have been feeling Baby Jay kick A LOT lately! I feel him move, kick, punch- whatever he does, I feel it! And I feel him ALL DAY (and night!) LONG! I absolutely love love love this! It makes me sad for Anthony that he doesn't get to feel him all the time like I do, but selfishly, I'm so glad it's me!!!

Anyway, I was reading in one of my books last week that this is around the time I could feel hiccups. I had totally forgotten that you can feel baby hiccups!! So every time he moves I wonder if it's hiccups or not. Sometimes I feel like it could be, and sometimes I'm not so sure...

Until last night! I had the SWEETEST little feeling in my LOW belly (maybe this means he's head down already!!). It just kept "popping" every 1-2 seconds! It was sooooo fun!!!

His movements have also gone from kicking/punching to more moving across my insides. It's SUCH a different feeling- but so wonderful too!

That's it for now- I'm headed home for my LAST three day weekend of my work career!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Future 12th Man?

I had the most wonderful baby shower this weekend!! My fantastic sisters and aunt threw me an amazing shower and the little man and I were beyond spoiled! Everything was just perfect and we truly enjoyed EVERYTHING about it!

It was at Auntie Karen's beautiful home. The table, food, decorations, punch (I LOOOVE shower punch!) were so thought out. Lots of wonderful family and friends from the past (and present of course!) were there to share in our special day!

The table before everything was set out.
Look at that CUTE little Aggie outfit and helmet and book!

SWEET little monogrammed burpcloths!
I am a sucker for anything monogrammed!

The invitation and our congrats!

The lovely hostesses! Thank you SO much!

Aunties, Grandma, Great Grandma, and Great Auntie!

The grandmas!!!
GranDeb and Nonna!

The Squillante side

Our little guy has the BEST aunties!!!
So many beautiful women to love on him! What a lucky guy!

Good thing this belly is big enough for everyone to fit!

PRECIOUS Baby Book Auntie Kiki made us!
This is SUCH a cute page- Future 12th Man!
Please excuse my ugly face! :)

My Sweet Courtney...
If she's having a boy- future teammates!
If she's having a girl- future prom dates!
Can't wait to be a stay at home mommy with her!!

Daddy Helmet and Baby Helmet!

Mommy and Daddy  :)

If you didn't notice in the picture of the precious burp cloths above, we have offically decided on a name (let's be honest, we've had it for a while, but it's scary to OFFICIALLY say!)....

Jay Andrew Squillante will be one HECK of a 12th Man someday!!!!

Or a great whatever he wants to be... ballerina included! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Parenting Verse

Anthony and I just LOVE our church! We love the people, the friends, the feeling we get after worshiping there, and LOVE the beliefs of the chuch. I know I've talked about it many many times on here before, but we honestly have found the perfect church home for us!

Sunday we wrapped up a three month long study of first and second Timothy. These are awesome books of the Bible that I really hadn't studied much before. They are so applicable to your life and easy to read. As we were listening to the lesson, we read 2 Timothy 4:2. I decided (and quickly told Anthony!) that this would be our parenting mantra- this is the verse we will adopt as we try to parent our kids and to teach them be Godly people.

"Preach the Word. Be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke, and encourage- with great patience and careful instruction."

The actual context of this verse is Paul giving instructions to Timothy on how the church should be run and how the teachers should teach. I found it completely and totally applicable to our lives as parents! We want to preach the Word to our children. We have to be prepared ALWAYS for their inquisitive minds and the way to stay prepared is to read and study the Word. We must also correct, rebuke (lovingly!) and encourage our children in their Walk with great patience and careful instruction. I just love this verse for our new parenting adventure!

Also at church yesterday, Anthony read a verse during the worship service for the first time- I was such a proud wifey!  :)

Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Just wanted to give a shout out to my little sister, Michelle! She was chosen to represent the USA at a beach tournament in Turkey in about a month!

She just came back from Mexico doing the same thing! Way to go sister!  :)

What a Man!

I love my husband... He never ceases to amaze me- I am SO thankful that God chose him for me!

That's all for this post. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew...   :)  

(And I hope after reading the title of this post you will start singing the AWESOME 90's song "Whata Man"  hahaha)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My First Baby Shower!

So this post is long overdue, but well worth it!

A few weeks ago my sweet class threw me my first baby shower! It was so cute!

It was in our classroom, and one of my sweet girls and her mom threw it for me. We had a GREAT time! The kids loved their snacks, Capri Suns, and cookie cake, gave LOTS of great advice (some funny stuff!), and showered me with LOTS of love and gifts!

Here are a few pictures from the day- I'm waiting on more from some of my sweet moms!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mondays are Tough...

