Friday, April 23, 2010

I've Got Male...

... and this male has a LOT of energy!

I seriously don't think he's stopped kicking me or moving for the past three days! Wednesday was by far his most active day- he didn't stop at all!!

I LOOOOVE that I get to feel him move around so much- I love being aware of him all the time now- and I LOVE this precious new connection with him!

However, it's getting a LITTLE bit harder to sleep (or stay asleep) when it feels like popcorn popping in my stomach all the time! Honestly, though, I wouldn't change it for the WORLD! I LOOOVE this little feeling and I love that I'm getting to know his little "personality" now!

That's it for today- it's a rainy, yucky Friday at school- but at least it's FRIDAY!  :)

My popcorn and I are going to get back to the kids!


Emily said...

Isn't it the coolest feeling!!! I'm so glad your little man is healthy and full of energy. Last night I swear Tater was doing somersaults, and I could see it... so weird and AMAZING!

Michelle said...

Such a great feeling! Just wait until you see and feel him moving...too cool!

The Torno's said...

That is definitely a cool feeling, and I actually missed it after my kiddos were born. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Leah said...

Somehow in my infrequent reading I missed that you were having a boy. So exciting! You look great! :)