Friday, April 2, 2010



We are so thrilled and couldn't be happier to have a sweet baby boy!! This was SUCH an exciting and wonderful and fun day!!

Anthony and I went to the doctor Thursday morning. On the sheet that they give you they tell you to come in with a full bladder and give you all kinds of info about how this is a "medical" appointment and while it's also a "fun" appointment there are a lot of tests and measurements that they need to perform to make sure Baby is healthy. 

We walk into the ultrasound room and the SWEET ultrasound lady asks us, "IF we can tell would you like to know the sex of your baby?" I responded with a quick YES- but then I explain that I would prefer NO April Fool's jokes! She laughed and said she hadn't even thought to do that. Phew! I'm laying there and we're looking at the screen and we see all kinds of neat things- kidneys, spine, heart (yes it has four chambers!), diaphragm, nose/lips/chin (no cleft palate!), little femurs... I could go on! I LOVED seeing EVERY inch of our sweet baby. I could have stared at that screen and watched him forever! Luckily, we were able to do just that for over 20 minutes- I was in heaven! Anthony on the other hand told the nurse that suspense was killing him and was ready to find out! :)

Then she pulls "it" up on the screen- unmistakeably a BOY!!!!! From that moment I literally could not stop crying! I didn't even respond when she told us- Anthony was SOOO excited and giddy and got up and was talking and laughing! I am laying on the table crying (tears of JOY JOY JOY) and he leans over and kisses me (a few times!). It was so so so fun and overwhelming and wonderful! I loved every second of it!! 

We walk out and our FAVORITE nurse (who also happens to our WONDERFUL neighbor) greeted us first! Anthony showed her the pictures and she gave us both BIG hugs. Meanwhile I am still crying and my bladder is full- fun times :)  

We go into the exam room and we are left alone to contemplate this HUGE news together! Of course, I start thinking of the broken bones, notes home from the teacher, little league games, scrapes and scratches- and seriously CANNOT wait! How fun is this going to be?! Anthony thinks about his little buddy to throw the football with, play catch, and shoot baskets with! We are in heaven!!! 

Dr. McCloskey comes in and tells us the photos look perfect and HE is just perfectly and wonderfully healthy! She said HE is growing bigger than normal (shocker!) but she didn't want to change the due date YET. His heart rate was 144. Meanwhile, they take all of my vitals and things are looking WAY BETTER than the last appointment. My BP is finally down (112/62!) and no protein in my urine this time! Mom and baby are healthy healthy healthy (though a little big!) and everything is just beyond perfect! 

Now the fun part began- telling our family and friends!! 

The picture at the top is actually how we told my mom. Tex ALWAYS brings the people he loves a "present" when he first sees them. Usually a bone, but sometimes a favorite toy. It's his offering. Knowing this, we took him over to my parents' house and gave him that bone. On perfect cue he took it right over to my mom (he didn't want to give it up right away) and she saw the news- and automatically started crying! This was a LITTLE exciting for us because she already has four grandkids (three are grandsons) and was still so excited about OUR baby boy! Thanks Mom! :)  

We walked into the house and she had set up a "girl" couch or a "boy" couch with all things and toys girl or boy. Too cute! We took a seat on the boy couch...
After more exciting replays of the morning, Anthony headed back to work and Mom and I took off for our FUN day! We went to lunch at La Madeline and then hit the shops! I wanted to find a CUTE shirt to announce that it was a boy! Stay tuned for those pictures (I don't have a picture of the one I found yet!). But we DID find a TON of precious stuff!!!

The little "sneakers" are in honor of Anthony- for his little sports buddy! And the next is one of my most FAVORITE finds EVER (I'm serious- I'm so obsessed with this!)... The best onesie yet....

Hysterical!!! They also had a PRECIOUS one for a girl- so if you're pregnant with a girl (not many of you are!) then get ready!!

We had so much fun and got a ton of hilarious reactions throughout the day! The best was my 8 year old nephew Jake who so badly wanted a girl so that she would play with his little sister Jill (this way Jill would stop playing with HIS toys and annoying HIM- good thinking!)... I went over to Jennifer's after school and had four blown up balloons- each one with a B-O-Y-!. Jake and Josh popped the balloons and unscrambled the letters. Josh yells "YESSSS!" and Jake goes, "Oh great! This is HORRIBLE!" hahahahahahaha Priceless. Poor thing's plan had failed! Once I explained to him that I needed someone to teach my baby boy about legos, nerf guns, and peeing on funny things he was convinced that this was indeed a GREAT thing! :)

Anthony and I went to dinner to celebrate our big news! We went to Pappa's Steakhouse- YUM! Here is a grainy and blurry picture of us in front of the restaurant with the "Prince Charming" onesie my mom bought!

We had SUCH a super fun and exciting day! Thanks to everyone for being patient- we really wanted to tell our immediate families first!

We both have prayed constantly about the blessings God has given us. We not only have a sweet baby boy on the way, but a healthy and perfect one at that. Mom is healthy and Dad has a great job- we are so abundantly blessed by God! What a perfect weekend to find out we're having a son- a weekend where so many around the world are celebrating the sacrifice from the Ultimate Son! Thank you, Lord!

PS- Name is coming soon! We have some GREAT ideas and can't wait to share! :)


Erin+Josh said...

How fun, I'm so excited for your precious little boy!

Emily said...

YAY! YAY! YAY!!! I'm so excited for yall!! For some reason, I could just picture yall with a precious little boy! :-) I'm so happy to hear that everything looks great and yall are all super healthy!

I love all your cute little boy things! My mom's coming into town next week, so we're finally able to go baby shopping. Got some good suggestions in Houston???

The Blogivers said...

Very exciting! Glad HE is healthy (and you, too!) and that you get to start planning now :)

Chelsea & Nick said...

So I cried when I read this. God is so good! Congratulations!!!!!

Jenni said...

I am so excited for y'all!! Little boys are great. Not going to lie, I teared up reading about your exciting day. Oh, and Connor measured big the whole time, too. Maybe it has something to do with having athletic mommies?? (c: Can't wait to hear the name!

Michelle said...

Ahh! I just love this! What an amazing day! And what a cute way to tell your nephews! :)
Cannot wait to meet your sweet little BOY!

Mindy Rives said...

A big congrats to you and Anthony!! How exciting!! You will be the best mom ever to that sweet little boy. Happy Easter!!

J & J said...

Oh this is wonderful! :) You will be the queen of the house with a husband and little boy that adore you!

The Gregorys said...

David and I are so excited for your little blessing! Congratulations!!

GranDeb said...

It was a very fun, exciting, and emotional day! God is amazing!!

Bump Boy is soooo loved already!!!


lauren said...

yay!! congrats moe!! definitely can see you and ant with a boy, this one's going to be an athletic one for sure!!