Mondays are usually hard- but put them after a great weekend and it's even tougher to get back in the swing of "work" things... Although, I do have the EXCITING news that I only have TWO MORE MONDAYS left of work!!!! WOW!  (I'm trying not to brag too much, but I'm SUPER stoked!)

Friday was Field Day at school! It was hot but super fun! The kids had a blast of course, and I was going full throttle until the very last second of the day! Getting Mother's Day projects finished and Bird Reports in- busy busy! Friday I came home and took a 45 minute nap- it was the first nap in a week! Last week was SUCH a busy week that I didn't have time to take one- and my body was DEFINITELY feeling it!

Anyway, Field Day was great... The best part was the gym races. Each class had a little obstacle course and raced against each other. At the end, the second grade teachers raced against each other (just down and back). Of course the sweet PE teachers and my sweet team was telling me I shouldn't race... HOWEVER, those who know me know that I am ridiculously competitive, AND I have been running throughout the pregnancy so I knew it was no danger to sweet little man. I was trying to tell my kids that I most likely wouldn't win because of my belly, and they seemed ok (a little disappointed of course!). As soon as the race started, there was NO WAY I wasn't going to win!! I couldn't let my kids down! So I sprinted off! It was a good race, but I pulled it out in the end and WON! Wooooohooooo!!  hhahaha- yes, I'm that excited! :)

Friday night we went to dinner with Jake and Stacy. Stacy is 12ish weeks pregnant and having a hard time thinking that any food tastes good (man, I'm GLAD to be past those days!). We got some Mexican from our closest little dive and went to Sam's Deli to get some DELICIOUS Blue Bell milkshakes! MMMM..... After a rousing round of trash talking between Anthony and Jake (who was faster running a 40), we went back to our house for the big race! Anthony and Jake started down the street and Stacy, Tex, and I watched from the finish line. I tried to take a picture (it was 9:00), but it just didn't come out... Here is a pic anyway... you can at least see how dark it was... Happy to report that Anthony won the race! It was close, but he definitely won! Yay for a successful Squillante racing day!!! :)

Saturday we did one of my VERY favorite things ever- went to the Houston Art Car Parade! It was SOOO fun and I love seeing the creativity of people! Mom and Dad, Jennifer, Jake, and Josh went with us! Here are just a FEW of the pics (there were a TON of cars!)...
Dan Aykroyd (sp? I looked it up and that's how Google
said it was spelled!) was the Grand Marshal!

We had so much fun!!!

Anthony and I left a little early to meet our Sunday School class for bowling! I STUNK! Actually I started out OK, then had a really hard time towards the end. My tummy muscles were tired and my body was tired from a long day. As I got worse, Anthony warmed up and got progressively better! He ended up having the high score of the day! We are so blessed with such a wonderful group of Sunday School friends. Our class is amazing- we are surrounded by incredible people and have the most amazing teachers and mentors.

Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day! This being my "first" Mother's Day (or pre-Mother's Day), was fun! Anthony bought me some cute little things, and my wonderful friends and family sent sweet cards and messages. We went to church then had lunch with my parents and MeeMaw. It was fun to celebrate three generations of mommies! After getting some stuff done that afternoon, we went back over to my parents and celebrated with the Hylands. I love seeing my sisters as moms, AND we got to celebrate Justin's birthday! It was a GREAT day!

Our sweet little boy MUST have known it was Mother's Day because he was seriously the most active ALL day yesterday! He usually isn't that active during the day, but he kicked and did some sort of acrobatics during church. I am not kidding- he would be fine while I was singing, but as soon as we finished, he started kicking away. I like to think it's because he wanted me to continue- it's more likely that he was telling me never to do that again!  :)    Too bad- he WILL hear me singing for the rest of his life! ha! He kicked all afternoon and all evening and I just LOOOOVED it! I can't imagine a more perfect thing for my first Mother's Day. I just LOVE him!!

We also took some 24 week/6 month pics! Here are two... You can see how much this guy is GROWING!

And now, a picture to leave you with.... Tex making sure everyone knows he is a lap dog and sitting on his GranDeb's lap!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nightly Visitor

So I haven't told you guys about my nightly visitor. This is a friend that has come EACH AND EVERY night since about 20ish weeks of pregnancy. I'm not talking about a crazy stalker, or a rodent, or anything like that... I'm talking about my new friend- the LEG CRAMP!

I'm not joking when I say this visitor is here every night. Every single night I wake up with on average 2-3 leg cramps. I have read in several books that this is a pretty common side effect of pregnancy. Before you go telling me about potassium and water and all of that, these aren't pre-pregnancy leg cramps. They don't feel super different, but they aren't caused by the same things. Sure dehydration plays a part in it, but really it has a lot to do with circulation and all that (blah blah blah medical)... So they really CAN'T be prevented!

