Monday, April 12, 2010


Big news from the weekend- Anthony felt Little Dude kick!!!!!!!!!

I actually had not felt him KICK at all- I had only felt him move around and change positions (and stretch out on my bladder!!).

Saturday night we were laying in bed (or is it lying? My 8th grade grammar teacher would KILL ME!), and of course I had my hand on my belly. I felt a little pop by my belly button, and another one a couple minutes later! I was so excited that he was kicking! I told Anthony to put his hand there, and right on cue, he kicked again! That one was the hardest one I felt and Anthony definitely felt him!!! I think he knew Daddy was trying to feel so he wanted to make sure he didn't disappoint! :)

He did it on and off for a while and it was SO great! I love that little feeling! It's completely different than when he is just squirming around in there! It definitely feels like he is thumping my tummy from the inside! Very cool!

On another note we had another great weekend! Dinner with Jake and Stacy Friday night at Pronto's- then a trip to Marble Slab! Yum! On that note, have you ever heard the theory that if you are carrying a boy you're nose spreads? Someone told me my nose spread and I almost vomited! Is that true?!? ACK! Anthony and my mom SWORE to me that my nose had not spread- but who tells someone that?!? However, if you feel comfortable, please tell me if my nose has spread- I would really like to know the truth!

Saturday we celebrated my cousin and his wife's sweet little boy, Jonah's first birthday! It was great to see my Dad's side of the fam and fun to celebrate with that PRECIOUS little boy! Amber did an excellent job with his birthday- she is SUCH a great mom!

Then we headed to look at more cribs- I know Anthony and my Dad were THRILLED! :)  Finally, we topped off the day with a crawfish boil. It was so fun- outside in the beautiful weather, dogs, kids, food... it was a great time!

I will now leave you with a picture that a lot of have been requesting... my 20 week bump!  :)   It's GROWING!


Cara Jaggers said...

I Love your BELLY!! You look great and your nose has NOT spread. Whoever told you that needs to get their eyes checked!! :) Love you.

Jennifer said...

#1 I have never heard that your nose spreads and I have 3 kids (2 boys), it should have come up somewhere along the line, #2 yours definitely is not doing that. It is as lovely and beautiful as ever!

J & J said...

You AND your nose look beautiful! I do not see any nose spreading going on... you have never looked more incredible!

Kelly said...

You look great even though your nose is spreading:) (Of course I am TOTALLY kidding--your nose is super cute:) I heard that being pregnant with a girl causes your nose to spread so you are safe. Yay for the baby boy kicking!

GranDeb said...

You are beautiful and glowing....and happy! A happy mommy makes for a healthy and happy baby! That's what counts!!!


Jacob and Amy Hall said... look so cute!!! I love the pregnancy glow! Hope you are doing great.