Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Diapers and Wipes and Diapers, OH MY!

I just read something in a book that says we will go through about 600 diapers the first six weeks of our little man's life. YIKES.

To help ease that pain, the parents at our wonderful school did something pretty amazing- they gave me a diaper/wipes shower!

This year at RCE there are 5 teachers who either just had a kid this year or will have one by the beginning of next year! The moms at Rummel Creek got together and sent home flyers for a diaper shower for ALL of us! Parents across grade levels sent in wipes and diapers for us. We got them on Friday! Here are some pics of the generosity of our kids and parents!  :)

I am so lucky! And do you notice- only one set of BLUE balloons?!?!  :)


Jenn Michael said...

that is such a great idea! what sweet kids and parents your school has:)

Kelly said...

I didn't know you were at Rummel Creek. I remember SBISD as if I taught there yesterday:)

The Torno's said...

heck yeah! You will use all of them!

The Moriarty Family said...

My goodness, that is SO awesome of all your sweet parents! ...and, Go BLUE!! :)

Erin+Josh said...

for REAL Go Blue...out of 5 babies just had or on the way in our circle, you're the only boy-haver too!! Way to go! haha =)