Well, yesterday was a particularly long day for me. School was typical, my class had a baby shower for me (sooooooo awesome- more on that tomorrow or next week!!!!!), then we went to the Astros game with Anthony's parents (thanks Auntie Karen and Uncle Steve!)... Needless to say, I was on my feet A LOT more than usual! My feet were a teeny bit swollen and VERY achy! By the end of the day yesterday I was exhausted! This is the first time since being pregnant that I have felt my body just kind of give up!

So back to my nightly visitor... Last night not only did my friend come 3 times, but add 4 or 5 MORE visits and you will understand my night! 7-8 leg cramps in one night?!?!?!  Not only that, but my knees were just throbbing and my hips were aching! I feel like an old woman!

Yes I'm complaining. I feel like I haven't done it a ton throughout my pregnancy, so I just needed to vent  (Pause for a few moments to really let it all sink in and be irritated...)...

Ok thanks. My complaning is over because as I was typing this my sweet boy just gave me a few love kicks to remind me how worth it all of this is! I just love him SO much already! It is so hard for me to imagine loving him more- but I know it will be true love at first sight when he gets here! I'm NOT quite ready for him to be finished baking, but I sure am falling more in love with him each day! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Fun!

So April 30 marks a big day- MY birthday (hello 28!) and The Squillantes Blog birthday (happy 1st!)! What a day!

I LOOOVE my birthday! I usually start a countdown March 30th (one month out- heck yeah!) and update everyone over the course of the month. My birthday week is ESPECIALLY fun because my mom's birthday is the 26th and Michelle's is the 29th. As we get older it gets harder to celebrate together, but we know we are all there in spirit!  :)

The day of my birthday was fabulous at school. One of my parents brought me Chick-fil-A (yum!!). Then, first grade provided a lunch for the faculty (not for my birthday!), but I had to grab some of their YUMMY taco salad, and then my team got us lunch from Spicy Pickle (woohoo!), and finally my sister and mom brought pizza to our class! So yes, you read that correctly- FOUR birthday lunches! DELICIOUS! :)   I'm not gonna lie, I just had a little of each- and I felt pretty disgusting after school!

I love working on my birthday because I LOOOVE the happy birthday hugs I get all day. It just makes my day. Maybe next year I will head up to school just for fun on my birthday! haha   My kids spoiled me of course and the parents were wonderful!

Part of my "birthday party" at school was bringing Tex up to meet everyone! The kids have been DYING to meet him, so my mom brought him up for the pizza party on the playground! I got Jake and Josh out of class, and they joined in the fun, too! We had a great group and it was a BLAST (even though the weather was YUCKY!).

Tex with my kids running after him! Love it! 

Tex on the play equipment with the kids

Silly picture!

The birthday group!

After that part of the party, my room moms put together a party inside the class for me- yummy cupcakes! By 3:00 the kids were stuffed and I was EXHAUSTED! I came home for a PERFECT birthday nap! Ahhhhh!

Anthony and I went over to my parents for dinner with them. We went to Chuy's (one of my faves!) and topped off the night with Marble Slab (sweet cream and snickers!!!). It was a GREAT, low-key night- which is definitely what I needed after a crazy day!

Anthony gave me my birthday present- a new camera!!! I STINK at it right now, but have had fun playing around with my "kids" outside. Ella makes a better subject because she doesn't move as much, but I have tried really hard to get some of Tex... still working on settings and all that! I don't know anything!

Here are some of my practice shots...

The one above is my FAVE- I love her reflection! :)

Saturday morning we went and got our FAVORITE breakfast tacos. They are from a little hole in the wall place about 20 minutes away. But the fact that it was my birthday weekend was WELL worth it!  :) 

After hanging out with the family all day (the Fountains and Hylands- we missed you Michelle!), Kiki and Aaron and Anthony and I went to one of my FAVORITE Houston restaurants- T'afia! Look it up if you are bored. It's AMAZING!!!!   They have phenomenal food! Kiki grabbed the chef as she walked by and we talked with her a bit. Well, good job Kiki, because the chef sent us free food ALL NIGHT! Woohoo!!! It was delicious!!!

We left absolutely STUFFED and happy! We had so much fun with the Fountains! My birthday weekend was just perfect!! Thank you to all that made my birthday so wonderful! The phone calls, messages, cards, and gifts were amazing! I'm sad my birthday is gone- but can't wait to have my SWEET present for my birthday next year!  :)