Friday, April 16, 2010

Cup O' Bugs

Ok, so those who know me well know that I HAAAAATE bugs- of ANY kind. The only ones I will touch without screaming are doodlebugs or butterflies... Seriously, everything else makes me scream!

So you can imagine my excitement when we made Ladybug Habitats today!


We got small clear cups, dirt, raisins, wet cotton balls, panty hose, and a rubber band. We also had a cup FULL of ladybugs (talking like hundreds!). I did not know this, but if you put ladybugs in the fridge, they hibernate and go to sleep. Here is the cup o' bugs on top of the fridge.

To make these, we assembled everything before, then took the cup o' sleeping bugs out of the fridge. Well, once they are warm, they wake up almost IMMEDIATELY! So, I would pop the lid off then the bugs would start CRAWLING/FLYING! ACK! The kids loved this of course and would just scoop 'em up and let them crawl all over them then stick them in their cup. We could only do about four kids at a time because then they would REALLY start crawling!

This was the WORST experiment EVER! VOOOOOMIT! I think I screamed six times and the kids thought it was hysterical! UGH!

Here is the finished project!

It's probably a good thing I'm retiring after this year- I don't think I could handle this experiment again! Blech!


GranDeb said...

hahahaha I can just picture all the screaming and hollerin'!!! only think you are retiring from bugs....wait til that little boy comes along and wants you to help him catch a june bug, caterpillar, grasshopper, and/or lizard, etc...!!! hahahahaha Makes my day!!!

p.s. Now don't everyone think I am being mean about this post...I didn't like bugs so much either....until I had grandsons and HAD to like bugs!!! All the drivers in Jake's hot wheels were dead june bugs we had collected...yuck!!

Your turn, Mama Courtney!!!


Jenni said...

hehe...does it gross you out that my hubby has a degree in bugs?!?! (c:

Kelly said...

Yuuuuck! I'm so glad you are staying home next year---you are going to love it!