Friday, March 26, 2010

The Wiggles

So I can officially say I have felt Baby S move!!!!!

I have been feeling this WEIRD feeling once every four or five days for a few weeks... I of course figured it was the baby, but it didn't so much feel like a "flutter" or a "kick" or "popcorn" or whatever other terms have been used to describe it. It just felt like something in my tummy was jumbled around. Like if you look down at your hand and wiggle your fingers... Weird I know (but I bet you're all doing that right now!)...  Anyway, I just wasn't sure if that was the baby or something else.

So today at school I felt that wiggly jiggly jumble feeling 5 times- right in the middle part of my lower belly! I knew without a doubt what it was! Baby S!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this feeling and don't want it stop! I know in a few months when the baby is kicking my ribs and keeping me up I will be singing a different tune, but I LOVE it now!!!!!

I feel it better when I am standing or walking... So now I'm at my computer and feel nothing :( 

Just more of an excuse to get up and move around- Baby S loves exercise!  :)

I'm so excited to go into the weekend with this big step- The Wiggles!


Chelsea & Nick said...

This post made me smile! I love hearing all of the details of pregnancy!

Chelsea & Nick said...

Ok on second thought maybe not ALLL the details.

Emily said...

YAY for the WIGGLES!!! Just wait until Anthony feels them too!!! So much fun! :-) How much longer until you find out the sex?!?? Should be getting close!

Michelle said...

Yea!!!! So fun!!!

GranDeb said...

That was such exciting news!!! Everyone at the airport around me heard about it cause I got sooo excited....they are all happy for you too!!!